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  1. This is crazy. I love how these articles are so one sided. It is not government that is responsible to keep us with food. We all knew the storm was coming in advance - some were ready and it appears others were not. I still do not have power today and there is no looting in my area... just saying.
  2. Congrats! I know Woodbridge was hard to get gas in as of the other night. Hope this all blows over soon and we are all back to the usual.
  3. check out what I just posted on another forum. Maybe something you may want to try.... ? http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41539-gasoline-siphoning-question/page__gopid__550145#entry550145
  4. I will add my .02 here and hope this can help out others in need. This was done a 2004 dodge ram 1500 and I am almost 100% sure this can be done on any vehicle. Please try this at your own risk and I make no promises that it will not damage anything nor do I promise that you not set something on fire (I have done it a few times and works like a champ). I made this out of items I had laying around the house. Before the storm I was setup pretty; but due to friends/family and neighbors not being prepared, I have lost my fuel capacity. (I am down to a 5 gallon and 2 - 1 gallon cans/ I gave away some of my cans and a generator - I had 2 generators). Here is what I did: I have a fuel pressure gauge (it is so you can check the pressure at the fuel rail), a scrap garden hose and a 5 gal can. The picture below shows the hose already removed from the gauge. I detached the hose from the gauge and screwed the hose onto the fuel rail. There was a cap over it that needed to be removed by unscrewing it. I shoved the hose from the gauge into the cut section of garden house. This will not work if you just turn the ignition off since the fuel pump will not run if the vehicle is not running. So now I started my truck and there is still enough fuel pressure for the truck to idle. It will not win any pump races but it is minimal effort and it pumps by itself. Knowledge is power and power is heat! Stay warm everyone and stay safe! Hope this helps someone out there.
  5. Is the list updated? Do you have a package price for what is left?
  6. Got my 9mm XDM from Paul at Arms-N-Ammo... awesome guy!
  7. My situation is a beach house in LBI NJ I signed a rental agreement that says I am responsible for the house so I would say yes. It is a house and not a duplex or portion of a house. Yes I have an I'd and have no plans to show it off or move outside of the house.. Only for transport... Just have it tucked under the bed incase.
  8. Just so I am tracking what everyone has said.... I am renting a beach house this summer so.. I can take my AR variant (5.56) any where but I have to leave the XDM (9mm) at home to be on the safe side?
  9. I am not sure why you would disagree with the scope being a good fit for the application with the exception of when it comes time to start ranging out past 200 yards. With some range time one could use it up close and personal and at the same time reach out and touch someone with-in 200 yards. I will agree that it is not a precision scope. That is what sold me on it, in a real life situation you may not be running in 2s with one person running security while you try to range out there. You could find yourself with multiple engagement distances and I don't think they will be over 200 yards. Just thinking practical as well. Like glockman said, to much scope close up will leave one in a bad situation. One other draw back of the TA33- front sight shows up as a blur at the very bottom(unless you have a flip-up fs), you learn to ignore it, it isn't bad. Shane if you have other suggestions on the scope for my up coming project, I am defiantly open to them... Please shoot me a pm... I don't want to hijack his thread.
  10. Put that in your pipe cuz we smoked him!
  11. I am not sure what you were looking to spend but for all around use (long range and CQB) I love my trijicon ta33-8 ! It was designed to use with both eyes open. It takes a little getting use to but it makes getting on targets and maintaining targets easy. Personally I like the BINDON AIMING CONCEPT (both eyes open) they use because you can use it for short engagement and get on targets faster. TA33-8 3x magnification Amber chevron BDC for .223 Decent eye relief for an ACOG The only thing some shooters may not like is your field of view at 100 yards is a little narrow... 19 feet There maybe better options out there but when I did my research that was what I decided on. I could not be happier with it. When I build my AR10 I will by another Trijicon ACOG TA648-308 Worth checking out IMHO Just my .02.....
  12. So my best bet would be to measure the rifle from the tip of the muzzle break to the butt of the stock for a total of 26 inches and I should be legal? Sorry, but I am new to firearms and this is my first M4gery. It appears that the way Stag Arms pins their stocks is they have a single hole tapped in the extension tube and use an allen head screw to secure the stock. So really all I have to do is drill and tap my own hole in the extension tube where I would like the stock to be and still have it be legal.
  13. I currently own a Stag-15 and the stock is a telescoping stock pinned at the longest distance. It does not have much comfort for me at the range, I would like it tucked in a little more. My Question: All I have been able to find in searching is that the stock cannot telescope... but does NJ Law say how long the stock has to be? So can I pull the pin out, collapse the stock to somewhere in the middle and then re-pin it? I would rather be sure than find out the hard way. Thanks in advance and look forward to your responses. Mike
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