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  1. Do you have a link to the info on what red dots fit on the C Duo vs the C2? Curious to see it. Thanks!
  2. Found one! Pls delete post..
  3. Looks good man. Whats the length on that Ion handguard?
  4. Surefire makes a direct-to-thread version of their Warden diffuser so there's no need to get a muzzle brake. Not sure about any impact to performance going direct-to-thread but it'd save you a few bucks from having to get the brake as well.
  5. Did a search and found this older thread - is the consensus that the Scorpion carbine with the mock suppressor is legal in NJ granted the stock is pinned and we use mags that are 15rds or less?
  6. Thanks! I got the frame only. Knew I was going to piece it together so didnt see the point in getting a whole G19. Someone on Glocktalk offered it for $220 along w/ 3 mags,all backstraps, etc.. everything new. Couldn't pass it up!
  7. All done. Very "Space Gat" looking but its growing on me . Just glad to finally own a Glock again. Feels nice in the hands. Specs: Grey Glock 19 Gen 4 frame Zev Tech Spartan slide Zev TiN Barrel Zev Combat sights (fiber front) Trijicon RMR Zev slide internals NDZ SS Recoil Rod w/ 15lb spring Overwatch TAC Trigger Glock minus connector TiN slide release, extended mag button, takedown lever, pins, etc. Agency Arms magwell Inforce APLc Overall I'm happy with how everything turned out. Absolute co-witness is possible w/ non-suppressor sights & the RMR w/ the Zev slide. Tolerances are pretty tight w/ the slide so will have to see how it performs at the range. Trigger does not feel as nice as my Performance Center Shield w/ an Apex trigger, but hoping it smooths out over time. Pre-travel on the Overwatch trigger is still slightly gritty but it is reduced over the stock trigger. It does break & reset very nicely and I'm OK w/ it as none of the safeties are compromised with their setup (so they say). Got the trigger during their July 4th deal and it came w/ a "free" minus connector. No complaints.
  8. Gawwd dammit. I wasn't even in the market for a new light but after reading @High Exposure's posts I feel like I need one. Stupid forum.
  9. Hoping to add to this thread soon. Had a Glock 19 a few years ago and sold it to a forum member, which I've regretted since. Recently got an M&P Shield and got the itch for striker fired pistols again. That said, have a Gen 4 G19 frame waiting in the wings (in the 30 day cool-down period currently) and a bunch of other goodies. I was looking into all the customs (eg. Zev, Agency, Taran Tactical, etc.) so figured what the heck, may as well build my own! Hope to share the completed build shortly...
  10. They don't come w/ a spring. You essentially just replace the base of your 8rd mag w/ the hyve extended base re-using the stock spring. Keep in mind these bases only work w/ the 8rd mags. You can also purchase them fully assembled. One of the springs in my mag completely bent after a few reloads causing FTFs. Called S&W and they sent me 4 replacements no questions asked. Apparently known issue w/ their mag springs..
  11. Surprised this wasn't posted here already. Saw it earlier in the week but didnt have a chance to post. The Trijicon RMRs, both the 3.25 MOA & 6.5 MOA versions for only $349. This is the adjustable LED version! Don't think I've ever seen it this low. Its on backorder now (people probably went to town) but were in-stock when I initially saw it. If you're not in a rush, its a good deal - Click Here
  12. Just thought I'd give an update on my post for future reference & hopefully it helps others - 3/24 - Submitted app for 3 PPs 4/17 - PD confirmed they received all paperwork, BG check, etc. 5/9 - PPs ready and issued Technically not a bad turnaround granted they didnt receive all paperwork, etc. until Apr 17th. Inga, the person who manages this for the dept. was helpful and responsive.
  13. I've both sold and bought off of Armslist. No issues. Just make sure to do your due diligence. If something doesn't feel right, don't take the chance. Gunbroker is probably the "safer" route as far as scammers go but prices will typically be higher too. I've also used GB with no issues.
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