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  1. Sheepdog Warrior 1000 yards
  2. still waiting ! hope this week.
  3. Damn. Great company and pleasure doing business with them over the years. Sad to hear they are closing.
  4. It’s best to call him and see where he is with his backlog. He has done work for me in the past as far as machining and detail work when his books were pretty closed up.
  5. I’m about to buy a couple Neo mags. My question is do you guys use the regular or extended clip? They say the extended will give you better concealment since it seats deeper in your pants pocket but is it more clumsy to access with this feature ?
  6. Got mine in Wayne today. Submitted 12/18 but didnt give them the receipt of prints until 1/4/23. Pretty quick turnaround.
  7. The 10mm is an amazing cartridge and I would seriously consider that if you do not own one. If you reload then its even more versatile since you can make light loads for target practice that will feel like a 40Sw or juice them up to ++p velocity to take down a Grizzle bear in an emergency. Heavy duty loads are also available from Buffalo Bore and Underwood off the shelf. You can buy a 40SW barrel for it if you want to shoot that cartridge too. A 10mm in a 1911 has got a decent amount of muzzle flip to it but a Glock 20 somehow mitigates this factor dramatically. You can also get a compensator fitted to a threaded barrel on a 10mm barrel if you so desire to help keep the sights on target. If you dont have a 1911 in 9mm then consider that. They are a smooth ride and ammo is reasonably priced compared to 10mm. The 9mm magazines these days make for reliable feeding with ball ammo so that is no longer a problem. I have a 460SW from the S&W perf center. It has a 12" comped barrel and a scope on it. Have to shoot it off a bipod. I probably have fired less then 100 rounds through it and 1/2 of those were 45 long colt and the other 1/2 were 454 cassul and 460SW. It has become a big dust collector in the safe since the initial novelty wore off.
  8. These are awesome little rifles ! Worth every penny. GLWS.
  9. Legit company. Good Price. Get it while its available. Use code BFriday22 for free shipping. https://www.shawarms.com/products/sellier-bellot-sas_sb9mm124-50ct-fmj-5176
  10. The Jack Carr books. Start with The Terminal List and go in sequential order. Spoiler alert : TTL book is so much better the Amazon Prime series. Only thing they have in common is the names of the characters. The storyline b/t the two is very different. Not sure why they made the video series like this.
  11. I don’t have a p-01 but I do have a cz75 compact. Essentially the same thing but with a steel frame and not an alloy frame so 4oz heavier. I do have a vp9sk. I think it shoots better then my full size vp9. Just my experience with the two. More accurate and better balanced.
  12. the newer tenicor zero holster is a good choice if you carry iwb . feels like nothing but surprisingly supportive when carrying a handgun IWB.
  13. Not in the 6mm ARC crowd but was reading where you can take 6.5 Grendel cases and neck them down to 6 ARC. It’s the same parent case. You have to trim down the neck of the Grendel case to match OAL case length but that’s really it. Maybe that’s a temporary solution to the brass shortage if 6.5 Grendel is easier to find. Lapua makes Grendel brass which is a major step up in quality and consistency over hornady brass.
  14. CLE does great work. I had a heavy AR15 upper put together by them last year and its a performer with the 77gr-80gr heads. You should be happy with the upper they build you. The 6mm ARC looks interesting. Similar I guess to the wildcats that preceded it like the 6mm fat rat but commercial factory ammo will be available. Do you plan on reloading for it ?
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