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  1. I took this GFH class Sunday Oct. 14 at the Essex County Police Academy. This was the 15th GFH class I have taken and as with all the others, it was superb. Joe was the instructor with 1 assisstant and as always he found ways to be very safe, very informative, very challenging and very loud(GFH alumni understand this.) I was was surprised how difficult the pump shotgun is to run in a tactical setting. It seems everyone says it is a very simple weapon...NOT. i f you have one for home defense and have not trained with it.. the vast majority of you will be in for a very rude surprise if the SHTF.. The more training I do, i the more I understand how important expert training is. I don't care how many deer or bunnies you have shot,, they don' have AK's. If you decide to train...please find reputable, qualified schools... with the boom in this business, many people are opening schools and are in no way qualified to be teaching life and death techniques...do your homework...as an added note, I have been teaching Tae Kwon Do for 25 years and the GFH crew are superb at teaching their version of a martial art ..and I will be taking class #16 on the 28th....i vote with my time and money Be safe and be trained.
  2. I have a sig 226 elite and the only ammo it hates is blazer brass...i just avoid it
  3. I just got a us model of 1917 30-06 that was sporterized and want to scope it.. want to do casual but accurate target shooting out to 300 yds max and maybe some hog hunting...i want to get a good one but not go crazy price wise( don't want cheap) i have never bought a high power scope before so I am looking for suggestions on specs and brands Thanks to all who reply
  4. I would suggest she start with a 22.. no recoil and can get some fundamentals down without being intimidted.... my wife got the Sig 229 22lr with a 9mm conversion.. she now shooting a lot of 22s amd then working in the 9mm...alot of the 22's have issues with feeding but this one has been flawless with several types of ammo I have done a lot of training with Gun for Hire...they are superb and do a great deal with women... Good luck and enjoy
  5. worried about a canceled flight and the gun ending up not where I am...a guy was arrested at Newark at customs cause he was rerouted thru Canada and entered US with a gun illegally...and the airlines screwup much mire often than fedex.. and often I fly with carryon so having to check a bagthat makes it more of a hassle( im a bit lazy)
  6. Is it legal to fedex a gun to a friend in another state whom you are going to visit...fly there , and then fedex the gun home to yourself??This would be easier than checking it at the airport and flying it in checked luggage
  7. i called John last fall to look at STI guns... we talked and I realized that I did not need that type of gun( they are competition mainly) He sold me a Springfield XD for several hundred $ less and it is perfect for my needs( doing tactical shooting) he was very competitive price wise and helped me get the right gun... first class experience
  8. I have a sig 226 elite with the srt trigger and love it. the wood grips were too big, I couldn't hit the mag release button without changing my grip...so I got the sig aluminum grips ..a little thinner and it fits perfectly...but I do miss the look and feel of the wood...so I use the Al for tactical shooting and the wood for fun
  9. a note to those of you loading mags at home and taking them to the range loaded....in our wonderful state a loaded mag, even if in a seperate container from your gun...is considered a loaded gun and therefore illegal... you can be charged for transporting a loaded weapon
  10. My 6"blue Colt Python....guess I'm a little old school
  11. sunset hill shooting range is about 20 minutes over the Delaware Water Gap bridge off 80 the phone # is570-629-3981 sunsetrange.com covered pistol, rifle and trap + lots of rentals no long range rifle nice people
  12. well... i decided on a Springfield xd 5" tactical all black.. thanks for all the input
  13. Once again...thanks for all the ideas and opinions...I started with three good choices and now have five or six good choices...definately going in the wrong direction to make a decision LOL... and best of all.. I seem to have really stirred the pot for a few of you and I did not set to do that.... I love a place where I can innocently rile things up.. Will let you all know when I do decide
  14. i was not aware of STI.. They look great on the web site..Do you think they are good enough to justify the much higher price? $2000.00 vs. $550 to 700 for the others Thanks for the input Peter
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