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  1. Straight shooter... The gun was as advertised.. Nice guy to deal with and very good communication..
  2. Pleasure meeting you too Mike. Looking forward to shooting some matches with ya!!
  3. I can weld it for you if you cant do it. Mig or tig pic yer flavor
  4. @ total..Yer right for some reason i have a cx4 on the brain.... @ Shane.. Its black The onyx has 28"barrels he said its just a 686 onyx...He said he paid 1800 for it
  5. K a buddy of mine approached me looking to get rid of his Hk sl8 and Berretta 686 Onyx. He said i could have them both for $2400.00. Does that sound fair? I dont need them but wouldnt mind having them i cant lie. Both guns have never been fired and are in excellent condition...Anyone with more knowledge please help me out here.. Thanks Chris Oh the shotgun is 12 ga. dont know barrel length off hand and th SL8 s in 45acp.
  6. To b honest I'm really just interested in the barrel...
  7. Does anyone have any experience with this particular 870 or know anything good or bad about it? Looking at it as a new slug gun.. http://www.remington.com/products/firea ... -slug.aspx
  8. I have one on order..Drooling while i wait to get it
  9. Tig is awsome!!! An inverter tig like a dynasty 200 dx would be nicer since I do alot of aluminium but the 250dx does ok for now... If gun is painted I'd tig and just repaint it..just my .02
  10. Yeah, welding will damage the finish, it would be minimal since it will be tig welded but a blue repair would be needed.
  11. I can weld if needed. Be interesting to see the conversion.
  12. K thanks, note to self by only 2 at a time....hmmm hope I can restrain myself...
  13. Hope this is in the right spot..Here is the question..How many long guns could you buy from a store at one time..Is there a limit?
  14. LOL..used to frequent that myself..Ahhh those were the days Since theres no where really close, i mainly go to cherry ridge or fort dix. On occasions take a ride to my buddies in new york state and just shoot on his property..But thats 3 hrs away..
  15. Hi All, New to the forum and well really like it so far. Have been in contact with a few members already and i have to say what a nice bunch of people!! Hope to contribute when i can. Thanks for all the help already Chris
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