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  1. I'll take the grip ray ray. Sending info via pm.
  2. Are we still using 40 s&w? I remember everyone raving about this round back in the day, but 9mm came back. I'm wondering how many of us are still using this round on a regular bases? I have a whole bunch of 40 s&w rounds, but no 40 s&w in my line up, might have to get one back in the herd this year.
  3. Wow this is way cheap! Is this brand any good! How does compare to psa? http://www.combatarmory.com/ar-15-556-16-length-1-7-twist-w-15-slim-m-lok-handguard-no-assembly-required/
  4. @eyeinstine nice price there too bad its unavailable, I appreciate the tip.
  5. I thought that midway was a pretty good deal too. I'll check that aero deal, appreciate the tip!
  6. Hey guys looking for a budget ar upper, nothing fancy, Something like this in the pic. I figured I would check to see if someone wants to unload something on the used market before i buy anyrhing brand new. I would be interested in other styles incase. Let me know what you have with price via PM. Thanks.
  7. Lol, sorry was doing something at the same moment I was posting. But here it is. https://suarezinternational.com/suarez-l-mount-universal-red-dot-base/
  8. I saw this for those who dont want to cut slide. Not sure if it's any good, anyone try this.
  9. Born and raised in Newark, I no longer live there, but many of my friends still do. They are famous for being slow, with vague answers but you will get them eventually.
  10. I dont like too much after market type stuff on my guns, but I have to admit I really like what you have there, very modern, understated, functional and clean. Really nice.
  11. Yup you definitely stole that one for a great price! I had one in .45 a long time ago, and I remember when I first shot it I was like "this is laser gun" very accurate and easy to shoot. I think it will be classic! Very unique.
  12. My cz originally came with fancy cajun gun work grips and they look really nice but the cz OEM grip feel so much better. I hear loc grips are nice too. What grips are you guys running with your cz?
  13. The sig 320 being modular make this nj legal??? I have seen stuff like this for glocks always thought they were illegal.
  14. Looking good, it that a modular cut or is it cut for only the sig red dot?
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