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  1. I'm looking to buy a remington 700 sps varmint or the 5r in 308. I would like it new and obviously post recall. Just can't find it anywhere. I've come come across one or two, but they still have the recalled trigger. I think it's irresponsible to sell any item that has an active safety recall - adding insult to injury, at regular price and without notifying me that the rifle is non compliant - but whatever. Any one know if they are being sold yet
  2. Decided I wNt a Remi 700 but I'm to wait until they are back from recall, so I'm looking to first get a scope. My budget is <$500. Not a hunter just want to kill paper. Would like to be proficient in the 200 yrds. But would like to be able to reach much further as I'll eventually (5 years) will be moving to a likely more friendly state with longer ranges available. So where are the sales? I think I want a Nikon
  3. Just actually read the entire form now --not only is the form adversarial which is not the relationship you want to have with anyone, but "Part 2" make you look like you are looking for a free lunch - we as doctors have enough people like that so ... You'll have to look for a free lunch from someone else's livelihood.
  4. As an actual doctor, I can say that we don't really care if you have guns or not. Most of the time it's another stupid required box of the electronic medical record. Having said that, there are times where it is appropriate to ask about guns, eg, pediatricians SHOULD ask as it may pose a significant health risk to the child ( remember not every gun owner is a responsible gun owner). Patients that are depressed or otherwise may have some psychiatric condition SHOULD be asked as having guns readily available to someone who is suicidal/homocidal is not a good combination. Once we know that you have guns what do we do with it? Depends - if you are at SIGNIFICANT/IMPENDING risk we may to tell someone. But that is way far down the line - Do No Harm - if we ignore a threat we are not living up to the oath. I think the form is silly and adversarial. I have enough paper work to fill out and it would just annoy/piss me off to fill out more useless bs which in turn equals more rectal exams for you. ( just kidding about the rectal)
  5. Finally got my permit and address change from bloomfield this Friday. Letter P
  6. After many months waiting for a change of address I can finally purchase a new toy. The gun control frenzy seems to have died down a bit, so are guns becoming more available, and back to more reasonable prices? I want to get an Ar15 but do not want to overpay like crazy. I know it's impossible to know, but what do you guys think: 1) get Ar now because soon you won't be able to buy it Or 2) wait until things die down some more to make purchase
  7. This shit is crazy. Still no word from bloomfield - letter P
  8. Mail shortly after applications and phone call last wk
  9. Was reading another thread which brought up this question - theoretical If a friend just moved from a 2a friendly state to nj and does not have an fid card. Could we go to range with his firearms with my fid. Since you do not need to register your guns do you still have to have an fid to have your firearms at home?
  10. Sorry to hijack the thread a little. Are ARs treated as a handgun or rifle?
  11. Applied for address change and 1 permit in early Dec in Bloomfield detective just called my references last wk. WTF! 5 months and now they're calling. At least it means they are working at it. PS. Unrelated, Am i able to purchase an AR in PA without a transfer to FFL?
  12. As I wait for the Essex county mental health record fiasco to resolve, what is this check? What are they looking for? Are they looking for inpatient hospital admissions, calling every doctor that a person has ever seen looking for psych dx or rx? I have no psychiatric background so what records are they looking up, if none exist? Mental illness is not a reportable condition, so if someone has a problem, I as a doctor, do not report it to anyone.
  13. BTW, how do the mental health checks work? Are they looking for hospital admission records, or what? Psychiatric conditions are not reportable.
  14. Does anybody know what is happening in Essex county's mental health checks? I applied for change of address and 1 P2P in Bloomfield in Nov. - Still no response. Called the PD and was told the mental health checks are really backed up. I thought they were flooded
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