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  1. How many rounds does it take to wear out a 308 f class barrel in your experience? Acceptable accuracy and velocity for the sport in consideration.
  2. Very nice. What bullet head are you using and whats the load ? 600 yard F class I assume.
  3. What twist rate do you want ? Are you into reloading for this rifle or just factory ammo ?
  4. Contact him and see what he will do about a private party. Phone may be better then email for communication. Personally , I only bring bolt guns there since I bring my scar and ar’s to new holland. Others may do otherwise and can’t speak for them.
  5. Club steel from 50 yards out placed about every 100 yards. Some swingers, mostly static. He paints it daily so you should see your hits if you get there early in the morning when its still pristine. Pretty flat and wide out to 700 then it starts to incline. 1000 is up on a mountain top away from the rest of the range. Different arrays and sizes of targets. From 400/in its more of a shooting gallery. I think he has a silouette of a full size deer or elk at 400. After 400 there is less variety but usually a full size ipsc (or similar) and one/two smaller plates for more of a challenge. Full size IPSC at 1000 and 12” plates. He had a 6’x6’ sheet of steel up there at 1000 which was nice to see where you were hitting if not sure but I think he took it down. There are target stands at 50, 100 etc if you want to put up paper.
  6. Yeah, its not cheap but its a lot closer then driving out 3.5-4 hours to Mifflin in PA and spending an overnight at a cheap motel to make it worth it. My time is pretty important to me. I’m there and back in 1/2 a day. I shoot a lot of long range rifle and when I’m there I’m done in two hours. I have a plan of what I have in mind and little time is wasted. Scope is zeroed. Dope is solid and proven. Ammo is tuned to the rifle. Weather conditions taken off the Kestrel. No guessing why I did not impact. I’m done in 50-60 rounds of bolt rifle. Record my data and hits then pay Eddy. That should be enough shooting for anyone at distance with a scope. More then that and you are just turning money into noise.
  7. Sheepdog warrior. Catskill, ny. Goes to 1000y. Public hourly rate. Eddy is the owner. Good guy.
  8. Thanks @Mreal75 ! This IWC Pilot has quickly become my favorite higher end watch. The history behind it, the readability of the dial, and the obscure ness of what it is to the masses puts it high on the list.
  9. I got this system. It’s great but takes time and practice to use it properly. Reserve 20-30 minutes to sharpen one knife. I only use it on the upstroke too. When I did the downstroke I caught my fingers a couple times for a pretty deep laceration. My thumb got cut so deeply that I should have gotten sutures. Fixed it myself. Again, be careful with this product.
  10. If your budget tops at around $1300 then I would get a Springfield TRP. TRP stands for “THE Right Pistol”.
  11. When someone says “In the real world that shit will get you killed.” Especially coming out of the mouth of a person with no ‘real world’ experience. And that’s usually most of the time.
  12. I remember talking to a very well respected bolt gun smith a couple years ago on the phone. He was a machinist by trade but built bolt guns for people in his off time. His rifles were exceptional and highly desired. I asked him how long it took from chambering to cerakote it took him to make a rifle. He said two days for the most part. We started talking 1911s. He built one for himself and he told me he would never do it again. He fit everything by hand and did his own machining. It took him an entire month to build this one pistol. Now a seasoned 1911 smith may do that at a much faster pace but I’m sure it will take more then two days. Jason Burton for example dedicates an entire 2 weeks on one build. That’s all he works on. So for arguments sake, lets say he spends 60-80 hours on one build. Very labor intensive for one project. So consider what pace you want to work at and what your turnaround time is going to be when factoring what you want to specialize in doing. There really isn’t a wrong answer here, just your personal preference.
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