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  1. one day I'll be back. I still have a couple guns/rifles I bought which I haven't shot yet
  2. 5 mins to GFH, 15 min to bullet hole, 40 mins to Cherry Ridge and RTSP.
  3. Speaking of women...where's Stephanie?
  4. good, so I can buy it off you when you're done playing with it.
  5. I see the magazine has to be "permanently altered".
  6. i think as long as it's permanent (meaning the block can't be removed easily) then i guess you can.
  7. I know someone selling a 2000 Mercedes ML320 for $4500. high mileage though (175k).
  8. to add to the above comment, if your child has special needs (like adhd) the public school systems takes better care of them...more services.
  9. Clifton...the valley section bordering little falls/montclair. 20 mins to manhattan (depending on the traffic) and has a private (blue ribbon) prep school. Taxes around 8k, Pistol permits around 30-40 days, 5 mins from gun for hire range...what more do you want? lol
  10. so far i've only gotten it to work at a McDonalds, Petco, Shop-rite and a vending machine. it's nice, considering I only ended up paying $20 for the case after the $50 credit via the serve card.
  11. it's just a deposition. Tell the prosecutor it would be a financial burden if you go and that you will need to receive compensation if you appear.
  12. I knew they had a couple, but I didn't know it was in every patrol car.
  13. Municipal prosecutors can't carry. They have to go through the same BS we do.
  14. Unfortunately, Clifton PD is so short staffed they had to resort to appointments only. They have Det. Cusack and ms. Cassie assigned to handle the permits, but they can only dedicate about 30% of their time on it because they have other duties as well. Once you get to know them they are actually pretty good.
  15. get a 50bmg if you can afford it, before it gets banned.
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