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  1. It doesn’t necessarily take 8 years here. It can be done in 6. Two years undergrad and 4 years med school. Don’t forget that UK grads are considered foreign in the US and they have to either pass a foreign graduate comp exam or take another year of schooling to be allowed to practice here so add on another year of school or wait about a year to take the exam. Both of which are not cheap.
  2. Lot of beef there. Are the parents penn hip or OFA certified ?
  3. Most recent numbers for 4 years of vet school is $275 to $300K by the time your finished. That doesn’t include doing an internship or residency post grad. Those are usually paid positions but just enough to maybe live on.
  4. I got mine from Magnus Sports in Las Vegas through JJ Racaza. Take a look at Oak Hill Guns in PA too. They have them in stock regularly and the prices are good.
  5. If you buy it new from a local shop or online retailer then just request for 10 round mags in place of the 17 round mags. Thats what I did. Could not be easier.
  6. Welcome aboard! Nice to hear we have a shotgun instructor on board. Shotgun has never been my strong suit. Pistol and bolt rifle is where I spend my time, and thats where my spare cash goes.
  7. All the 1911’s I have had done have been carbon steel in the white and unfinished before the process. I do get your concern about the high heat though.
  8. I like the 155 Lapua Scenars with Varget. Flat shooting at distance. Tiny groups at closer range.
  9. I've had them all and my favorite right now is black nitride. Its not a coating, its a process done to the metal. Also known as tennifer and melonite. If you are good with black then I would look at it.
  10. That’s the price you pay for awesomeness.
  11. I have a Scar 17 and love the platform for what it is...a lightweight , reliable 308 military style combat rifle that’s pretty accurate (easily 1moa at 100y with quality ammo all day long). I have had a 1-6x and 1-8x scope on it to plink steel out to 700 yards. It’s super fun to shoot, easy to clean/maintain (although I rarely clean it), and if I had to carry it around all day on a sling it would be more compact and lighter then an SR25. I got the $300 aftermarket trigger from Geisselle, the nicer forend extension that was another $200 and some other do-dads. That along with compliance work on the mags, compensator, and folding stock probably cost me over $700 from the stock rifle. I dont have an SR25 but I do have a KAC SR15 with a match barrel. Excellent rifle all around. The top of the food chain when comparing Ar15 rifles. Nothing bad to say about it and would never sell it. I do have a JP LRP-07 which is like the SR25. Its big, and heavy, and should be properly maintained at regular intervals. It’s not something I could use in a CQB scenario because of its size and weight. It’s fun to shoot from a stable platform like the ground or resting on a solid barricade. And yes, super accurate. 1/2 MOA if I do my part with quality ammo all day. If I had to choose between the two, I would pick the scar 17 over the 308 AR10ish platform. For me, I have a lot more fun shooting distance with my bolt rifles so that fills that requirement. I really could live without my JP rifle and thought many times of selling it. I have JP Ar15 rifles that I would be just as happy with in the 223 size. Still can get out at distance with the heavier bullets. The Scar is unique though. I have no other rifle in my collection like it. It’s low in maintenance with a real high fun factor. I bought one on a whim and was really happy from the first time I shot it. It never disappoints !
  12. JP enterprise, White Oak, or CLE from a Bartlein or Krieger blank. 1-7.7 to 1-8 twist.
  13. Take a look at the Peterson Cartridge company 300 win mag brass. At the moment they are not making any but production should be back in a couple months. My friend has some in 300 win mag and it's very , very consistent overall. Better then anything else out there. It's worth the wait.
  14. Thanks. Just signed up. Shipping is always a deciding factor for me on whether I’m buying or not. Now I dont have to worry about it for a year.
  15. The newer aimpoint T2 doesn’t distort for me and I have an astigmatism. A little spendy but it makes my eyes happy.