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  1. These are awesome little rifles ! Worth every penny. GLWS.
  2. Legit company. Good Price. Get it while its available. Use code BFriday22 for free shipping. https://www.shawarms.com/products/sellier-bellot-sas_sb9mm124-50ct-fmj-5176
  3. The Jack Carr books. Start with The Terminal List and go in sequential order. Spoiler alert : TTL book is so much better the Amazon Prime series. Only thing they have in common is the names of the characters. The storyline b/t the two is very different. Not sure why they made the video series like this.
  4. I don’t have a p-01 but I do have a cz75 compact. Essentially the same thing but with a steel frame and not an alloy frame so 4oz heavier. I do have a vp9sk. I think it shoots better then my full size vp9. Just my experience with the two. More accurate and better balanced.
  5. the newer tenicor zero holster is a good choice if you carry iwb . feels like nothing but surprisingly supportive when carrying a handgun IWB.
  6. Not in the 6mm ARC crowd but was reading where you can take 6.5 Grendel cases and neck them down to 6 ARC. It’s the same parent case. You have to trim down the neck of the Grendel case to match OAL case length but that’s really it. Maybe that’s a temporary solution to the brass shortage if 6.5 Grendel is easier to find. Lapua makes Grendel brass which is a major step up in quality and consistency over hornady brass.
  7. CLE does great work. I had a heavy AR15 upper put together by them last year and its a performer with the 77gr-80gr heads. You should be happy with the upper they build you. The 6mm ARC looks interesting. Similar I guess to the wildcats that preceded it like the 6mm fat rat but commercial factory ammo will be available. Do you plan on reloading for it ?
  8. What kind of red dot? Is it for a rifle, pistol, shotgun? what is your price range? Any specific brand you prefer or not desire? I may have something to sell you just need more info.
  9. I can trade you 2000 CCI LPP for the 2000 SRP. PM me for details.
  10. A legendary pioneer in the 1911 industry. I didnt know it was his idea to create a modular double stack 1911 that ended up as the STI 2011. Pretty amazing.
  11. You guys are correct, truncated cone, I looked at the GA picture quickly and it looked like a SWC in my haste. Thanks for pointing that out.
  12. It is in fact a semi-wadcutter. You may be thinking of the totally flat wadcutter.
  13. Georgia Arms has 38 special for sale. https://www.georgia-arms.com/38-special-158gr-plated-semi-wadcutter/
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