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  1. just get the damn letter! or not, if you don't want to pay. you're in a pay to play situation. You want a gun? you'll either pay a lawyer to fight the denial or a doctor for that letter, but in both cases you're gonna pay if you want that gun bad enough.
  2. It's not too bad once you get into the game. I think piping in the sounds is less ridiculous than putting cardboard cutouts of fans.
  3. wherever the law permits... or CCW permit reciprocity...or maybe people just taking chances. not condoned, but it happens.
  4. as Ray Ray would say... "kel tec? eewww!"
  5. thread resurrection. I think I posted this years ago... or maybe just sent it to bryan.
  6. Speaking of which, could you have gone straight to Bayonne and bought one there?
  7. A group of us at work was also listening to Howard Stern at that time. We all ended up doing volunteer work for the city in the weeks after the attack.
  8. amazing, huh? “let’s order something on the internet that’s legal in 80% of the country but banned in this state and let’s see if they send it to us. they don’t know NJ laws, so they’ll send it then we can charge them with a crime!” sounds like entrapment to me.
  9. I know, Im resurrecting this thread... I used to be a member there. It was never crowded, and I'm pretty sure they still have the same rules. Then again, this was back in the 90s. I even made their first website.
  10. you guys are lucky. Due to the current market and my financial situation, I just can't stomach throwing $50 (conservative estimate) down range every outing. And that doesn't include the range fees if I decide to go somewhere else other than cherry ridge.
  11. If I was her, I would just legally become a resident of Ohio. Is there any advantages to being an NJ resident over being an OH resident? There is no way Ohio has worse gun laws than New Jersey. added: holy crap! I just checked Ohio's CCW reciprocity agreement, and it looks better than Florida's!
  12. whatever. they’re retired so they’re civilians now. They should be treated exactly the way we are all being treated.
  13. It’s that shiny tin thing with a number. you know, that same thing that comes out when they get pulled over for driving like an ass.
  14. it’s a pump shotgun. do whatever the f**k you want with it, except saw off the barrel. add all the evil features you want.
  15. Be careful with that statement. In our eyes it’s not, but to the letter of NJ’s law, it is a weapon. That’s why if you search “paintball gun legality in NJ” on google, you’ll see lawyers advertising that they defend this specific charge in court. Which means even if you’re found not guilty, you still have to go through the court system and pay a lawyer to prove that it’s not a firearm.
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