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  1. Looking for a 34 gen 3 Let me know if you'd like to part with one. I also have an AK I'd be willing to do a partial trade for if you're interested it that over cash.
  2. the inlet is a great night dive spot as 10X mentioned, and I would have to agree, Ive never come across a lobster in those rocks. you will get cast on a lot out there during the day so be careful
  3. the stock grip on the 500 makes a world of difference ... my model 29 feels like it has more recoil than the 500.
  4. yea the prices are very close on both. i was also looking at the M98B, but figure thats in no danger of a ban. start bigger and work back haha
  5. So Iam looking to pick up a .50. I want to get one before they attempt another ban Iam torn between the classic Barrett M82A1 and the newer Desert Tactical HTI ( http://www.deserttacticalarms.com/dta-hti-sniper-rifle-chassis.html ). The Barrett has always been a dream gun but the HTI maybe more practical as far as as interchangeably is concerned. Barrett can be changed from .50 to .416 HTI can be changed from .50 to .416 to .408 cheytac and .375 cheytac Not that any of those other calibers are any cheaper to run hahaha. any thoughts on either? .
  6. Ok I had a feeling I was going to end up shipping it, but it was worth a shot. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a gunsmith in the central jersey area that could do work on my Colt SAA. Any recommendations?
  8. I have a XIX 50 in black looking at getting the 44 barrel in gold or nickel to mix it up
  9. Latest purchase, sorry for the crappy cell pic
  10. ill be around next thursday / friday if you wanted to meet up at CJRPC
  11. yea im not sold on it yet either.. I have a FS2000 if you wanna try it out
  12. do you have a tavor now?
  13. Thanks, I've tried to diversify my collection
  14. Thanks. Yea it's a Colt 1991 series
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