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  1. Sorry guys, but the urban districts that drive this state into the Blue are unreachable. No amount of money or "outreach" or moderation of viewpoints on our side will win these people over, ever. Just look at the results from last night for East Orange. Anyone who knows anything about Essex Country knows that this city is the poster child for the destructive side-effects of unchallenged progressive/liberal/Democrat rule. What they have done to this city since the 1960s is nothing short of criminal, yet look at the mayoral and council votes!!! Not a single Republican even ran. Why bother when the voting base is solidly 90-95% in the Democreep pocket, election cycle after election cycle. What is it, aside from the obvious economic incentives provided by Big Gov't, that keep the cities voting against their interests? The coming amnesty for illegals that is right around the corner will drive the State irrevocably off the cliff. There will still be sizeable red districts, but the state will no longer be challenged. I see NO hope for this state. East Orange MAYOR One 4-year term x Lester E. Taylor (D) COUNCIL WARD 1 One 4-year term x Christopher D. James (D) COUNCIL WARD 2 One 4-year term x Romal Bullock (D) COUNCIL WARD 3 One 4-year term x Theodore R. Green (D)* COUNCIL WARD 4 One 4-year term x Tyshammie L. Cooper (D) COUNCIL WARD 5 One 4-year term x Alicia Holman (D)*
  2. I hope his kids remember that their Mother is the cause of having guns in their face and being yanked out of the shower and handcuffed naked, being humiliated, etc etc. Upside is that if he wins his freedom, getting full custody should be a piece of cake. It is rotten what "adults" can do to their kids in divorce to get revenge on someone else.
  3. Is this something that you can sense coming? Or does it just appear one day? Does it seem more intense in one ear than the other? This is actually something I've feared getting lately as I am having some hearing issues as I get older.
  4. If there are a lot of people new to the sport going there, and safety seems to be something of an issue at the place, do they have a new member shoot/walk-through/orientation? Sounds childish I suppose, but having everyone go through at least one evolution with an RO in the beginning would solve some of these problems before they got bigger and required yelling. A ton of people are coming to the sport today having no previous experience, not having the importance of safety drilled into them by their father/grandfather or the military. So, while a class like this might not have been necessary in the 70s or 80s, seems like it definitely is today. I am looking for a good outdoor range to join in NJ, and this one seems to have the best price/location combo for me. I wouldn't be put off at having to pay a little bit more to attend a required hands-on safety class.
  5. I laughed when I saw it yesterday and was about to re-post it, but knew that at least one d-bag on my page would report me to the FB Police because of hurt feelings. Not worth getting on another list. Someone should re-shoot the photo with pants up. I don't think they should ban it for just being crude.
  6. Creepshow. METEOR SH*T!!!!!!
  7. While hunting deer do you use a stand or ground blind? I'm thinking a blind is my only choice because I am WAY too clumsy to deal with a tree stand.
  8. As a relatively new hunter (2nd/3rd season, right?), do you go out by yourself or do you have a partner? I'm just wondering because this will be my first season and I plan on just flying blind, going out alone to learn what I can by experience, backed up by what I've read/watched on the Interwebz. Not expecting much beyond just getting time in the woods, but it would be good to hear other beginners' experience. Just about everything I've read on forums points towards newbies learning by being on our own and just going out there and observing.
  9. If the guy was ordered to do it, so be it. But I don't have any experience with this kind of stuff -- shouldn't they at least knock on his door and inform him what they were going to do first before ripping it down? Or is it standard for them to just come onto property and tear it up?
  10. Hi guys, For my first season out I am looking at hunting deer in the Six Day firearm and the Permit Shotgun seasons in the NE corner of the state. I was interested mostly in hunting Bear Swamp WMA or Stokes SF in Zone 1. Over at the NJ Hunter Forums I am reading a lot of conflicting posts - split evenly between the zone being hunted out and excellent deer ground. So I don't really know what to think. I haven't been able to get up there yet to see for myself. I was wondering if anyone here has any recent experience in any of these zones that can help me - or suggestions for better zones in the NE area. Thanks, Dan
  11. This one can go either way. They could try and link it to what happened a the Navy Yard, counting on the low-information types to eat it up without thinking. Or they might recognize that as a gang-related event, this kind of proves the pro 2A point. It will be interesting to see which way it goes, its still early yet. We do know which way Piers Morgan will go.
  12. Not yet it isn't. I'll wait for official word from the Regime. We can't have the image of a successful terror attack in the very heart of the Republic with an election year looming.
  13. I completed the shotgun course at Black River today. Top notch people are running this program, thanks to all of the volunteers!!!!
  14. This was my initial thought as well when the story broke. Why would an innocent man run to the communists? However, I realized that the real traitors are the people running the show in this country. Anything our enemies can get from the computers that Snowden took with him pale in comparison to the utter treason that has been perpetrated by our own government over the past 20 years in restructuring our economy to become China's market. They've sold out the country with their borrowing & spending. The treason started back in the 90s when Clinton approved transferring to the ChiComs all kinds of highly sensitive missile technology. Whatever technical "treason" that Snowden may have committed, it is nothing compared to what the Executive level of this country has done to us. I fully subscribe to Mark Twain's adage: Loyalty to the Country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it. Do you think it has deserved it lately?
  15. Hero. I don't really care about the tactical nuances involved here concerning the fact that there needs to be some level of surveillance. These types of arguments become so jargonized with the final comment being something like: "I know security issues, you don't. Shut up and thank me for protecting you." The core facts here are these: 1) Every country has enemies. Most of the time these enemies are proximal, they are enemies because they are close to each other geographically and are competing over borders or resources in their vicinity. We have enemies because we are on top of the food chain and let everyone know it. When you get involved in other people's business, rightly or wrongly, eventually it is going to come back on you. I am NOT saying that we got what we deserved, I'm saying that the gov't using the war on terror as an excuse to totally obliterate the 4th amendment and all pretense to privacy in an effort to supposedly combat an evil that THEY created/exacerbated/poked in the eye is bullsh*t. 2) Snowden's actions laid bare, officially, for everyone exactly what the gov't is doing to us, for all of us idiots who are foolish and naive to think that the gov't should abide by the constitution. Eleven years is way too long for a Republic to fight a war. What the gov't is doing is not representative of a constitutional republic. So, while we all knew what the NSA was doing, we could choose to ignore it. Now we cannot, and for that he is indeed a Hero. So, let's make a choice - Surveillance State where are are all protected, or what the Founders intended where we take some degree of risk in walking out the door every morning.
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