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  1. BullzeyeNJ

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
  2. BullzeyeNJ

    Things gun people say that annoy you...

    When someone says “In the real world that shit will get you killed.” Especially coming out of the mouth of a person with no ‘real world’ experience. And that’s usually most of the time.
  3. I remember talking to a very well respected bolt gun smith a couple years ago on the phone. He was a machinist by trade but built bolt guns for people in his off time. His rifles were exceptional and highly desired. I asked him how long it took from chambering to cerakote it took him to make a rifle. He said two days for the most part. We started talking 1911s. He built one for himself and he told me he would never do it again. He fit everything by hand and did his own machining. It took him an entire month to build this one pistol. Now a seasoned 1911 smith may do that at a much faster pace but I’m sure it will take more then two days. Jason Burton for example dedicates an entire 2 weeks on one build. That’s all he works on. So for arguments sake, lets say he spends 60-80 hours on one build. Very labor intensive for one project. So consider what pace you want to work at and what your turnaround time is going to be when factoring what you want to specialize in doing. There really isn’t a wrong answer here, just your personal preference.
  4. ^^^ This. Definitely spend some time dissecting the mags. Stretch out the springs if you can’t buy new ones. Smooth out the feed lips with some sandpaper. Can mess with the angle of the feed lips too to see if that improves feeding.
  5. BullzeyeNJ

    Anyone have the CZ Shadow?

    I have the Shadow 2 and it was my first CZ. After shooting it, I wondered what took me so long to get on board. I love it. No trigger mods done to it. Not a competitive shooter any more so I just got it for fun. Don’t know if its worth more then just getting the standard model. Not even sure of the differences. I bought it because it looks cool. Yup. Only reason. Life is short.
  6. BullzeyeNJ

    2019 Training

    Kyle Defoor for scoped rifle in March, Frank Proctor in June for FAST pistol fundamentals, Bill Rapier for low light tactics in November.
  7. BullzeyeNJ

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Well, that would never be the case with new boobs ! Not a lever action guy. This is the only one I own. Got a great deal on it a few years ago in its used state. Shot it a few times and was really impressed with its accuracy out to 50 yards. Wanted to make it better then new so I sent it off to Tim Cronin to do his thing. He definitely exceeded my expectiations. Dry fired it a few times and put it in the back of the safe. Forgot about it until this thread came up. Maybe I will shoot it now this spring. It’s not a museum or collectors piece so no reason to treat it as such.
  8. BullzeyeNJ

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Here is my (pre-Remington) Marlin 1894c that I got a facelift for a couple years ago by a very good riflesmith named Tim Cronin who is now retired. Don’t know how it shoots b/c I haven’t fired it since the upgrades.
  9. BullzeyeNJ

    Show Your Custom Handguns

    Don’t get me started Bully with the 1911s !
  10. BullzeyeNJ

    Had an accident at the range today need advice..

    Hera Arms linear comp. I have a couple and like them lots. German engineering. https://www.hera-usa.com/kopie-von-h1?lightbox=dataItem-ivf5sbyk
  11. Tell your friend to look away. Don’t get started. The sickness will start immediately and quickly progress. You will thank me later. On a more constructive note, get an RPR in 6.5 creedmoor with a vortex scope and start out there. If he loves it and wants to upgrade then he can sell that setup pretty quickly without too much invested. If he doesn’t like it then he could probably sell it pretty quickly. The more you like it, the more you want to learn about things like reloading, wind calls, and building good fundamental skills. Whether he gets a solid factory rifle like the RPR or a full custom rig from a reputable gunsmith I bet he wont be able to shoot the difference in the price spent in the beginning. The custom rig may feel better, have a nicer trigger and a smoother action. The accuracy difference may be less then 1/2” at 100 yards regardless. Is it worth the extra money ? Depends. Some guys will justify their choice either way. Both are just opinions. When I started out with this hobby I was fortunate enough to get two full custom rigs at attractive prices on the used market. People would rave about these rifles and how they were so worthy of the high price tags. I shot them both for about a year and I didnt do well with them. No magical one hole groups at 100 yards for me. Years later I realized that the rifles were perfect and it was me who sucked. In the beginning when you are learning, you will probably suck a bit. As long as your having fun then it doesn’t matter much but at some point learn about what your doing wrong and right and correct whats needed.
  12. BullzeyeNJ

    WTB Nighthawk 1911 9mm

    I have a Wilson Combat commander 9mm I just got on a trade that I might sell but if you are only into NH then I understand. I’m sort of the same on Wilson. Not a fan boy but they build a pretty good 1911 just like NH.
  13. BullzeyeNJ

    Which 1911 to get?

    TRP = “the right pistol” so they say. A dealer is selling new Dan Wesson Valor in SS 45acp for $1249 on Gunbroker. Thats a great price. These are not blem models and the dealer is legit. Personally if you wanted to go up a tier in quality and spend a little more money then I would look hard at that one. Impressed b the Valor a lot. And yes, I have many, many, many 1911s. I believe you will be very happy if you got one. No upgrades needed on this one unless you wanted different grips or sights on it. twogunjay is the name of the dealer.

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