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  1. Looks cool, I'll take it. I'm in Hunterdon county, where is pickup location?
  2. I don't know much about motorcycles, and even less about Harley's, but will try to answer any questions. I took this in on a trade. Here's what the guy I got it from said was done to it: S&S Super Cycle Carb Kit Screaming Eagle Ignition Wiseco 11.5:1 pistons Andrews CAM Drag Pipes Apes - 14" (Original handle bars included) Progressive rear shocks Le Pera seat 850 miles on rebuilt motor 10k on rebuilt trans 31k on rest of bike I have NO DOCUMENTATION of what's been done. He did all the work himself supposedly, and I have no reason to doubt him. I installed a new front rotor and pads. One tire is new, the other should be replaced. It looks better in the pictures than up close. I drove it about 20 miles total, and all I can say is it's very fast, and very loud. I am 5'8" and can easily stand flat footed when stopped. He was 6'2" and it was comfortable for him also. I'm looking to trade for a pickup truck but may also trade for firearms. I put the value at $4000, but cash can be added either way if a deal works out for both parties. Cross posted. Thanks for looking. Every time I try to upload a photo it errors out. I'll try again tomorrow. If you want me to email or text you just send me your info.
  3. I'll take it. PM me your payment info. Thanks!
  4. This has me a little worried. Pretty soon these kids will be hoarding ammo and taking up valuable range time! Bumpskie :-)
  5. Thanks for putting this together again Nick....I can use the cash :-)
  6. I'll be out with the family also...drafting from my phone also. Should be interesting
  7. Nick has setup and run this league for the last few years and I really appreciate it. It's not a complicated league but it still requires time and effort with no reward. If he didn't step up there would likely be no league. It's a super low stakes league of like minded people...a fun league. There are plenty of high stakes stuff out there to sweat over. Cut him some slack.
  8. Feel free to cut me loose. I honestly will not be offended, I really don't want to play with 15 or 16.
  9. Just put the players you want in a queue and autodraft. It works great...really...hahahahahaha!
  10. Someone add me to the first page list please. I can't figure it out from Tapatalk.
  11. I like it at 12 also, but I'm paid and not on the list, so I would be #13 and out :-)
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