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  1. Anyone know if cherry ridge will let you shoot belt feds? I'm thinking about an mg34 or 1919 semi build.
  2. Winchester M1 Garand 2470365, you never know!
  3. Theres one target out at the 100, they are testing things out still but more are comming
  4. That's crazy, it's plenty essential that I get to mess around with my new gun on snow day.
  5. Anyone know if nics is running today?
  6. Did your change of address ever go through?
  7. The wait is def worth it, you just gotta put the paperwork in the mail and forget about it. This particular rifle is a service grade. I like the stock a lot too, the tiger striping is natural but in person it appears there is some uneven staining. The stock may be birch, I'm not sure though. Garands, Nagants, ARs... I like them all. So far my favorite milsurp is my K31 but we'll see about that now.
  8. Aren't transfers generically less expensive out of state too?
  9. I got one can of HXP and another on the way, should be a fun day at Cherry Ridge tomorrow!
  10. Thanks, yea its a great program, I'll be ordering more for sure.
  11. Hey everyone, I sent in for her January 19th and was able to take her home from my FFL on Wednesday. I asked for a WW2, but got what I think is a 1955 build. I am very happy with what I got even though it's not my dream Garand. She has a replacement CMP stock that looks like walnut to me. The stain is splotchy, but it has real nice grain. I put two coats of BLO on her and a coat of Toms. Will do for now, but may refinish one day. Metal looks nice. ME is 0 and TE is 1. I took photos of all the numbers, I think the trigger group is HRA and the Windage knob is HRA but everything else seems period correct? I'll be hitting the range tomorrow, but she should shoot very well. Once more Springfields are back in stock I'll be going for a WW2 rifle again. Until then, this old gal will be getting a lot of use. Let me know what you guys think. http://s756.photobucket.com/user/nor...y/CMP%20Garand
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