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  1. Hi guys, I know the FID requirements thing has been beaten to death but I can't seem to find the answer to something I am curious about. Every time I have ever applied for an FID change of address (and the initial application for that matter), the PD always asked me for my direct supervisor at work who they send a form to fill out. My most recent application for change of address doesn't seem to ask anything about my supervisor or work situation other than the employer question on the standard for. I always assumed it was universal that all PDs sent paperwork to your direct boss, is that not true?
  2. I'm looking to give them away to anyone who wants them... I'm in Jersey City if you are serious.
  3. I'm going to be moving around alot of the next few years for work and since I only have one 20 round box of HP ammo I'm just going to give it away instead of dealing with all the laws associated with transporting HP ammo (This is good self defence ammo so would rather give it away than shoot it off at the range just for the sake of getting rid of it). If anyone wants it its yours, im in Jersey City. I'm not really sure what section this should go under, and I didn't want to have to pay to list this in the for sale section as I'm just giving it away so I apologize if this is innappropriatly located and will move it if necessary.
  4. Yea but isn't it more involved since NJ treats HP ammo as a firearm? Do I have to check ID and FID and all that good stuff? What is the law?
  5. I know you guys are going to think I'm being a baby, but i'm going to be moving alot over the next few years for work and don't feel like dealing with worrying about HP ammo laws during this time (yes I know they are legal). Since I only have one small box of 20 Speer Gold Dot Personal Protection .45 ACP to get rid of I figure the best bet is to give them away instead of just shooting off good self defence ammo just for the sake of getting rid of it. I know there are more laws regarding HP ammo, how can I legally give them away?
  6. She consulted with corporate who clearly told her, while unwilling to change the lease, they were also unwilling to lose me as a tenant. Its not us vs. the machine here, everyone is on board, they just don't want it in writing.
  7. UPDATE: so heres the update to what happened. I decided to just try to talk it out with the landlord (a major developer, which I knew could be a problem). I told the building manager with whom I will be signing the lease about the situation and she said she would get back to me, talked to corporate, and came back to me today and said "Well, corporate is unwilling to change the lease in any way, but what I can tell you is, you never told me about the guns, Ill see you on saturday to sign the lease".
  8. Has anyone heard of anything like this? I may have to move to an apartment that has a "no firearms" clause in the lease for one year (I already hashed this whole thing out in the legal forum to see if I had any other options). Assuming I actually can't have the guns with me, is there any way to tranfer them to a shop or gun smith, pay them a fee to hold them for me for a year and then get them back when I move back to the area? It doesn't have to be this exact situation but I dont have any gun friends that I can transfer them to so looking for other options. Thanks -
  9. I would just be worried that there was some obscure law on the books making having your guns at a private rental place that specifically bans guns is illegal or something like that...
  10. I cant recall ever being asked for landlord information on any prior applications.
  11. So assuming that it is legal and enforcable for the landlord to include such a clause, is there any possibility of criminal liability or would it just be the posibility of eviction?
  12. I am supposed to be signing a lease this weekend for which they emailed me a copy of the lease to review... There is a "No firearms" clause in the lease. Has anyone dealt with this? Is there anything I can do? Is there any legal remifications other than the potential for a breach of the lease / eviction? Could there be any criminal liability? Should I just talk to building management and explain the truth? If they reject me it would be a big problem because there are no other options for rentals in the exact area we need to be in. Thanks -
  13. I don't get it.. is it easier to get a replacement than a change of address?
  14. So no criminal issues just the possibility of getting evicted if they found out somehow?
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