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  1. The Dirty by Headhunter Blades
  2. I love my Dillons. Two 650's and two 1050's. Regardless of whose press you buy, things on these presses will break. Its inevitable with extended use. They are machines with many moving parts. Dillon has been great replacing broken parts on my presses without question when needed. Even on my 1050s that dont have the lifetime warranty, Dillon has been very generous helping me out when needed. If you ever get stuck with an issue about your press, a live person from the USA is a quick phone call away. They will spend whatever time it takes to walk you through it over the phone. People who are trained experts at adjusting these presses and not someone reading from a manual. Over the last twenty years that I have used Dillon products I have had to modify, tweak, and adjust certain things but most of that was me tinkering to try to get things to work better. It wasnt absolutely necessary. Basically me not leaving well enough alone. Considering that Dillon may be more money then the others I truly believe the consumer gets their money's worth in satisfaction from many years of enjoyment in reloading. That is priceless.
  3. ^^^ This. I've seen alot of this as well and then some. Its tragic and inhumane and most of all avoidable sadly. And..its not getting better ! The people who do these things have gotten off with a small fine and a slap on the wrist in years past. Any law that can protect animals rights and punish animal cruelty is a step in the right direction.
  4. Love mine. It the orange harvest moon finish which I like. Hyperfire trigger installed. C-more sight. My 15-22 has been nothing but a joy to shoot. Only malfunctions when it gets really filthy, like after a few thousand rounds. I use mine for rimfire steel matches at CR. Its the consensus rifle to buy if you shoot those matches.
  5. 1911s. I have dozens. Many are unique and custom built. They are an American icon and I love the design. Can't think of a more collectible handgun.
  6. I was there about 8 years ago with my GF at the time and her two sons. Lots of new shooters that come in groups. They are attracted by the ability to rent many different firearms under one roof. I brought my own guns and ammo and we shot at one of the rental ports. I dont remember a RSO standing guard while we were shooting but maybe he was just inconspicuous b/c I was busy being an RSO for my group of people. The place serves a purpose just like the big local public ranges that feature rentals like RTSP and GFH. If you (or your group) got the urge to shoot guns and dont have any of your own then this is the place for you. Personally, I would never go back b/c of the crowds (which come with a wait time) and the limited shooting distances.
  7. The government will do what it does and men will continue to do what they do. Thats the way its always been. Capiche ?
  8. What range distance will you be shooting the majority of the time ? I ask because if your shooting from 50 to 300 yards then you would be better off with a quality AR15 in 223 Wylde if your just starting out. A good precision match grade barrel and crisp aftermarket trigger would take you a long way with that caliber. You would learn how to operate the gas gun with a cartridge that has less recoil. Wind would play a bigger factor at distance but thats a good thing too. Reading the wind is a world class skill that only comes with lots of experience. Also, if you dont reload then there are a lot more choices for factory match grade ammo for less money in the 223/5.56 caliber then the 6.5 Grendel. At the end of the day if your still lusting for the 6.5 Grendel then you can always buy a quality upper and swap it out on your lower. Just my 2 cents.
  9. It was more of an artifact present indoors. I think thats b/c when outdoors the artifact got washed out more with the sunlight and wasnt as obvious.
  10. Not sure what Vortex scopes you are using so I cant comment. I do know that the Vortex Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27x 56mm has much better glass then the Bushnell. It's also at least twice the price so you pay for it. If you want better glass for less money then the Bushnell then I would strongly recommend the Sightron SIII line of scopes.
  11. I use the T2. I think it gives better clarity with less tint then the T1 or Pro. I have owned both of those models as well. It is very evident when using the Aimpoint 3x magnifier. The field of view is better on the Pro but its also bigger and bulkier. I also have an astigmatism and the T2 is the only Aimpoint dot that looks round to me. For the money, the Pro is a great deal.
  12. They are good for what you pay for them. If you think they compare to Nightforce or higher end Vortex then you will be disappointed. I had a couple and sold them a few years back. Good value but I was looking for something a little better in glass clarity and controls and I was willing to pay for that. If I had to do it over again, I wish I started out with all German glass and then I would be done. Now...I know.
  13. I would try Gunbroker
  14. I sold mine before the scandal broke loose. Replaced with Aimpoints. Good luck dealing with all the BS guys.
  15. CBC Industries. My friend got one of their uppers for less then $400. When he took it to the range with me I was a little skeptical. Too good to be true I thought but I was wrong. Its very well built, no malfunctions, and he was shooting quarter sized groups at 50 yards from the get go. They will probably be having even better deals around Memorial Day if you can wait.