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  1. See if you can get someone to let you shoot theirs before you make a decision. Just because I like something doesn't mean you will too.
  2. Savage Mark I-FVT I have used these at various BSA summer camps. CMP has a junior smallbore purchase program that provides special pricing for them: http://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/SavageBrochure.pdf
  3. Let me guess.. Shooter pull starting a snow blower with strong hand while holding a shovel in weak hand. Gun unloaded in bucket of salt. 1 procedural for each grain of salt spilled outside the bucket when retrieving gun
  4. The main benefit of using the PTX expander or powderfunnel, etc is to free up a station for powder check. You could always seat/crimp at the same station. I use the PTX expander with the adjustment bar for all calibers I load, 45 acp, .38 spl, 9mm, .40, and have had no issues. I use either berrys or ibejiheads. Its all in the setup, just make sure you take your time with the adjustments. 2 issues I have had, all when I was setting up my .40: I did not have the powder drop tube adjusted properly so the powder drop did not fully cycle all the way up. There was a gap between the PTX and drop tube. Adjusting that tube lower resolved my issues Also, when I had the flare adjustment set too much it didn't bell the case but actually bulged the base of the case. Once I figured out that was the case, backing out the adjustment corrected everything. Havent had any issues since and I have thousands of rounds thru the press with this setup.
  5. I get delayed between 2 hours and 3 days every single check.
  6. Clays + 230gr RN ibejiheads for .45 major is a very nice combo. As long as you have clays lol. Like Ron said, use lead load data and chrono your loads.
  7. Howard, can you give us some more details on this? Estimated round count, number of stages, etc.? Will they have a classifier at these matches? Show up early to set up, or will they already have it set up? Thanks!
  8. Wish I could make it, camping again this weekend. Seems I am always missing these.
  9. You guys should at least take to social media, contact the newspapers, etc. Sounds like they seized your property for someone else's debt. The example of your car in pep boys is pretty spot on.
  10. $25/lb for bullseye is kind of expensive
  11. We aren't involved in running these matches, that would be Melissa and Leo. I am planning on shooting this, gonna be a blast. Here is a copy of the email they sent out for the upcoming match on 11/8: Dear Shooters: Our next Knockdown Steel Match is going to be a tactical shotgun match. It will be much like a USPSA match shot with shotguns only. There will be movement on almost every stage. The round count for this match will be about 175 rounds of birdshot (8 or 7 1/2) and about 10 slugs. There will be only three divisions for the match: Semiautomatic, Open and Pump. If I can get stage descriptions early I will post them on www.oldbridgeknockdown.com ahead of time. The match fees will be: $15.00 for members $25.00 for nonmembers Due to extra setup we will start this match at 10:00 am instead of 9:00 am. PLEASE PLEASE come to the range early to help us setup so we can start the match on time. Below is the link for preregistration https://www.formstack.com/forms/?1845668-ijg7fgrDga Any questions please ask Thank you
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