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  1. UPDATE. So I finally got a call from my local PD. The story is he just submitted the OGAM to State PD late JAN. Now he is saying the application was not approved, nor was it denied. The reason is you cannot purchase from out of state? I had dealer/FFL in NJ sign the exception form and I have done this before with no issues. I'd have to pick up the forms today or tomorrow to be sure what the actual reason is and will update this thread. This OGAM thing is just ridiculous with the amount crap we have to go through!
  2. Hi, I submitted application for some handgun permits and OGAM exemption at the end of OCT. I got the permits back mid JAN but the detective told me the OGAM exemptions didn't come back. I want to call the State Police to check on that, someone told me it could just be sitting on someone's desk. I remember someone posted a phone number to call whenever your local PD gives you problems with issuing more than 1 permit at a time Does anyone have that number? TIA Daniel
  3. I might be interested. For sentimental reasons Can you PM the condition and which lenses you have? thanks!
  4. Livingston PD is always full of BS. My buddy applied for 2 PPs and they gave him one at a time. Told him to pick up the second one a month later with a new issue date. I thought the background check is only good for 90 days with another 90 day extension. Theoretically if you apply for 8 permits they way they do it you will still be receiving the permit long after the back ground check.
  5. http://www.nysenate.gov/webform/stand-second-amendment-standing-new-york-state-senator-kathleen-marchione Help New Yorkers and sign Kathleen Marchione's petition to repeal this law.
  6. Check out Kathleen Marchione's comments and help New Yorkers sign the petition once it comes out.
  7. autoxnyc


    It's essentially a new 229 with the large extractor and no rails. The mags are the same size as the 229 40/375 size to increase the 9mm capacity by 2 rounds. Like all Sigs, it's a great service handgun.
  8. Thanks. The order went through but they are limiting 2 mags per customer.
  9. If you look at table 8 it clearly shows there are more murders by blunt objects than rifles every year. How is the conclusion not right?
  10. I never used the wireless features from ISP provided wireless routers. I disabled the wireless network on my FIOS router and simply uses it as an internet access point. FIOS router --> Apple Airport router --> gigabit switch --> my computer network. I have the Apple airport setup with SSID broadcasting disabled, highest encryption setting and MAC address filtering. Never had any issues with any of my devices. For my TVs I use powerline instead of wireless for greater speed. The Powerline can be configured with encryption.
  11. I'm about to quit my corp job. I need to get health insurance for my wife, 8 month old daughter and myself. What is a good plan to get in NJ and how much am I looking to pay a month? Thanks in advance!
  12. The Alaskan is way heavier than this S&W. I have a 325 Thunder Ranch in scandium and that thing is light for it's size. I am a big fan of Rugers and I think 454 Casull is the caliber everyone should get for the Alaskan. but Alaskans in 454 Casull is hard to find. I don't think they are meant for hunting, more suited for close encounter with bears.
  13. I purchased an unissued Springfield in cosmo and I bought a National Match Garand he built. It is top notch stuff.
  14. HK LEM on that list. Glock 21 grip is too big for me.
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