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  1. That is very nice of you to offer. If it is OK with 10X then its fine by me. Thanks Dean
  2. c6dino

    MEC 12 gauge reloading press and components

    I'll take it if it is still available.




  3. A very sad day. God bless you Brooke http://www.nj.com/independentpress/index.ssf/2013/09/family_shares_news_of_brooke_h.html
  4. I have them, been on the house for about 10 yrs, work great, still in good shape. They have a great waranty, just need to be patient in getting them out for service. Dean
  5. Stripped using denatured alcohol with 0000 steel wool. Then I used BLO (Boiled Linseed Oil ) on the stock. Put on with 0000 steel wool, let sit for a minute, then wipe off with a rag and buff. Repeat. for the next couple of hours. Last coat put on with just a the rag. let sit for a little while then wipe off. Repeat for the couple of days. Then give it another couple of coats. Let sit for a week the another couple of coats. As the wood absorbs the BLO, the grain will start to get darker. The purists will hate you. Face the facts its a $100.00 rifle. Buy another and put it into storage if you need to satisfy the critics. Good luck with it, it will look great when its done. http://7.62x54r.net is a great resource.
  6. No stickers on any vehicle. No sign outside house. The less people know the better.
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