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  1. kinda like being a gun aficionado vs. being a gun nut.
  2. have you considered googling how to do it and replacing it yourself? I have a feeling those parts that got damaged are less than $10 a piece.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/598219964189903/ posting for a friend.
  4. you never know... These lawyers find a way. I know there have been charges of “criminal negligence” before, but it could be related to another crime and not gun related.
  5. I bet there's a one-stop shop gun lawyer who specializes in expungement that has a doctor on retainer. between the two of them, they'll have everything done for you.
  6. tommy3rd

    Merica ....

    obviously, those in America who can afford it.
  7. I don't know if you noticed, but the State Police part of the application goes quickly. The delay starts once it gets transferred to the local PD. It would be great if we get to skip that step and have everything handled by the State Police.
  8. just get the damn letter! or not, if you don't want to pay. you're in a pay to play situation. You want a gun? you'll either pay a lawyer to fight the denial or a doctor for that letter, but in both cases you're gonna pay if you want that gun bad enough.
  9. It's not too bad once you get into the game. I think piping in the sounds is less ridiculous than putting cardboard cutouts of fans.
  10. wherever the law permits... or CCW permit reciprocity...or maybe people just taking chances. not condoned, but it happens.
  11. as Ray Ray would say... "kel tec? eewww!"
  12. thread resurrection. I think I posted this years ago... or maybe just sent it to bryan.
  13. Speaking of which, could you have gone straight to Bayonne and bought one there?
  14. A group of us at work was also listening to Howard Stern at that time. We all ended up doing volunteer work for the city in the weeks after the attack.
  15. amazing, huh? “let’s order something on the internet that’s legal in 80% of the country but banned in this state and let’s see if they send it to us. they don’t know NJ laws, so they’ll send it then we can charge them with a crime!” sounds like entrapment to me.
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