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  1. Got 3 9MM for sale: Glock 17L New HKP30L Sig 226 Get back to me for details and pics. [email protected]
  2. is it up to a state to allow or forbid purchases by out of state residents. In some western states, I understand you can purchase a handgun in person regardless of your state of residence.
  3. I have a very nice 6 inch stainless Security Six with target grips and Mag -n -Ported. It feels like a .38 due to the strong frame and Mag n Porting. I believe the Security Sixes were/are better shooting guns. Accuracy is excellent
  4. Bob, if they had attacked, would you have had time to stop them withe a bullet?
  5. Why not step up the ladder a few rungs and go for a Sig . Good enough for Navy Seals and the sweetest trigger action you will ever feel. Especially the SRT trigger.
  6. Geeeeez...you can't do any erratic driving in this state either1
  7. I did the same thing in 1964. (Army) Turned out to be the best thing I ever did. I grew up fast and learned about life and people. Went back to college later and raised a great family and most of all learned to love and appreciate this great country. The lesson cost me my left leg, but I would do it again!
  8. vozella

    Pure Sex

    WTS Thanks for the advice. Will rewrite with Pics.
  9. vozella

    Pure Sex

    Selling my HKP30L with 4 mags. less than a year old and 100 rounds. Taking a "gun break' $850.
  10. George,back from Floeidayet?


  11. If your thinking of prayer, your a person of faith. God bless your son.
  12. How about Glock 17L, NIB?
  13. I think it's good that these kids are getting a little bit of "do what you are told" and learn that there are rules to follow whether you like it or not! Somewhere along the line, kids were allowed to decide what was best foe them.
  14. Specter. Don't forget the 173rd Airborne Brigade. First into Vietnam, last out. Fought some of the nastiest fire fights.
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