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  1. Yes, Actually I have four of them. They are pretty nice. I like how they used to be no-nonsense and well built and the price reflected that. Good value for a solid built and you weren’t paying for a lot of frills. Yes, I have those types of 1911s too and they have their place. If you come up to northern NJ and want to shoot my GC Model 2 in 45acp one day then let me know. Then you can judge for yourself.
  2. That’s a great price. It should sell quick. American eagle is low priced but decent quality range ammo. I don’t know what brands you have but just do a search online through ammobot or another ammo search engine and price accordingly. if you have something like Speer gold dot ammo for instance it could go for more than $30 per 50 rounds.
  3. Yes. That’s the place. I bought my American eagle a couple months ago so that’s the price I paid.
  4. I can get Federal american eagle 230gr 45acp for $0.28 cents per round shipped online from target sports so $14 per box of 50 shipped.
  5. Holy cow! Talk about the dark ages. It’s so much better now. It’s like a carnival plinking gallery. The range did get some donations of targets and Scotty set them up for the community. The Rimfire challenge series they did a couple years ago helped get some interest in improving that range too. Too bad its not running anymore. It was a lot of fun. I participated in a bunch of matches.
  6. BullzeyeNJ


    Ive used Mark Hartshorne from Pinnacle High Performance for revolver work and he has done a great job. He is in Quakerstown, PA. I have two revolvers in his shop now waiting for his bench. https://pinnaclehighperformance.com
  7. Consider the CZ p10F or C. They also have a carry optics ready model too. I have both. And they have been a pleasure to shoot. Accurate and reliable. Nice grip texture and sights. There is nothing that has to be changed or upgraded from the factory. Spend $500 and your done. I can’t say that for my many glocks. All of them had the sights changed, and different amount of work to the trigger. Some of them had the grip stippled too. And if I wanted a little more accuracy I would install a match barrel. A $500ish factory glock now is about $800-1200 out of pocket.
  8. That is very cool. Always wanted one. Where are you located if I want to see it in person ?
  9. No, its a private range. Membership is capped and filled so they are not accepting new members now.
  10. Its a private range I belong to in northern NJ.
  11. Thanks, just ordered a few gen 5 G17 mags to go with my Gen 5 G17. Over $50 and its free shipping too !
  12. I did wet tumbling for a little while. First in a smaller Tumbler B and later got the larger Franford Arsenal Rotarty Tumbler (the FART) so I could clean more at one time. Also got the Franklin dryer too which is pretty neat. A re-purposed food dehydrator if you will. Works well. Started with the SS pins and some would get stuck in the flash holes. Then went to larger pins that didnt get stuck. Then graduated to no pins at all and I would still get sparkly clean brass but the primer pockets would stay dirty w/o using pins. No doubt the wet tumbling process gets the brass clean as new. It’s beautiful ! After awhile I didnt appreciate the extra work involved with getting it that clean. And the truth is that it doesnt need to be that clean either. I shoot ALOT and to add these extra steps for me was a burden. I went back to dry media cleaning. Gets the job done and less work involved. I get to take it from the tumbler directly to my reloading press too. No wait time for it to dry.
  13. Long Gun Training based on upstate NY
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