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  1. Great deal on some ammo. Definitely would buy from him again.
  2. Occasionally I post up survival & prep posts detailing good (from my perspective, anyway) advice from my research and training on how to ready yourself and your family in the most efficient (not always the most comfortable) ways possible. Lately I've been looking into my kits and have a pretty good set up for most any situation that pops up. Today I am doing a bit of research. Usually while researching specific topics and skills, I like to ask people that have virtually zero survival, medical, combative, or manual labor skills(auto repair, house repair, electrical, ect) how they would handle the situations they might run into. So far the responses I have received from your average person are pretty uniform. When I start to ask them questions, I start out with a few things. From there I move on and ask more specific questions, and how they intend to solve the problems created by how they answer the questions posed. What I am doing now is asking you all, who do actually have skills other than video games and being sheeple what your solutions would be. I am trying to build an understanding of the general populace and how they would react to situations that would require them to step out of their comfort zone. I do NOT want personal details on any of you here. In fact I strongly discourage this, even in private message. However, if you feel comfortable enough with the questions posed, please answer them to the best of your capabilities. What skills do you have that you feel would be beneficial to a SHTF/disaster situation? (This is as vague as possible for a reason, mainly since we can't foresee what we might endure.) How many people are in your family? Please include Sex and Age group (Senior, Adult, Teen, Child, Baby). How many have serious health issues? (Meaning they need medication to live. Without it they will/can die) How do you intend to deal with this situation? What have you done to prepare supply wise? What are you doing now, and what do you plan on doing? Where do you plan to go (generalization), and when (after you realize SHTF)? Do you have a BOB, BOV, BOL? If so, what are the most important pieces of equipment in each? If you need to leave your home to get out of the area, what routes do you plan on taking? (Bridges, Interstates, highways, main roads like 206 and 30, back roads, trails) Do you have different Tier Kits for each level of need (Usually separated into 3 tiers)? If so, what are the most important pieces of equipment in each? What medical supplies do you think are crucial? What do you intend to do if you run out of supplies? Do you know how to farm, raise farm animals, or hunt? How long do you think you and your family/group can survive on its own? If you dont feel comfortable with posting in public, please feel free to PM me. Also, please remember to leave out any personal information from your answers. They are irrelevant, but more importantly they are none of my business. Thank you all in advance for your input.
  3. These cops have nothing to worry about except boredom and the fact that who ever pulled the trigger now has to live with the fact that he took a life. It doesn't matter that he did it rightfully and to defend himself, he took a life and that will stay with him for the rest of his. Added to the fact that this could have been avoided (by the deceased, not the police) due to the unloaded magazine and it makes it even worse. The officer did everything he was suppose to do, but in the end sometimes that isn't enough for the person who has to live with the facts. I feel sympathetic towards the officers involved, this should have never happened.
  4. I'm going to be getting a few different models soon, as they are great for the jobs they are designed for. However most people don't stick to just that function, which is why I posted that. I generally have a Leatherman of SOG Power assist on me at all times, both are amazing. To be honest I think the OP should get a multi-tool. Takes the guess work out of it if the LE ask him why he has it.
  5. This is false, anyone can have a sever burn or cut that scars and thus alters finger prints, which is why it's not considered harassment if they try to finger print you every time you go in to get a Pistol Purchasing Permit (I think there is something saying that they can only do it once a year, but I can't say for sure.)
  6. Yes and no. Mora knives are amazing for their price, but they don't hold up well to heavy usage/heavy duty work. But then they weren't designed for that. For the money, I'd buy 2 or 3; but then that also depends on the job it is to perform. For the jobs the OP might come across I think these would be much better, although I'm pretty sure he wanted a folder.
  7. They did cite it, the notice alleges it. Therefore, the notice has to reference the claim, which more than likely will be a police report since this is a lawsuit against a government body. The only other way to win a lawsuit would be if it was all recorded on video or there were multiple witnesses of sound judgement and reliability. As far as the unloaded glock, the logic behind that is most people are extremely intimidated by just the sight of a gun, however it doesn't appear that this guy took into account that these were Police Officers who were enforcing the law. As far as Im aware you can't legally take you gun out of your front door with it in hand while in a menacing manner (since he was opening the door and walking out to either confront or address the police, or anyone else for that manner). Basically he broke a lot of laws with that one, and since the gun was already in hand he was definitely an imminent threat. When he allegedly pointed the gun at the police, he was an immediate threat and the officers defended themselves. The fact that they didn't follow up with the caller has nothing to do with this. The caller indicated he was suicidal (whether or not those claims were legitimate remains to be seen) and when that happens any responding officer has to assume mental instability and that the individual concerned is a danger to themselves and possibly others (since they feel they have nothing to live for). The way he approached the armed officers is why he was shot. They should not have shot him in the chest, but the fact of the matter is we are all (Military, LE, or civilian) trained to aim center mass and not to wound. Still, there isn't nearly enough information to say one way or the other. The above statement is based on if all the information provided were all of the details involved, and as we all know that is rarely the case.
