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  1. Hi All, I am looking for Black Powder accessories for a BP revolver. .44 .45 lead Balls, Powder . Revolver Loading stand Etc. If you have anything you'd like to sell let em know. thanks, Tony Six09-5Two9-Two864
  2. Dave, You interested in any partial trades? Tony
  3. Screwball , Great little rifle with great history behind it. Let me know how it shoots .Here’s a good article. https://www.guns.com/news/2014/04/09/winchester-model-62-pump-action-rifles-ultimate-gallery-gun Tony
  4. As I get older , and the wife always reminds me that once i'm gone as to what she is going to do with my firearms. I feel it is a very good idea as a way for a spouse to be able to liquidate a firearm or firearms.And could be a big help in that sense. I keep a Spreadsheet of what I have , including Purchase price and Date so she could refer to that to at least get an idea of what the firearm is worth and a possible reserve price would be. Instead of bringing to an auction house and being charged a fee for each transaction.
  5. Question, With all the new Laws coming out. I know that a private sale is no longer allowed. but the question I have is. Both Seller and Buyer are NJ residents. But they are on opposite sides of the state. do both have to be present at the FFL to do the transaction? could the seller ship the rifle to the buyers local FFL , and then could the buyer go to FFL and do the transfer showing FID , DL. and obviously NICS. Thanks Tony
  6. Kd, sorry for the delayed response. I was looking a pair of 12 to .410 adapters. what are you looking to get for the 20 ? Tony
  7. Hi All , I'm looking to buy Shotgun Adapters. Savage Four-Tenner 12 ga to 410 ga I'm in Hamilton near Trenton , Text if you have something you'd like to sell. Tony Six09-5Two9-Two864
  8. Bhunted, yea it’s a beautiful rifle. A nice collectible piece. but looking to use funds for something else I can shoot.
  9. Griz, That would make a nice addition, I may be interested. Pm me If your looking to sell .
  10. For sale is a NIB Winchester Model 94 in 30-30. Bicentennial commemorative carbine 20 inch barrel and Saddle Ring. The receiver is antique silver finish. The left side is engraved with an eagle, wings outspread. The ring sided is engraved with a "76" encircled with 13 stars. The upper tang is inscribed with "Model 1894 Winchester". A nickel-silver Bicentennial medallion is embedded in the right side of the butt stock and depicts the Winchester Horse 'n' Rider with the inscription "Winchester Salutes The United States Bicentennial 1776-1976" This rifle commemorates the 200th Birthday of the U.S.A, 1776 to 1976. Included are the original sleeve,(sleeve has minor wear and torn missing piece on end) See pictures. Winchester packaging and all booklets and hangtags. The rifle is new unfired condition. Selling for $850, Or possible trade for a .22 Target rifle. Buyer Must have NJ FID and Matching DL. Edit. 10/1/18. FFL required for transfer. See pics, and call or text if you have any questions. Thanks Tony Six09-5two9-Two864. Attached Thumbnails
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