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  1. The differences between the 590/590A1 physically speaking are that the A1 has a heavier (bull) barrel and the trigger housing is made of metal vs plastic. The ghost ring sights are optional for either I think... Now vs the 500, the 590/A1 has a ring on the barrel that slides over the ammo tube and is held with a threaded cap. (that the bayonet can slide onto if you have that option) the 500 has a nut/knob attatched to the barrel that screws onto the end of the ammo tube.


    I'm 99% sure thats accurate :-)

  2. I've decided to go with Sabre defense for the barrel of my next upper, I'm just not familiar with which setup would be ideal for my use (Target, HD, SHTF) basically a tack driver of a service barrel.


    If you have any other input for a brand I should consider, please chime in. (As well as what I've already asked)

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