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  1. Have one, love it. Trigger pull is nice, the way the trigger sits on your finger is unlike most rifles, it feels like they bent the trigger for MY finger.. Solid, fun to to shoot. PLUS, with the straight pull bolt, you won't have to worry about your target seeing you when you cycle a round :-) Troop tags are the icing on the cake, talk about a direct connection with the history of a firearm.. another post here -> http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/39215-k31-owners/
  2. I haven't shot a mossberg, so i can only comment on the Rem's that i own.. sorry
  3. I have a few Remington 700's, one in .308 and one in 300 Win. The 308 i use mostly for bench shooting, 300yds @ CJ. The 300WM i picked up for an upcoming hunting trip. My 308 isn't setup for hunting, so I went with the 300. Don't know much about 300 rum however, but I would imagine the ammo is not as easy to obtain as .308. I initially had a hard time finding 300wm in stock anywhere, but .308 was easy to find. Looks like your missing a Rem 700 from your lineup anyway :-). I would go .308 if I had to do it over again, simply for the fact that surplus and new .308 ammo is around.
  4. It really is.. I just picked up my 3rd CMP purchase last week ( .308 M1) and this by far was the longest wait, ordered early Jan and came mid April.. wait times are getting longer, so, anyone on the fence, send it in a forget about it.. before it's too late! :-) Congrats on the rifle Capri..
  5. sad news, always enjoyed his videos and teaching style. Had the pleasure of meeting him and grabbing an autograph @ shot show a few years ago.. glad I took the time to shake his hand.
  6. I'm set for Feb 14th, 2014 for my return trip with a few other guys. I will try and get all the big pigs before MosinRob gets there the week after :-)
  7. http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/49504-my-remington-700-milspec-5r-project/page__fromsearch__1
  8. you can also try ShedHedz http://www.shedhedz.com/ they are awesome, used for personal and commercial, i think Bry@n used them as well.. they are out of Sayreville..
  9. Not to thread jack, but I need to add Muzzleloader to my license, for some reason I didn't think i would need it in NJ, but now I do. I have Shotgun and Bow.. Can i just take the muzzleloader portion and be done?
  10. Yeah, his table has some movement, one of the first things i mentioned. Having a solid surface will make the whole process much smoother and you should be able to resolve the seating issues easily with a more sturdy work surface... glad it's working out for you... happy to help.. sad part is i spent more time on your press than my own lately... :-)
  11. I agree, in my opinion it is a waste of 4 bucks, but a good way to kill 10 minutes of your Sunday.... went once with JimmyAGR on our way to CJRPC, wouldn't go back. fishing stuff, clothes, old books, blah..
  12. I have a 650 as well, willing to help
  13. Nice Tony! My wife n kids roll in a GMC Acadia, had it since new in 2007 and NO issues what so ever.. full time 4wd, built like a tank... truck size tires but rides like a car...
  14. Redfield Rampage 20-60x80mm Angled Spotting Scope Was $1222.92 now only $199.99! Linky..
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