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  1. For over a year now I have run 4 miles every morning at 4 am. Best before work because no time after with kids. I'm almost to the point where I will get all of the unwanted fat around the waist to go away. But I can't give up the Chinese and pizza nights. And the vodka diet Dr peppers I love so much. I can only imagine how much faster I could do it without the cap. Lol

  2. They have the netgear arlo which from what I b an see has good picture quality but it does not plug in and the batteries don't last for shit. They need to see day and night to a range of about 25 lf. So a camera in the 200 dollar range but can be plugged in would be ideal. Like I said the arlo works well but batteries die almost every other day. Thanks

  3. He guys. Friend at work is having trouble with neighbors. She bought a camera from a local store but it takes batteries and they do not last long at all. they are looking for a decent camera that will plug in to an outlet for power and have good night vision and good distance. Please post your recommendations so I can check them out. This is just one camera that can be monitored from phone pc or wherever. Thanks

  4. So I'm traveling this week. First in Virginia then on to Michigan. So I'm in my hotel room last night and a commercial came on for Glock handguns. I couldn't believe it. Oh free America. It's crazy the difference between other states and new Jersey. That is all

  5. I downloaded minecraft for my 7 year old son to play. He is addicted to watching YouTube videos about the game. 1 week in i helping him learn the game and I am more addicted than he is I think. Lol



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  6. I stick to the treadmill. I run 3.5 miles per day everyone morning at 4am before I go to work. With the kids for me it's the best time to do it. I ran a lot of miles in the marines and started getting shin splints running around he neighborhood. The treadmill helped that. I just hit 40 and I still feel like I'm 20. For now I'll enjoy it. I also do weights 3 times a week. Nothing crazy. I started back up just like you are. Slow and steady. You'll get there.



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  7. I haven't noticed any degradation at all while viewing TV. I have my Direct TV box hooked up to it and it works flawlessly. Picture is just as sharp as it does if I run the box directly to my HDTV. Using the Kinect for voice commands to control my TV is awesome... I love this function and don't use the remote for the Direct TV that much at all anymore.

    Thanks for the info. I will try it this weekend!



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  8. I ended up with a different bundle. I forget the game nuts i awhile Xbox one. The manager let me know after I was told o could pick up the assassins creed bundle that the girl was wrong and I couldn't take it home till the 11th. I looked at him and pointed to my sons face. He grabbed the white Xbox one, discounted the seperate kinect and matches the price I would have paid. I still may get the assassins game cause it does look cool. Did some research on hooking up cable box and a lot of guys say it seems to degrade the picture when porting it through the Xbox. I'll still try it thoigh



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  9. Dave. I am sure you know who I am talking about but I called Paul to get a quote on a liner installation project and he says to me "I'm getting out of the business and we are opening a new range in Monroe". I have used Paul on mutable jobs in the past and has always done a great job. I'm sure you guys will continue with your new venture. Best of luck!



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  10. I found this on a pop up camper forum I belong to. I'll pass on the thanks. Lol. This is good for me because I too was coming close to the 6 GB a month mostly because my wife didn't realize when she would give the kids her phone in the car to watch stuff there was no wifi!



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  11. Not sure if this is a know hing but I saw it on another forum. I believe it is for family share plans


    I was paying for 6gb of data. I called up and told them I wanted the free upgrade to ten gb for the same price and she did it


    I am assuming if you now have 4 GB it would go to 6 or 8 gb.


    Post back your results. This is big for me because near the end of the month we are always close to 6 GB



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  12. Hey guys. Just ordered the Xbox one kinect bundle that comes with versions of assassins creed. Not sure if the games are good but still was a good deal for all of that stuff. I pick it up from best buy tomorrow. This is mostly for the kids but I heard I can operate my fios box through it. Is this worth setting up this way? This will be hooked up to my Samsung smart tv that already has all the apps in it I need. If I hook the cable box through it will it just confuse my inlaws or anyone else trying to use that is not tech savvy? Any other tips about this Xbox one would be appreciated.





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  13. Phenoseal (spelling?) is what you want. Get it at any of the big box stores. Cut your tip at an angle and apply with a wet rag in your other hand. Keep one of your fingers wet and use it to smooth it out and the rag the clean your finger.



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