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  1. I have a Wilson Combat commander 9mm I just got on a trade that I might sell but if you are only into NH then I understand. I’m sort of the same on Wilson. Not a fan boy but they build a pretty good 1911 just like NH.
  2. TRP = “the right pistol” so they say. A dealer is selling new Dan Wesson Valor in SS 45acp for $1249 on Gunbroker. Thats a great price. These are not blem models and the dealer is legit. Personally if you wanted to go up a tier in quality and spend a little more money then I would look hard at that one. Impressed b the Valor a lot. And yes, I have many, many, many 1911s. I believe you will be very happy if you got one. No upgrades needed on this one unless you wanted different grips or sights on it. twogunjay is the name of the dealer.
  3. Kampfeld is who many top riflesmiths outsource barrel fluting to these days. His work is excellent.
  4. Bravo for another public range opening up in northern NJ. These places are great because they are tailor made for first time or newbie shooters. The rentals, the range orientation, ammo, targets, eye and ear pro all on site. No, its not cheap but that’s not the point. It’s another place for people to shoot and that’s awesome. I wish them the best of luck. Will definitely stop in and check the place out when it opens because I live less then 10 minutes away. May not shoot there because I belong to a bunch of different ranges but I would like to see what they are all about. Really excited about another luxury, state of the art range opening up in the area.
  5. I think Mike at Tier One Defense had one for sale awhile back. Don’t know if he sold it.
  6. They are really comfortable and for me that’s worth a lot. I shoot for 4 to 8 hours on training days so they are on my head for a long time. I have the Impact sports too. The comfort level is no comparison IMHO. If I had to wear them for an hour or two then it wouldn’t bother me. It’s all on how your going to use them.
  7. MSA Sordins with gel cups. Comfy all day. Less then $300 and your hearing is worth how much ?
  8. Didn’t know this thread existed. Good stuff !
  9. He has his own bluing tanks so he does it at his shop
  10. Jim Garthwaite in Williamsport, PA is excellent. Not that far from northern NJ. Excellent 1911 gunsmith.
  11. Chicken Supreme on Union Ave in Paterson is berry, berry good. Very clean place in a decent part of town. When I get a craving I head there for a box of parts. Yumm.
  12. I got a Glock 20. May bring that and a Wilson Combat 1911 in 10mm as well.
  13. Will probably make it. Planning on bringing a Jp enterprises gmr-13 9mm carbine AR15 and a 92 Wilber.
  14. I dig the face on that Damasko. Very striking. Like the IWC Pilot’s Watch but with a bezel.