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  1. Yea I seen that in the regs., but why cant you use a .22 on squirrels,rabbits,chuck ect. they just say you can use muzzleoading rifles or .22 for dispatch unless it is coon or possum. It would be just as safe to hunt the other animals with a .22 as well.
  2. I don't understand why we cannot use a rimfire to hunt,and would like to see it changed. It makes no sense that you are able to use a .22 to dispatch a trapped animal but cannot use one to hunt squirrels,rabbits and other small game including fox and yotes. It also makes less sense concedering the new shotgun slugs can travel faster ,futher, and with more power than a .22
  3. it is required that you check your traps every 24 hours,many trappers check them at least 2 times a day. As far as I know the leg hold traps that you are refering to are illegal. snares isn some cases are very safe and I have known hunters that released catches from snares for whatever reason with no ill effects to the animal. If you wish to get involved in trapping maybe the box traps are the way you should do it. very little stress to the animal and it will ease your feelings as well.
  4. great place for info, keep it up!!!. I learned about this site from New Jersey Hunters.com and I had to check it out myself. I love to hunt,fish,camp, shoot (guns and the breeze) I am from Virginia but moved up here a little over 7 years ago. so I am still trying to get all these crazy gun laws, hunting regulations and such straightened out in my head. Sites like this should help. I am also making as many calls,and sending as many e-mails as I can to change the laws for the better and what our forefathers intended. I hope I can be as much help to you guys and gals as you will be to me.
  5. Another member on NJH (new jersey hunter) mentioned you guys.
  6. last fall I came home and the wife and son came rushing out to get me to come straight in. A huge bear was in our back yard and came out and no one knew where it went to. It scared me because the neighborhood has alot of children and most of the time they are in our back yard playing. This hunt needs to happen yearly.We need to start calling up every office we can to get it passed.
  7. I have no problem with it at all. Some trappers use the hav- a - heart traps, some use snares ,and some use both. The way I see it is with the yote, and fox populations being high the more we take out will allow for more turkeys,rabbits and other game that we are low on.
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