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  1. I was going to add more but I figured the over 5000 would work!
  2. Just curious if Im the only one with what the missus refers to as "a problem". Various platforms , what is your average rounds shot per year.
  3. Or the archery range , the targets are completely shot out .
  4. Always wear them when at the range , 30 years of working construction without using hearing protection has taken its toll,but funny thing is when you are hunting and the adrenaline takes over , you hardly even notice the shot.
  5. According to the website a general meeting is scheduled for 10/15 , no time or location is listed , however their is a name and phone number listed.
  6. A union wouldn't really help. Since the around the time our current president. was elected once a month at sign up Sunday they probably have a minimum 50 new members sign up. that's a conservative estimate as some times there are many more. they got money coming in hand over fist. a few disgruntled members wouldn't mean crap to them
  7. are you actually reading my posts, I been saying from page one that they have a right to film me. you are starting to beat that dead horse. see here is the thing , I stated my opinion and from your very first post , instead of an intelligent reply , you started with condescending BS , you are the only one that brought up "whining" , I brought up a legitimate concern .
  8. There is a BOD , apparently the members have no say in decisions that affect the club. Ive talked to quite a few members since yesterday and by at least a 5 to 1 margin they are against the camera's. granted its a very small sample that my results are born from.
  9. The difference is I pay good money to be a member , just as everyone else , we are the club , they didnt even ask us for our opinions.
  10. Its just a personal choice Maks, I dont like the intrusiveness of it . Thats all ! Im not anti-gov , tin foil hat wearing, Im not doing anything illegal , paranoid , or anything else thats been slung at me , I dont like the intrusiveness plain and simple. I have that right , just like they have the right to film. I would think that a letter or notification would be sent to the members , but to the best of my knowledge they failed to do that .
  11. Again , I was out of line , wont happen again!
  12. OK fair enough , My cursing was out of line , I will keep that in check from now on! but the posts were gone there for a while!
  13. do you agree with deleting posts? A guy tells me to FO and I respond , my post is deleted , his isnt . My bad , I see they are back up now.
  14. hey moderator if you are going to delete my posts and my ability to defend myself , just ban me now and GFY! apparently if you speak up to one of the "boys" your posts get deleted!
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