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  1. Its very treatable. PM me for more info.
  2. Gets to the point. Clever.
  3. Then sign me up for your team. Im in !
  4. Are you allowed to use a 22LR rifle in these matches ?
  5. Wayne is very good. Close to gun for hire if your into going there and about 30 min to cherry ridge if you're a member. Wayne just approved a permit for a new indoor gun range last week. My last pistol permits took me 9 days to get.
  6. Congrats. NH makes a fine 1911. Enjoy.
  7. good to go. never any issues.
  8. Yeah, its a little screwy how Cabela's is labeling this one. They dont reveal what model this is on the description but if you go into the Q&A a rep from Cabelas says its either the RM01 or RM02. To further complicate things, In the description on the Cabela's website it says its dual illumination... "Dual-illuminated RMR features a tritium-phosphor lamp to illuminate reticle in low-light conditions and fiber optics to automatically adjust the brightness level and contrast for available light. LED RMR also automatically adjusts illuminated reticle to available light." Personally, I like the RM06 the best out of all of them and if I know for sure its not that model then Im not ordering it.
  9. Its a dual illumination sight. It decides the brightness for you and sometimes this doesnt work out too well. The RM06 allows the user to choose the brightness level and that is much preferred.
  10. This is NOT an RM06. From the Cabela's website... 3.25 is RM01 6.5 is RM02
  11. The Dirty by Headhunter Blades
  12. I love my Dillons. Two 650's and two 1050's. Regardless of whose press you buy, things on these presses will break. Its inevitable with extended use. They are machines with many moving parts. Dillon has been great replacing broken parts on my presses without question when needed. Even on my 1050s that dont have the lifetime warranty, Dillon has been very generous helping me out when needed. If you ever get stuck with an issue about your press, a live person from the USA is a quick phone call away. They will spend whatever time it takes to walk you through it over the phone. People who are trained experts at adjusting these presses and not someone reading from a manual. Over the last twenty years that I have used Dillon products I have had to modify, tweak, and adjust certain things but most of that was me tinkering to try to get things to work better. It wasnt absolutely necessary. Basically me not leaving well enough alone. Considering that Dillon may be more money then the others I truly believe the consumer gets their money's worth in satisfaction from many years of enjoyment in reloading. That is priceless.
  13. ^^^ This. I've seen alot of this as well and then some. Its tragic and inhumane and most of all avoidable sadly. And..its not getting better ! The people who do these things have gotten off with a small fine and a slap on the wrist in years past. Any law that can protect animals rights and punish animal cruelty is a step in the right direction.
  14. Love mine. It the orange harvest moon finish which I like. Hyperfire trigger installed. C-more sight. My 15-22 has been nothing but a joy to shoot. Only malfunctions when it gets really filthy, like after a few thousand rounds. I use mine for rimfire steel matches at CR. Its the consensus rifle to buy if you shoot those matches.
  15. 1911s. I have dozens. Many are unique and custom built. They are an American icon and I love the design. Can't think of a more collectible handgun.