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  1. Zeker wants more cousins to choose from.
  2. Of course. Probably right around the block from you unless you live in the middle of nowhere. I don't think PA has a Geoweb so you are on your own unless you want to make a FOIA request. Of course you know I would always be here for you if you had a specific concern to discuss. But Jersey has the highest number and highest concentrations of all these various sorts of nonsense. Heck, besides contaminated sites, a double digit percentage of the state is covered with fly ash, coal ash, and contaminated dredgings. If you bought a waterfront property, especially on a river, or any place near a wetland where your house seems conveniently raised in elevation, you have the most highly regulated contamination in the state of New Jersey under your feet. And your children's' feet I've found this garbage out in the middle of a forest at a residential property. It is a given in any city. You can also turn on that layer on Geoweb (although it is obviously not complete) or you can download the historic fill maps from NJDEP.
  3. Did you type YOUR address into Geoweb yet? Haven't heard back from anybody
  4. Zeker has already banged all those cousins at this point. Now we just have to wait for the Jerry Springer maternity test episodes. And wait to see how many people end up with Hep LMNOP.
  5. What makes you think their water is contaminated? Magic 8 Ball or Quiga board? Have you typed your address into Geoweb yet and turned on all site layers? I wonder if the water is good where YOU live. People running around with their hair on fire when they have no idea what may or may not be going on. And for some reason nobody is concerned about the contaminated sites surrounding their own homes. And the children Don't check Geoweb for me, check if for your children In the layers, turn on all sites (KCSL/NJEMS/etc), turn on CEAs under groundwater, turn on historic fill, and turn on deed notices. Enjoy
  6. 302w knows more about me than you do, to say the least. I would appreciate him keeping it generally private, as he is, but I also appreciate his generic support I can do in 15 minutes what will take you 3 hrs to clunk through, and they will answer my questions when I call, so it is sort of a forum member courtesy. No, I will not go to Trenton for a file review. That would cost you money. But I can come up with a 90% answer from the comfort of my office. There is risk in life. As I have pointed out, many of you are about to use Geoweb and figure out you live near contaminated sites. People think contamination is magic. "Oh, doctors say eat this food, next year they say that food will kill you, so they have no idea what is going on! We're all going to die!" It's not magic. True, there are no certainties. Did you do GPR and Total Earth Mag on your property before you bought it or might there be leaking underground storage tanks at your house that nobody knows about? YOU are responsible for sources that are actually on your property, and it is up to you to go after somebody long gone to try to get that cost back. Anybody here buy some farm land? The orchards that don;t even show up in historic aerial photos are covered in arsenic and lead, your fields are covered in pesticides that have made illegal and priority contaminants under the NJDEP Soil Remediation Standards, you have fuel tanks buried that have leaked and you never knew about, and over the years the farmers probably poured 10 gallons of perc into the former septic system that you don't even know exist. And, you probably have asbestos. Ever bother to check for what might be in your kingdom? No, you didn't. Just like you didn't check what was around it. Does life go on? In most cases it seems to. It's a little ironic, but one of the advantages of living next to a Know Contaminated Site is that if you had any substantial contamination they probably already figured it out for you! Whereas everyone else in this thread has no idea what might be under their feet on their own land. But don't give me this Love Canal or Valley of the Drums crap. This isn't the 70s. Both EPA and NJDEP regulations are very strict now, largely too strict. There are no secrets and nothing is ignored. As long as the investigation is complete (and not new), things have probably been settled. If you are afraid of living near controlled contamination, might I suggest the Moon? Just watch for constant radiation exposure up there.
  7. Of course. That's why you give the buyer the stuff yourself if it comes up. there is always some risk in resale value. But the truth is they are required to provide clean water, resolve any vapor abatement issues, and remediate any soil contamination. so from an environmental and health standpoint there is no liability. HOWEVER - in the extremely unlikely event that this is a new site, it can take years to investigate and there may be unknowns. Now, type YOUR address into Geoweb, find out what is nearby, and decide if your property value is impact. My bet is you will be surprised.
  8. You know what? PM me the address and I'll take a look at it and call the LSRP. There may not be an LSTP since it is Superfund but I can call NJDEP. That will rule out most issues. If they've already decided not to get it then don't bother me with it. I'll send you snap shots of the maps, project history, and a brief description of what it all means. There should be a 2x3' sign at the entrance to the site with the site name and contact information for public outreach. If you get any of that information it will help me since I want to make sure I find the right site. But I may be OK without it.
  9. Check the plume location on Geoweb. If it is within 100 feet you need indoor air testing done. That is a regulation and also a safe bet. Check the project status on DataMiner. Does it have an Entire Site RAO or NFA? If so, there is probably not much to worry about. Go to OPRA and request a file review on the case. Go to Trenton and look at the maps over time to see if the plume is moving. Call the NJDEP Case manager or LSRP and ask if there is control on the site. They will not steer you wrong. You will find their names and numbers in Dataminer. If it is uncontrolled, a recent addition to the NPL, then there is cause for concern. Water is the property of the State. If the groundwater contamination footprint included this property they would have closed your well and paid to provide your lot with water service. Threatened receptors (such as wells) are the priority of any investigation. Ask NJDEP is they have sampled the well and taken any indoor air samples. If they have not, there is probably a good reason for it. Such as the contam is far from you and under control or moving in the other direction. If the case is recent, that's when there is some uncertainty. I know Superfund is federal. Sometimes people assume a site is Superfund when it is not. Either way, they coordinate with NJDEP as a courtesy and they can steer you to the right place to get advice and info. NJDEP is a lot easier to deal with, and they prioritize public notification and communication. There are no secrets in these projects, everything is public info whether good or bad. We only have about 150 Superfund sites in Jersey. That being said, we have thousands of known contaminated sites. It is almost certain there are one or more near you, today, and they pose more of a likely threat than a Superfund site. While you are Geoweb, type in your own address, turn on all sites in the layers (KCSL/NJEMS/etc.), and see what happens. Then come back and ask if you should be living where you live.
