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  1. The CR speed is a race holster used for competition. It should work with your Shadow… that’s the short dust cover, right? if you want to consider other race holsters for your CZ, here are options from Shooters Connection https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Race-Holsters-C1240.aspx
  2. Check out Red Hill Tactical holsters https://www.redhilltactical.com/CZ-Competition-Holsters_p_14.html
  3. 2nd in line…permit ready to go
  4. Are you still looking for a 1911? I have a Sig 1911c I am getting ready to sell.

  5. I applied for permits just to check out the new online system. 25 days later I got my permits. looking for well priced Colt 1911, CZ Shadow or Tanfo stock 2, etc PM me if you have any to offer. Thanks in advance.
  6. There are Glock 17 mags limited to 10 rounds. Recently, they also came out with 15 round factory magazines.
  7. BTW, those gouges and marks only add to the character and history of the pistol.
  8. Looks like it has been re-parkerized at some point. Nevertheless, it's a great find. Try to keep it as close to original as you can. That will only increase its value. Congrats again!
  9. Take a look at the STI Trojan. I have one in 40.
  10. I got mine early Feb. But another member just got his earlier this week after contacting Rich and meeting him FTF at the Indoor range. This happened to me last year.
  11. I believe the Gen 2's don't have the light rail on the dust cover. If you don't mind not having one, then Gen 2 would be great choice.
  12. Bren Ten??? Okay, Sonny Crockett... I'm jealous!!! Waiting for pics
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