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  1. You guys are correct, truncated cone, I looked at the GA picture quickly and it looked like a SWC in my haste. Thanks for pointing that out.
  2. It is in fact a semi-wadcutter. You may be thinking of the totally flat wadcutter.
  3. Georgia Arms has 38 special for sale. https://www.georgia-arms.com/38-special-158gr-plated-semi-wadcutter/
  4. I got a bunch of heads from them a few months ago. Quick shipping and good pricing. Haven’t loaded them up yet but they do have a good reputation so not expecting any issues.
  5. Oh my! So tempted but have already committed to other things recently. GLWS
  6. Are you looking for the cz shadow 2 kadet 22lr conversion kit ? If so then send me a pm.
  7. Beautiful setup. I love mine. What trigger is included? If interested in selling some of the ammo separate please let me know. GLWS.
  8. Sounds great. I may never want to leave. LOL. Wish I had the time to drive down there. GLWS
  9. I would take it if I lived closer. I'm like 1:45 to get there.
  10. Hi, who is the gunsmith who did the trigger work on your USC?
  11. Yeah , I wouldn’t wish that on anyone in the free states. if the 126mm stick out then I guess the factory mags that come with the c2 are 113mm. Figured as much.
  12. Very nice. Still tempted to get the single stack. What length are your double stack mags ?
  13. Thank you for your thoughts on this pistol. Please keep us updated as you get more range time with it.
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