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  1. I would be very interested if you have any Wolf large and/or small RIFLE primers for sale.
  2. What caliber and what power scope ? You can shoot at 25 meters/yards and do a rough conversion to where you will hit at 100m or yards depending on the caliber. So if shooting 223/5.56 at 25 yards then the point of impact should be about 1.5” lower then the point of aim. With that said, I live in NNJ and your welcome to come up here and shoot at my 100 yard range one day.
  3. Its on the border. When I took a carbine class with Joe there was a Bethlehem LEO in the class. I asked him what town the range was in and he said Bethlehem. The range is actually owned by the Bethlehem PD and they do all their quals there. They hardly use it much so they allow civilians to use it for classes and shoot there on limited membership.
  4. That would be Bethlehem. The website is wrong.
  5. It’s not closed. It’s 1/2 mile from Easton Fish&Game.
  6. All club steel is permanently out there. He has movable target stands for paper targets that you can use. Never inquired about bringing personal reactive targets. Never saw the need for it actually.
  7. That place is wonderful. I was there last weekend. The owner made a few improvements over the winter. More target arrays, the lower range is a little wider and something simple that I really appreciated. On one of the IPSC targets at 1000 yards he has a light that stays on for a few seconds when you hit it. That’s a bonus when there are a bunch of shooters on the line and can’t see your splash or hear it because of all the background noise.
  8. Skateboard tape on the front strap and reliable mags from Tripp or wilson to start. Buy a couple thousand rounds of ammo. Shoot that. Then figure out from there what you want to upgrade. At that point, you will have a better idea what YOU want done.
  9. Yeah, I got a 460 Rowland too on a caliber specific Wilson Combat with a comp. And I rarely shoot 460 Rowland through it. Mostly 45acp for the convenience factor and lower cost per round. The 460 Rowland is a heck of a cartridge though.
  10. Springfield armory used to make a production 1911 with a 6” long slide and side ported barrel. They rated that 1911 for the 45 super or you could shoot 45acp as well. I dont think you needed a spring change because of the ported barrel. Fred Craig, the infamous 1911 gunsmith, made a Craig 45 Super Duty on a caspian double stack frame years ago. It also had a ported barrel with a 5” barrel. I have one of those custom 1911s and have only fired 45acp and 45acp +p ammo through it. Apparently, no spring change required either because of the ports. I bought 45 super brass from starline but never loaded up any rounds.
  11. How many rounds does it take to wear out a 308 f class barrel in your experience? Acceptable accuracy and velocity for the sport in consideration.
  12. Very nice. What bullet head are you using and whats the load ? 600 yard F class I assume.
  13. What twist rate do you want ? Are you into reloading for this rifle or just factory ammo ?
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