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  1. I’ll pass. Really dont need 4 pounds of powder that I never heard of in order to save a few bucks. On the other hand, Brownells had a deal yesterday for free hazmat and shipping for an order of $150 or more. That is something I would go for if I needed more powder. That was yesterday though.
  2. You can either train for speed or accuracy. Not both at the same time. They both compliment each other. Its best to master both skills to become a proficient pistol shooter.
  3. What’s your budget and how far do you plan on shooting ? Do you reload or not ? Remember , you need to put some money aside for decent glass (like 1/3rd to 1/2 on what you have into the rifle) to see targets at distance and pick up trace.
  4. I have the 14” Performance Center one with the bipod. Put a scope on it. It’s pretty cool but honestly I haven’t fired it in about 3 years. I bought it for that great bore hunt that never happened.
  5. Shooting alone is my favorite. I can focus on what I need to improve on that day without any distractions. Shooting with others is fun too but it more often then not it becomes turning money into noise because its a social event. I’m good if any of my guns malfunction but that comes with years of experience.
  6. This match has been cancelled due to the bad weather anticipated for Sunday. My 22LR rifle will have to sit dormant until next year.
  7. Forecast for rain on Sunday. I know they will shoot in the rain. Who is definitely still in ?
  8. Its very treatable. PM me for more info.
  9. Gets to the point. Clever.
  10. Then sign me up for your team. Im in !
  11. Are you allowed to use a 22LR rifle in these matches ?
  12. Wayne is very good. Close to gun for hire if your into going there and about 30 min to cherry ridge if you're a member. Wayne just approved a permit for a new indoor gun range last week. My last pistol permits took me 9 days to get.
  13. Congrats. NH makes a fine 1911. Enjoy.
  14. good to go. never any issues.
  15. Yeah, its a little screwy how Cabela's is labeling this one. They dont reveal what model this is on the description but if you go into the Q&A a rep from Cabelas says its either the RM01 or RM02. To further complicate things, In the description on the Cabela's website it says its dual illumination... "Dual-illuminated RMR features a tritium-phosphor lamp to illuminate reticle in low-light conditions and fiber optics to automatically adjust the brightness level and contrast for available light. LED RMR also automatically adjusts illuminated reticle to available light." Personally, I like the RM06 the best out of all of them and if I know for sure its not that model then Im not ordering it.