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  1. Only old people use Hoppes #9. It sucks.

  2. Railed gas block on an AR-15 is the mark of a complete moron.

  3. "Buy once, cry once.": Some thing old guys say when they're justifiing why the Ruger Mini-14 is the best rifle ever made.

  4. Most people pin their stock, because it is somewhat removable, in case they need to swap out the stock or something. There is no NJ law stating that it has to be a pin. You just need to prevent it from telescoping. Since there's no straight place to pin that, i would suggest epoxying the mechanism shut. If you want, figure out which position you want to have it at, remove the stock, place some epoxy in that buffer tube hole and slide the stock on. This will glue the stock pin to the buffer tube. Then, get some epoxy into the mechanism of the stock latch (i know it's a big part on that BCM stock), and this will prevent the adjustment mechanism from being used.
  5. Having a vert grip on a rifle is legal. Therefore, since your stockless AK is a rifle, it is legal.
  6. HOLY CRAP. There are literally 10 posts in this thread about "not doing it because it LOOKS illegal". TECHNICALLY? AKs and ARs "look illegal" to begin with; we just have to do the NJ-legalization dance to make them legal. They still "look illegal". Its fucking legal. Let it go.
  7. It's just a magazine body. It's like saying a pile of belt-fed links (not connected) is illegal. If he had the spring and follower, then I would say it's a no-no. But just a magazine body can't be considered a magazine.
  8. About a year ago, I signed up for the ANJRPC Strikeforce project, where they were taking specific instances of delays in FID and P2P being issued. I gave my info, and today I was contacted by a lawyer working for them, who advised me that my town was being "aggressive" and asked for specific examples. The lawyer asked if they could use my name as an example to the PD. I'd be more than willing, but I'm worried about potential retaliation from the local PD. Am I just being paranoid? I don't think that they're going to intentionally slow down any future P2P applications, just more of a general harassment as this is a fairly small town and there don't appear to be that many gun owners.
  9. Instagram is chock full of SHOT Show pictures, which is annoying because I'm not there.

  10. http://warsport-us.com/shop/war-sport-gear/lvoa-rail-bungee.html#.VL2oFS47VRE Warsport came up with it for their LVOA. Some people use, it some people don't. Works for some people, doesn't work for others.
  11. I used to love this forum, til it got overrun by defeatist cunts.

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