  8. If he lives in the barracks, his state of residence is NJ. Due to laws and regulations, He can claim NJ as his home and pay ZERO taxes since he lives on base and in the barracks. I did this every year on my taxes. Since that is the case, hes State of Residence is NJ, and he can get a gun according to that statute. However, if he lives off base in an apartment or house, he no longer can claim residence in NJ. Edit: Not all states allow this type of thing. I know for a fact that NJ does, at least for taxes.
  9. Just remember that you get what you pay for! Keep you eye on ballisticreload.com, they usually have some decent spydercos every once in a while. I picked up a $180 (on some sites it was $250) spydero knife there for about $50 (VG-10 blade) as well as 2 other sydercos for $20 that were originally $80 or so.
  10. I've done a LOT of training, and run training myself, not to mention I frequently play airsoft in MILSIM and paintsofting realms. The problem though is the uneven amount of experience everyone shares. You can have "representatives" from each discipline but the fact of the matter is unless they all have similar levels of experience it isn't exactly a clear indicator on the pros/cons of each, or to see which one fares better. To KISS: "Train like you fight." Also, "Training Trumps Gear."
  11. In any case, I'll be there to participate and help out with gear if needed.
  12. Mainly these are safety limits in case it hits delicate or loose skin, and also the face area. These bbs can easily break teeth or become lodged in skin if you get much more powerful than that. As far as FoF this facility is plenty big enough for up top 5v5 if I remember correctly. Just run a few drills and then set a few scenarios.
  13. Not sure how big the kill house is, but I'd say no more than 350 fps if its huge, but IIRC its kinda tight and confined so I'd venture to say 300 or 330 at the most
  14. This is pretty sad. I think the biggest issue that parents have is they were intimidated by guns (more than likely due to their parents) and never learned anything about them. As a result they never gained the proper respect that should be given to firearms, the responsibility, the reality of their scope of life changing power, and the fact that guns are not a tool to intimidate, but a last resort. Because of this now their children think guns are jokes and if they actually find and use one tomorrow that person will be who they were the morning before. The sad reality is far from that misconception. This falls along the same lines of the conversations that parents SHOULD be having with their kids about sex, drugs, violence, financial literacy, and how the real world actually functions.
  15. Ideally if you wish to train for reaction from the holster, yes. But if you wish to work on clearing and engaging, than no. Really depends on what you are going for. Good thing is most all airsoft pistols are compatible with their real steel counterparts. For instance I have a Glock 18, Sig 226, and 1911. All three work perfectly with their real holsters (G17/19? for the G18). Another thing to consider is I run a full rig with RRV and such. I look at airsoft as a tactical training tool, but a game none the less. When using my M4 or pistol, I run the exact same gear I would if I was using the real fire arm. Pretty soon Im going to be training for CCW and reaction drills.
  16. I'm very aware (and experienced in) FoF scenarios, but as you probably already know there are many different types of FoF scenarios and even more approaches in the methodology. Also, a link to the thread you are talking about would be useful, and a title. I'm going to assume its the "Can gun games get you killed" one though. Also, if anyone needs an airsoft gun let me know. I have a few spares laying around, and one or two that should be repaired by then. Extras: 2 M4s 1 Scar (possible, definitely not guaranteed) 1 MP5 possible 1 1911 1 Glock 18 I too would like to know the FPS as I may need to swap the springs out.
  17. Either way I should be down. I was planning on something else, but I think I might go to this instead depending on what happens this coming weekend.
  18. Hmmm... would like to hear a little more as to what is planned and how you plan on running it. Otherwise I might be coming with a few friends and spare (airsoft) guns myself. Also, why the talk about Sims? Tosser didn't say anything about them yet....
  19. To be honest with you Im surprised they didn't have enough to get the job done, and I wonder why they didn't place the charges in the right spots. I'm just hoping they destroyed all of the electronic data, blew the hell out of the avionics, and at least blew the gear main gear box. Those are the mission critical targets to destroy in this situation, along with the Tail Gear box (if tech used in the MGB & TGB are classified, that is.)
