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  1. WOW so much for an easy answer. I've seen these for sale on gunbroker so I didn't think the question of legality would spark so much controversy. I guess I will have to wait till I get a more definitive answer before I get them. Don't want to attract the men in lettered jersey's.
  2. Car door edge molding on the top cover opening so the brass doesn't hit sharp edges. I also made a shock buff from a tire sidewall for a friends AK. Cut down on the harshness. Not sure how this would effect ejection though.
  3. And the great part is they look right on an AK variant. I was never thrilled by the Ar style brakes on AK's .
  4. Yeah I was/am still nervous about the evil AK in NJ but I broke my AR cherry a few months back so I'm going to get a PSL next. Good luck and shoot straight.
  5. Buy a PSL MAKE BIG BOOM!!!! ....... or not Seriously Arsenal is the way to go IMHO. A little more money but quality.
  6. Wow Neat http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&sourc ... a=N&tab=wl
  7. Silly question but I'm sure there are members here that are LE, Firemen etc. I.E. people from organizations that have the permits already. Could we get one of their organizations on board? Just a thought.
  8. my 2c http://www.mechanix.com/tactical/the-or ... yote-glove they also make a cold weather gloves http://www.mechanix.com/automotive/cold-weather-glove and if you're looking for fingerless try this http://www.mechanix.com/hardware/cg-framer-glove I wear the "Originals" for yard work, shooting in all weather and riding my motorcycle. I think they're long wearing, they fit the hand very well and are a bargain IMHO.
  9. thanx for posting these :mrgreen: I will probably bring them to my local UPS store and have them blown up. I'll make sure it's busy and watch the ANTI's squirm
  10. I don't intend to use them but I will send the words of caution on to the next owner. Thank you for your help. :mrgreen:
  11. This warms my heart! And look at the smile :mrgreen: Thats how I felt the first time I shot...The Kid Is Hooked!!
  12. Jeez lets see... Arfcom militarfirearm Gunco PAFOA gunboards weaponeer weaponsguild M4carbine to name a few
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