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  1. Scorpio, thanks I’ll give one a call this week. yea stock only would be the the best way to walk in . Lol Tony
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know of a Shop that does wood engraving, I'm looking to get a hunting scene done on a Shotgun I have. If you know of a person or place send me a PM or Text. Thanks Tony 6Zero9-5Two9-Two864
  3. OF, thanks for the response. what is the cost of that ammo?
  4. Hi All, and Merry Christmas. I just bought a Winchester Model 1890 rifle. It is chambered for .22 Long. ( not .22 Long Rifle (LR). So now i am in need of some Ammo. Before i order online. Does anyone have any .22 long that they would like to sell? I'm in Hamilton , Near Trenton, Have my FID and matching DL. If so please send me a Text or PM. Merry Christmas, Tony Six09-5Two9-Two864.
  5. DT, That bird Looks Delicious. Great Job
  6. I haven't smoked a turkey in years, Can't wait to see the finished product.
  7. Welcome aboard,
  8. 44Garand, Welcome aboard
  9. Papulski, thanks for the tip . Tony
  10. Thanks , I’ll check out their website .
  11. TTT, Still looking for a Arisaka, Swiss K31 and or a Carcano.
  12. Unfortunately I'm not close, I'm in Yardville near Trenton. Interested in any trades for firearms ?
  13. 70gto, Is the gold eagle in un-circulated condition?
  14. Kaiser, Click on "Shooting Events" The info is on the drop down list. Nice Shooting at 100 Yards,