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  1. https://www.atf.gov/resource-center/2021-annual-firearms-manufacturers-and-export-report-afmer FYI. Here is the list of licensed mfgrs. But consider: Arsenal / Las Vegas is on the list and they import the Saiga AK.
  2. So NJ gun shops have and have had a bunch of inventory on the shelf that is illegal?
  3. Anybody know? 1. What exactly does the State Park thing mean? NJAC7:2-2.17(b). Carry or not? 2. Can I conceal carry at a WMA? (Yes no handgun shooting there.) Thanks.
  4. Hello Folks, Anybody know anything about this place, any experience? It is up north Jersey. Is it a range? training center? I did view the web site. Looks expensive. Guess I am looking for hands on info. Thanks.
  5. Help!! Been using IMR4895 for 308WIN for ages. Now cannot find it. Any equivalents out there but something that is available. And maybe where you bought it?? Thanks.
  6. A while back I saw this burly guy in Dunkin Donuts with a gun on his hip = OPEN. He also had a shirt that said FBI. No badge that I could see. So being ignorant I believed it all. Nobody else said anything either. So when you get your carry permit in NJ and want to Open Carry...... wear a blue shirt with a Boy Scout patch, some silver or brass buttons, etc. Or do the FBI stunt. If you don't go overboard you are good to go - no impersonating an officer. I am only half kidding. LOL.
  7. S2906 I read it but understand it??? Is my existing FID card grandfathered from the training crap? And when does it now expire if ever? Thx. (BTW thx for posting the list.)
  8. I actually agree with you. (I have some oddball reasons. HA!) Thanks for answering.
  9. Anybody have any info... Is there a semi auto 22LR handgun suitable for CCW? Obviously also would need a suitable holster. Tnx.
  10. Yes that was John. A tough and fair and nice guy. He had problems with club management. I think he became an enemy of the state! LOL.
  11. CJRPC WAS a great place to shoot rifle. They had all sorts of training and shooting events at the 300 yard range. I was not even a member. Then it all went poof!! Basically dead.
  12. Anybody know for sure? Is this cancelled or not? Thx.
  13. Anybody know the hours of this shop in Stockertown, PA. Thx.
  14. Yes I heard this on NBC, CNN, MSNBC. Opening Range 14 is going to wipe out The Joint Base, Cookstown and Browns Mills. We are all gonna DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are many old dudes (like me) that hang out at Range 14. Just think, Young Ones, if the old ones get IT, you will get a table sooner. No waiting. Sorry for the sick humor but I am just tired of all the experts and politicians and their expert opinions and their modeling. HAHA. The only accurate model I know of is the plastic F4 Phantom on the shelf in my family room. The half life of a CDC model is about 20 minutes. It wrong before the ink dries. I heart venting. LOL.
  15. Range 14 is ruled by the Base Commander. They don't have to obey/follow Murphy. The question: does the BC have any common sense?
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