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  1. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    Thanks to Bill for letting me try his Mini-30. It had more recoil than I expected. Dirt cheap ammo though. New mini-30s are $900-1100 bucks it seems.... Ugh.
  2. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    Sounds great! I have some stuff I can bring as well.
  3. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    You guys are right that an AK variant would provide cheaper shooting fun than a mini-30, but this is NJ and getting a legal AK variant is problematic. If I was living in PA then....
  4. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    Thanks for the help!
  5. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    Cheap ammo that a person can actually find.
  6. winki

    Ruger mini-30

    I am strongly considering buying a Ruger mini-30 rifle. The rifle should be NJ legal since it has no pistol grip or adjustable stock. There are also 5 round mags available. I expect this to be a "fun" rifle since I hope to shoot cheap Russian ammo with it (and we all know what ammo prices are like) and potentially an estate defense weapon if we get into Hurricane Sandy part Deux or something similar. Does anyone have any experience with this rifle regarding accuracy and / reliablity? I have seen mixed review on-line.
  7. winki

    Optic for an M1A Scout

    I've been hunting many times before when i was younger and i dont have a problem hunting wolf with a .308. If i have to pass up a shot because its out of range or obscured or whatever i really dont care. Ill just fish on the river and enjoy 5 days with my bro. If i have a good shot and bag a wolf thats cool also. Any idea on the aimpoint mount?
  8. winki

    Optic for an M1A Scout

    I thought about that a lot and I think a low mag scope would make more sense for hunting (as opposed to the aimpoint) but I am a very infrequent hunter. My primary intention here is to put about 10 big holes down range on the paper zombie target as fast as possible so I am going with the aimpoint. I just don't know what I need to mount the thing.
  9. winki

    Optic for an M1A Scout

    Thanks Lunker, I don't really plan on taking any shots past 300 yards. If I see something past that range and I don't get a chance to shoot it then that's just too bad. I'm not so interested in taking game as I am being in the great outdoors. From what I hear, the wolves in Idaho are pretty skittish beasts. The out of state tag was only $25 (or was it $35???) bucks.
  10. Hey guys, I am in the process of painting and beautifying my M1A scout squad which I primarily use for recreational shooting but it is also my worst case scenario civil unrest rifle. Maximum fun is the primary consideration here. I am seriously considering mounting an Aimpoint Comp ML3 in the factory forward mount. Does anyone know what kind of scope rings / mount work best for this setup? My brother is a state trooper out in Idaho and I was very impressed with his aimpoint. I'm planning on taking this rifle to Idaho to hunt wolves in May and I realize a low magnification optic would probably be suited but I don't plan on taking 500 yard shots on a regular basis. Thanks for any feedback and I'll post a picture of my paint job when it's done in a few days.
  11. I found a duracoat kit online that i am going to try. If i screw it up, i will defintely be sending you a pm.
  12. I read you. I've already researched it. While removing an M1A handguard is easy, removing the handguard on the M1A scout is not that easy. I was hoping to paint this rifle without removing the handguard and save myself some trouble. http://m14forum.com/modern-m14/94916-scout-squad-handguard-removal.html
  13. Thanks for the info but I probably wont go with the hydrographics. While the rifle stock is pretty easy to remove on the M1A scout, the handguard is NOT. It's held in with some clips that upon inspection don't remove very easily. So.... I don't think dipping the whole rifle is going to be an option. Unless I can think of a way to get that handguard off without damaging my rifle.
  14. I have a black synthetic stock m1a (the scout version) and i'd like to get it painted in a nice camo pattern (i plan on taking it hunting out west). I know there are stencils and kits you can order online to do it, but i have never painted a stock before and i am not super excited about potentially messing up my $1600 rifle with some rookie mistake. Does anyone know of a pro (or semi pro) who does this kind of work here in the nanny state?
  15. I have heard through the grapevine that bernardsville is also refusing to hand out more than 1 pistol purchase permit in 1 month, which is a gross distortion of the one gun a month law if true.
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