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  1. I read a write-up in one of the gun magazines on this little honey and if was a jam-o-matic. I think some issues need to be worked out because I really like Remy products.



    I tell you I have been a remington man for some time now,and Glock as far as handguns go. If they get this worked out and it turns out to be a great handgun I will be very very excited. For 700 bucks it is hard to beat as well.

  2. Our cat acts so much like a dog with my son it isn't funny, but with the wife and I she is all cat. Tonight for example they were running around the house chasing each other,that changed to tag where he would touch her and say "tootsie your it" and haul butt, she would catch up tap his leg or whatever and the run away. It is so funny to watch.

  3. I WILL become the father cleaning (all of) his guns at the dining room table when teenagers come to call.



    A shop supervisor I had a few years back had a teenage daughter that was starting to date more. well some teen guy showed up at the shop one day to ask him if he could take her to the prom . my supers reply was " sure it is fine with me but you are not to lay a finger on her.I dust for prints and have firearms" I never seen someone get so pale so quick :lol:

  4. As the title asks. Applied for my first pistol permit (have FID already) and my 2 personal references recieved and returned the paper long ago. My employer (whom is also my father, so I know its not a BS answer) hasnt gotten anything. Did something go wrong or do they not send anything?


    It depends on your PD.



    Yep, my employer didn't receive anything either. I guess the type referances you have also help. I had a retired PO and a retired well known buisness owner as my referances.

  5. I stated I used military ammo cans. I forgot to mention I keep the ammo in their boxes and leave enough room for a descendant bag. I have thought about making trays with holes drilled in them that slide down in the ammocans.

  6. All of you will love this. In the western part of VA (augusta county) the middle school I attended had hunters ed as part of healt/PE class. when I got to High school and joind ag class(just another shop class ) he would spend a week or so with us teaching firearms. with a test at the end. The following week was spent with high powered pellet rifles shooting with a competition held on saturday if you wanted in it. I don't know if they still do that or not since the teacher retired.

  7. No offense to anyone offering suggestions but Tony has been doing this for MANY years, I think he's figured out what works pretty well for him.


    I know a lot of body shop guys HATE big block sanders because you can't feel a curve. I'm assuming that's why Tony is using the smaller blocks as well. It allows the worker to be closer to the surface so he can feel high and low spots.





    I made the suggestion based on the fact he stated it is a new type of compound and harder to sand. I suggested the foam sanding blocks because that is what I used on "harder" compounds with great results.The foam blocks are small as well maybe 2.5 x 4 inc or so. I hope I didn't offend anyone, that wasn't my intention,just putting in my knowledge in.

  8. My Uncle was in the Army, My brother in Marines, dad was navy blah blah blah, whole family was in somewhere. But I wasn't able to join.


    So my quote here would be, If the Army could shoot well, why do we send in the Marines??? Kidding, I respect all branches.


    God Bless all of you.



    My view is I would rather read a sniper book written for the marines,which I have read curtosey of a cousin. I have read so many military manuels it isn't funny. Everyone around me joined, I tried but I weighed to much. my cousin as mentioned was a marine along with a bunch of other friends,had 2 friends join the army one became a Ranger and another joined the airforce. One guy joined the navy and tried to be a seal but he was too much of a pansy :lol: I have ordered a number of military manuels in order to be prepared for anything that could happen. Waiting for someone to write one titled "crazy presidents and how to deal with them"


    I do respect and thank every military servicemen/woman for what they do for our freedoms and puttting their lives on the line to protect their country.

  9. because of all the places that are open 24 hours,with true one stop shopping. I mean hell the store back home sells all groceries,guns, ammo,tires has an auto repair shop, I am waiting for them to add a harley dealer on to them and car dealers. Unfortionatly we live in the socialist state of new jersey and most likely it is illegal for them to sell ammo or guns there do to the state wanting to know everytime you fart.

  10. May I make a suggestion? Since it is a curved survace I would use one of the fam sanding blacks that the sell in hardware stores,and I think shop rite has them as well in the Isle with the motor oil and such. They have a rough course and fine side that will also help in reducing the amount of sand paper you have to use.

  11. I understand having to take a class for the shotgun hunting license,I also understand if you have a a previous license from another state you don't have to take it or any other . for example if I have a bow license,and muzzle loading license from VA i don't have to take those 2 classes but have to take one for the shotgun. But that isn't the case I have a general firearms license from VA that allows the use of centerfire,rimfire and shotgun for hunting. now since I have that would I still need to take the class?

  12. Rifle Permit

    A valid rifle permit is required for coyote, deer, squirrel and woodchuck hunting with a muzzleloading rifle; raccoon and opossum hunting with a .22 caliber rifle; and for dispatching trapped animals other than muskrat with a .22 caliber rifle.



    Yea I seen that in the regs., but why cant you use a .22 on squirrels,rabbits,chuck ect. they just say you can use muzzleoading rifles or .22 for dispatch unless it is coon or possum. It would be just as safe to hunt the other animals with a .22 as well.



    :hand: Are you trying to make sense of NJ laws??? :naughty:


    :lol: I guess that would be difficult to do. but it does make you wonder how the leaders got in office if things that they do make no sense.

  13. Personally I would get a remington combo, you would have the slug barrel and the smooth bore barrel. That way if you decide to take on birds,squirrel rabbit ect you will have it covered without having to buy another firearm.You can also get them with cantalever scope mounts with the rifled barrel. I am hopeing to get a super mag 870 this year in a 12 gauge. i pretty much want to go after everything that Jersey has to offer. Plus at davis sports in suffern ny it is 30 bucks cheaper than the MSR posted on remington.

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