  10. An ammunition plant fire is not the same as a commercial ammunition fire. This is a commercial ammunition fire. http://www.saami.org/videos/sporting_ammunition_and_the_firefighter.cfm It's long, feel free to skip through it a bit
  11. In PA they can. A doctor or a cop says you are done, you are done for good. No due process, no court, no possibility for redress. Ever. Coming to a state near you. "Mental Health" is the long-time understood mechanism of Communists and Totalitarians throughout recent history to imprison and "reeducate" people that are doing things you don't approve of. And yet whenever there is some sort of mass murder gun owners call to give government more power over mental health.
  12. If you get a temporary commitment that lasts 5 minutes in PA you will never legally own a firearm anywhere in the US until the day you die. One of our judges saw fit to remove the law allowing "expungement" (so to speak) from our statutes.
  13. Ah, yes, Florio. Radio commercial: Florio: "Thanks to me, now you can shop around for car insurance. That's the law." Phone call to State Farm: "I'm sorry, but based on the law that Florio passed, we have to offer you car insurance at a minimum of what you paid with your last insurance company since it was one of the top five insurers in New Jersey. Nobody is allowed to cut you a break."
  14. I'm a little busy with someone in "Mexico" right now, maybe some other time
  15. This is why we want you to stay in Jersey. You always manage to find a lining of reasonableness in complete totalitarian nonsense, even if you do not completely agree with it. As soon as you guys show up it's, "Why is that guy riding a motorcycle not wearing a helmet?" "Your grass is too long." "Your crops smell funny." "We need an ordinance to keep people from storing disabled vehicles on their property." "You can't paint your house that color." "When is the last time your barn was painted?" And... of course... "I support gun ownership. But not for kids and licensing is reasonable measure. And not for people I don't approve of."
  16. You guys missed the part about dog only directly too and from dog park with no deviations.
  17. 100% bullshit. People will pay money to keep themselves alive, and certainly pay to keep their families alive. The entire problem is the government construct and the HMO system that has taken root. Once health insurance is actually INSURANCE and not some sort of "bennie," as the fucking idiots say (because they are stupid and actually think they are not paying for it), things will work themselves out. What are the medical procedures that have gotten cheaper instead of more expensive? Lasik eye surgery and plastic surgery. Why? They are not "covered" by health insurance, that's why.
  18. You have over a million people. THEY are the low hanging fruit. I'm not going to bother to check the numbers, but they are probably 20% of the ADULT population and could be 30% of voters I would guess, if they bothered. And that number is going up, not down. The trend is your friend. Will you defeat gun control in 2018? Probably not. It takes time, it takes work, and it takes a lot of losing before you win. "Oh, hey, I showed up, and the next morning we don't have carry or thirty round mags. Oh well." You people here on this forum are among the best of gun owners that NJ has to offer. As long as you refuse to go to your gun clubs, shops, and ranges to recruit people for the cause, or harass the crap out of your reps, because, "Ah, F it..." You are the reason that you have no hope. It is your job. Not the other 1 million gun owners' job.
  19. Having never won, you may not understand how hard it is. In PA we have to lose 50 to 100 times before we win. It can take years, and it takes effort. Licking your finger and checking wind direction does not determine what you can and cannot accomplish. You have more than enough people to get the job done. The trick is getting people like YOU involved.
  20. I lived in Hamilton (Trenton) next to a cliff. The snappers and a few alligator snappers would climb the cliff to lay eggs on our property. Which must have been a huge bitch, because it was quite a cliff. My neighbor was a homo and for some reason was afraid of them, I guess he was not familiar with animals and such. He would call me because he was afraid to leave his house and asked me to move them. I would tell him just leave them alone, all they want to do is lay eggs and they won't do anything more than hiss at you unless you mess with them. But he was really afraid and I would have to move the turtle so he could get out of his house. One time one climbed up on his front stoop for whatever reason and he nearly had a heart attack when he opened the door. They were nice size but none larger than maybe 2' long that I saw. But Mr. Charlie in Medford was YUUGE.
  21. Murders are not "solved" with insect DNA and blood splatter patterns. And setups are not done with them, either. If your phone is at your house every night for 7 hours and at some dude's house once a week for 8 hours and going to and from your place of employment/church/family in-between it is pretty damn clear what is going on. There's not a lot of degrees of freedom in the calculation of most peoples' lives, and court cases are generally based on circumstantial evidence, not CSI TV baloney. Yes, they know where you sleep if they want to check. You are not James Bond. It's very simple stuff.
  22. It not only can, it does. Right now. Tonight while you are sleeping. The data is collected automatically, no warrant or suspicion required. And most companies save it for at least a year, before we even get to the NSA. And the cops can get access to it without a warrant. They do it all the time.
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