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  1. Hi I am going to shoot in my first Bullseye comp and currently own 3 center fire handguns. A Springfield XDm 9mm, Springfield Range Officer Champion in 45 and a Ruger GP100 6". I plan on practicing the Bulls Eye format with each but I was also looking for recommendations on what firearm you think would be best suited. I know these would not be your first choice for Bulls Eye but I have no permits in hand to buy now. Plus my skill level is at a novice level. So even the best weapon I don't think would make that much of a difference. Thanks, Greg
  2. Sleeper

    Lever gun Cleaning

    Thanks for all the advice. I still haven't had a chance to shoot it. Hopefully this weekend. Are there any upgrades I should consider. From what I reading replacing the sights is a popular improvement. I don't want to put a scope or red dot on it. I have plenty of other rifles with optics.
  3. Are you on Linkedin? If not you should be. Recruiters will find you if your skills are in demand.
  4. I just picked up my first cowboy gun. A Henry Big Boy in 357. I searched videos on youtube and the tear down looks pretty complex. I mean it's not an AR. So what would the normal cleaning cycle be? How often should I do a complete tear down? I don't want to spend 2 hours of cleaning after 1 hour at the range. Any advice? I can't wait to shoot this thing. I can't stop looking at it.
  5. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestion. Cheers!
  6. I have been a scotch drinker for many years. I like most single malts but my standard is Macallan. 12, 18, 21...doesn't matter love them all. A friend recently served me Jameson and I liked it. I have ordered it on the rocks at bars and it's good. Since I don't know anything about Irish whiskey I was wondering if there is any other brands or more premium brands I should try. What is the top shelf Irish whiskey? Or is Jameson as good as it gets? Greg
  7. I don't think an Obama nominee could get 60 votes in this senate. Unless he nominated a constitutional conservative. But Obama has such an ego and cares about nothing but his legacy he may come close doing that. If the next president gets to chose this could more clearly define what elections are all about. RIP Antonin Scalia. He was a great justice.
  8. Cool video. I guess there is a good reason why A10 pilots sit in a titanium bathtub.
  9. In Texas they gave all business owners the option too restrict open carry in their business if they post the official sign. I think part of the problem is the order that the laws were enabled. Before Texas I lived in Arizona in the 80s. Arizona has allowed open carry since its existance. Nobody paid it any attention when you saw someone with a side arm. Gun were normal. They later passed concealed carry not sure when. I'm sure no one thinks twice when they see open carry.
  10. I use to live in Texas so I read the news there often. I don't know how they fix this. http://thescoopblog.dallasnews.com/2016/01/did-open-carry-backfire-on-texas-gun-owners.html/
  11. I use Hope Barracks also. It has always been between between 2-3 months for my P2P. I recently had a problem where my request for an extension was lost or ignored. When I went back I worked with trooper Theil. He got me the extension in less than a week and called me as soon as it was back from Trenton.
  12. My dad was there. Aboard the destroyer USS Selfridge. They were not hit and steamed out of the harbor. My dad lived to a ripe old age of 94.
  13. Congrats on the new bike. Great Ride! I used to have a Mille back a few years ago. I still miss it.
  14. I have worn an Eagles Jersey to both Giants Stadium and the Met Life stadium. The worse thing that ever happened was getting a hot dog thrown at me, but it missed and hit my buddy wearing a giants jersey. I have also gotten the asshole chant...but I embrace that.
  15. I have a friend who is getting ready to sell his house. He has 3 long guns and a pistol. He is not an avid shooter and his guns mostly collect dust. He doesn't have a safe, so he asked me to keep them in my safe. He will be moving into an apartment and can't say how long he wants me to keep them. I told him he should just sell them if he doesn't use them or want them. But he is not sure he wants to sell right now. Are there any legal complications keeping his guns in my safe? He also said I could shoot them anytime I wanted. Thanks,
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