  20. The fact that *anyone* thinks Al Qaeda is done is hysterical. The reason terrorist groups are so successful is their ability to act on their own, without hardly any leadership. No two cells know the identities, locations, or plans of the other. There are important key figures that know the basics, but for the most part just because of one cell getting busted doesn't mean others are in any danger. "But DR, they got the head guy! Surely they must have extensive information on their subordinates!" Yes and no. CIA, DSA, and FBI (possibly NSA) are currently scanning a treasure trove of intel. This could take forever, especially because these guys aren't dumb and probably are using encrypted (wont last too long) and coded documents. On top of that they likely don't keep detailed documents on their members identifications or locations for this very reason. They more than likely keep just enough information to know capabilities, alternate (their real identities, as opposed to assumed ones) identities, and general orders/plans. Another thing to consider is their default orders. In other words, IF EVENT OCCURS THAN ACTION = ATTACK PLAN 1 Why does this matter? Well the cells involved with Al Qaeda already know that they may have been compromised. With the time gap between his assassination and when the President announced it, there was no way for them to get any actionable intel and then follow through. So in essence all of the cells around the world basically just disappeared, leaving everything behind and are now moving on their "IF" orders. Because of the internal war going on with Pakistani Politics (Military, Political, and Religious) they needed to give up their trump card since everything they were doing basically has crumbled and they were exposed for what they were really doing. There are reports that the Pak Gov/Mil helped out, that electric went out. I don't buy that since there was someone tweeting live about it, but there have been reports that all cell/wireless being taken out to. Then when they (CIA/DEVGRU) left everything came back on. Also not buying the reports that there was a 40 Minute firefight when it is widely reported all over the world that they were unarmed. Sounds to me it was more like they were there for 40 minutes max, they did their thing and killed a bunch of the group, performed Emergency care on OBL's wife, and ran sacked and took all intel they could. I'd say 40 minutes is fairly quick with how big that place was. Think about it: Deploy from Helo Breach and clear entire compound Save OBL's wife for questioning Search and acquire intel Charge stealth Helo with explosives and detonate Make room in other helo for all personnel + wife & intel GTFO Now one other thing to consider is to take all of the news articles with a grain of salt. I read them up because there is usually some truth in every article, and almost always there are going to be critical details that we will never know. Fact of the matter is, OBL is dead. Even his own group has posted that he is dead, as reported world wide by media who have some access to their forums in which they communicate. Just because one source is extremely slanted doesn't mean the others aren't as well, everyone has an agenda. It doesn't matter if it's Infowars, Fox News, CNN, Al Jazeera, Huffington Post, NY Post, Wall Street Journal, or even the Courier Post. I try to read through all of the BS and get an "average" from all of the stories, and form my own opinion. What we have to accept is that we will never know everything that led up to and transpired. We need to rejoice in the fact that he has been dealt with and we no longer have to worry about him. We still have plenty of other members of Al Qaeda to worry about, so now it's time to focus on them. This is no time for celebration, no time to breath easy. Just because you hit a home run doesn't mean you have the game in the bag.
  21. Then you need to re-read what I said.
  22. Im C&Ping this from my site, since I went through it extensively. Former President of Pakistan Bhenazir Bhutto (who was pro-American) had said that Osama was kill, although this was refuted as a mistake. Here is the interview. Thing is, as it states in the interview, President Bhutto has also spoken of Osama "in the context that he was still alive" after this interview. I don't buy that since you could be talking about his body, spirit, or anything else. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=UnychOXj9Tg The evidence that she misspoke: My take: Why would Osamas son kill her when he clearly has more reason to do so? Also, as Beeze stated, the dude couldn't possibly be living in caves with his health conditions that have been well known about for a while (since before 9/11). I'd say Osama was basically a selling point to continue the wars in place now, and since most everyone believes he's dead already anyway, lets "prove them wrong" with a celebratory victory in "killing" him. They say no country would want to bury him, so they buried him at sea. Thing is, Afghanistan or Pakistan would have done it. There are 2 main reasons I see for "burying him at sea." 1. Dispose of any chance of evidence being found that it was/was not him. It is possible to trump DNA "evidence" up. Body doubles have been used for ages, hell look at Hitler. 2. If it was indeed Bin Laden, any country/location that buried him would soon enough build a Martyrs Memorial Shrine to him. Now we know Bin Laden is still a martyr to his own people, so I can't see where that would stop them, but it does take the power of any memorial shrine might have if they had his body. One thing to note is that in Muslim law the body must be buried within 24 hours of death. Muslims (all types and Sects) are already disgusted with most the the Western Countries (specifically the US) because of our apparent lack of respect for their religion and laws. Had we not "given a proper burial" as dictated by Muslim Law and Religion, that would have no doubt fueled the fire. This way, in burying him as we did (supposedly), we showed that we do indeed respect and honor Muslim Laws and Religion. Also, if you follow this infowars article all the way through they have plenty of reports on Osamas death from all over, to include Bhutto, Musharaff, Madaline Albright, and others. http://www.infowars....ozen-for-years/ Granted they aren't the best source for information but they were the only ones that had an extensive and sourced list of all the claims that he was already dead. I'd like to make it clear that Pakistan did not have anything to do with getting him. They came out and said they did, but that was after the US Military had reported that they went in without Pakistan knowing anything. If anything they did allow us to have a top secret base of operations there in order to operate drones, since they don't have the range needed for many of the missions. Of course they didn't "authorize" this, so as to keep the ability to retain plausible deniability. That was basically their only contribution. Finally, I'd like to make it clear that it was the DEVGRU that went in, but they did it with CIA Paramilitary; who were the ones that located him. Originally the plan was to just blow it up with predators, but everyone convinced President Obama to go the more risky route since if they blew it up there wouldn't be any evidence he was killed. Thanks to the CIA Paramilitary and DEVGRU though, we have zero loss of US Operatives and effectively decapitated their symbol of defiance and strength. I'm hoping that the mission video comes out at some point. Would be one of the most amazing videos to come out if they air it start to finish (take off to carry out the mission all the way through till they turn over the body).
  23. I can't wait to move out of this place. Seriously. I have to wait at least another year or two though now
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