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  1. I can trade you 2000 CCI LPP for the 2000 SRP. PM me for details.
  2. A legendary pioneer in the 1911 industry. I didnt know it was his idea to create a modular double stack 1911 that ended up as the STI 2011. Pretty amazing.
  3. You guys are correct, truncated cone, I looked at the GA picture quickly and it looked like a SWC in my haste. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. It is in fact a semi-wadcutter. You may be thinking of the totally flat wadcutter.
  5. Georgia Arms has 38 special for sale. https://www.georgia-arms.com/38-special-158gr-plated-semi-wadcutter/
  6. I got a bunch of heads from them a few months ago. Quick shipping and good pricing. Haven’t loaded them up yet but they do have a good reputation so not expecting any issues.
  7. Oh my! So tempted but have already committed to other things recently. GLWS
  8. Are you looking for the cz shadow 2 kadet 22lr conversion kit ? If so then send me a pm.
  9. Beautiful setup. I love mine. What trigger is included? If interested in selling some of the ammo separate please let me know. GLWS.
  10. Sounds great. I may never want to leave. LOL. Wish I had the time to drive down there. GLWS
  11. I would take it if I lived closer. I'm like 1:45 to get there.
  12. Hi, who is the gunsmith who did the trigger work on your USC?
  13. Yeah , I wouldn’t wish that on anyone in the free states. if the 126mm stick out then I guess the factory mags that come with the c2 are 113mm. Figured as much.
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