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  1. JP enterprise, White Oak, or CLE from a Bartlein or Krieger blank. 1-7.7 to 1-8 twist.
  2. Take a look at the Peterson Cartridge company 300 win mag brass. At the moment they are not making any but production should be back in a couple months. My friend has some in 300 win mag and it's very , very consistent overall. Better then anything else out there. It's worth the wait.
  3. Thanks. Just signed up. Shipping is always a deciding factor for me on whether I’m buying or not. Now I dont have to worry about it for a year.
  4. The newer aimpoint T2 doesn’t distort for me and I have an astigmatism. A little spendy but it makes my eyes happy.
  5. Pistol I do about 1000 a session. Precision rifle 50-100 per session. Semi auto rifle 300-500 at a time. I like to break it down into brass prep then actual loading so it may be two separate sessions for one caliber.
  6. I have used the Vortex warranty on numerous occasions and it is top notch. Now if you think about it, is that a good thing to have to use so often ?
  7. I would like to see the before and after pictures.
  8. I have a couple P7m8 pistols and p7m13. They are great guns. Hardly ever shoot them. Not for collector purposes but rather no desire. I will take one out once in awhile to let my friends try it out since they are curious. And that offer is open to you as well. You ever come up to northern NJ you can shoot them. I supply the gun(s) and you supply the ammo and range time. And I also just bought an HK VP9SK last month. Love that little pistol. Like it more then I dare say my Glock 19. Or even my fancy Wilson Combat EDC 9mm. And yes I think its a better shooter then my p7 series handguns too. I know, apples to oranges but take it from someone who collects things more then I shoot most of them, the juice is not worth the squeeze when people talk about the legendary status of a lot of these firearms after a couple visits to the range.
  9. Question : if the married jointly deduction is $24K then what is the deduction if filing single ? Anyone know ? TIA and Merry Christmas.
  10. I use ADM for the red dots No issues. I prefer Bobro for the long range adjustable power scopes. Really well made, beautifully machined and always have held a zero for me. Pricey though. Side note : dont order an ADM through Amazon. I did last year and regret it. When I got it I threw it in a parts box and didn’t use it for a few months. When I took it out of the box it just didn’t look like my other ADM mounts. On closer inspection it was a counterfeit mount. I couldn’t send it back so I mounted it on a cheap POS Primary Arms red dot and placed it on a seldom used AR15. Lesson learned. I love Amazon for the convenience and quick delivery but more and more I hear about bogus counterfeit items coming from them. From food to high dollar goods. Caveat emptor.
  11. I’ll pass. Really dont need 4 pounds of powder that I never heard of in order to save a few bucks. On the other hand, Brownells had a deal yesterday for free hazmat and shipping for an order of $150 or more. That is something I would go for if I needed more powder. That was yesterday though.
  12. You can either train for speed or accuracy. Not both at the same time. They both compliment each other. Its best to master both skills to become a proficient pistol shooter.
  13. What’s your budget and how far do you plan on shooting ? Do you reload or not ? Remember , you need to put some money aside for decent glass (like 1/3rd to 1/2 on what you have into the rifle) to see targets at distance and pick up trace.
  14. I have the 14” Performance Center one with the bipod. Put a scope on it. It’s pretty cool but honestly I haven’t fired it in about 3 years. I bought it for that great bore hunt that never happened.
  15. Shooting alone is my favorite. I can focus on what I need to improve on that day without any distractions. Shooting with others is fun too but it more often then not it becomes turning money into noise because its a social event. I’m good if any of my guns malfunction but that comes with years of experience.