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  1. On the njfish and game site there is an app fr Pocket Ranger, NJ Guide to Parks and Forests. Download and play with it, it is very interactive
  2. Thanks, I spoke to Beretta support, they want the whole gun, so I will not get to shoot this for a while now. OH WELL!!
  3. I just picked up a Beretta 3901 semi auto but having an issue with the forend cap. I had to get it off with a wrench and then putting it back on was fine, but after the first click, it was like it was locked on again, had to loosen it with a wrench again. Any ideas? I would have to drive 3 hours to where I purchased it. Or do I send it to Beretta? It is Brand new never fired ANy help would be great...THANKS
  4. contact your local boy scout office and they can assist you. I know the camp NoBeBosco uses a lot of them for summer camp
  5. I am OK with selling them in Pa. or thru a FFL, I know many of you on here have a vast knowledge of pistols, so I was inquiring. I will be taking more detailed pictures this coming Saturday.
  6. The derringer is scratched and maybe 30+yrs old. My stepfather had these and he passed away Saturday and my mother needs them out the house. They live in Pa. not NJ thank God, easier to sell here.
  7. Guys,I have a H&R model 929 .22 side kick, and a derringer looking .22 A. Liberti&c. Gardone 4 shell looking for info and value,I will post pictures the side kick is excellent condition,maybe fired once. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. You also do not have to use slugs, Buckshot works great too. Obviously, you need to make closer shots.
  9. They are cool guns, and you can change from the ball to sabots and different types of sabots too.
  10. I have a T/C and a CVA, going to go target shooting to sight them in after the 4th. This will be the first year I will be deer hunting with them.
  11. Excellent video, they should do slow motion too. That 338 and 50 was amazing!
  12. Interesting photos. #4 I bet Pepsi does not use that for a commercial and many of those things they are working on that say they are Russian made, are written in English????
  13. Being a former Paramedic, I cannot imagine what you have had to deal with during this. But I hope that someone pulls their head out of their BUTT and does something. I cannot tell you the horrors I have personally seen just with school violence, but it can only get worse as the kid gets older. The zero tolerance is BS, I see it on my local school, and where my son now goes to college. We all need to go back 30+years and do things like we used to. Not that I enjoyed getting a beatin for things I did, but we were better adjusted I think IMO. We had a shooting range in my high school, and we could walk down the street to the school with our gun, no police SWAT team meeting us at the entrance. I hope everything works out for you with NO problems. We send our kids to school to learn and this is what you get...sad God Bless
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