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  1. Just chiming in, but I do have EMT-B cert, and can gain access to my firehouse for various tools and supplies... (a knoxx box key is a wonderful thing)
  2. I have a buddy who got out of the army who would love this...
  3. ive never heard that 21 to purchase line regarding pistol gripped shotguns. As for aiming it at eye level, its all in the form :-)
  4. As the title says, is the muzzle end that comes with that legal? and if not, would one be able to purchase a NJ legal muzzle end and have it attatched by you? (or shipped without the muzzle end thats on it and we could have it done here)?
  5. On both the AFG models, does that gap allow for thumb clearance/insertion? or is it strictly structural?
  6. If you mean the handguards, then i dont think so?
  7. I would save up to pay, but with the rest of the red tape involved with defending oneself, others, or property... would the jailtime be worth it? as for the pie. i've never heard of/tried blueberry crunch pie... tell me more... (pm if need be)
  8. Wish I woulda known you were coming down... I live down near there/was working at the bar. (and am vol fire) lol
  9. I've owned a Mossberg 500 and currently own a 590. The reasons I prefer the mossberg line is: Quick to field strip and clean, can eject the shells without having to rack it, the safety location (and yes, i have a stock adapter for the M4 stock and grip), Better aftermarket, Can affix a bayonet, Adding ghost ring sights or scope rings can be done without modification, and is the better bang for the buck IMHO. I havent handled the benelli (and since the 870 wasn't asked for, I wont go into detail about it...
  10. When I had my 500 persuader with pistol grip rear, i put a pistol grip pump on it, and had absolutely no problems with shooting clays, aiming, or recoil to my face. My trick? all the pressure was on my pump hand... Just my .02
  11. What about its bigger cousin in the bolt action .50BMG???
  12. (welded muzzle break aside) I'm pretty sure everything is NJ compliant. Anyone see anything to contradict? http://www.pof-usa.com/upper/upper415-618ML.htm
  13. bmanrkg3

    OIL !!!!

    Breakfree CLP for me.
  14. Theres a 10mm longslide? good lord! G21 for me (providing your hands can fit it, if not, the single stack...) (It's so cute!!)
  15. Well, duracoat-type product. I have a lead on someone, but I still gotta figure out what colors I want...
  16. Does anyone/place do duracoat (and do it well)? Looking to get my 590 done.
  17. yup, take my 590, bayonet is affixed!
  18. dude, he (the creator) was telling me about that last night! lol i'll let him know another person mentioned it fyi: I'm the guy that pitched the rescue tool to him...
  19. I had a bad experience with SKS's, As the first time i shot one the action seemed like every time the bolt came back, it was gonna come back and hit me in the face... I've steered clear of them ever since... (good, more for you right?!)
  20. Found a site that makes AR tools, Figured i'd give you guys a heads up about it... www.m34tactical.com Mods correct me if this isn't allowed
  21. Where did you get that pump handle from? and who makes it?
  22. there arent any ports for the rifle range really, just a couple picnic tables sprinkled on the sides at various ranges. you just basically setup on an open line...
  23. I have a vid on mossberg 500/590 disassembly/repair if you're thinking about going towards the mossbergs...
  24. for that castle nut, i just used an allen wrench and layed it flat between the 2 slots and twisted...
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