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  1. Adelphia Wine Company in East Brunswick is good. They used to be in the stop and shop strip mall, but built their own store this year. Used to be names Marketplace Wines & Spirits
  2. No, I can attest to the fact that i use the NICS system constantly and never put in anyone's social. I dont even like it when they put it on the 4473.
  3. Sig will win this with the 320. Mark my words. The 320 is a reboot of the p250 idea except striker fired in response to the trigger complaints. The gun was designed around the requirements for the pistol trials.
  4. the troy canadian over run deal is hard to beat right now
  5. Same setup as Atech on a STI Lawman.
  6. Because you are not going to fully repeal the NFA. Best case scenario, they will strike down the tax stamp fee and maybe, just maybe the '86 rule on mgs. None of this will have any effect on us because NJ still has statutes that prohibit those items. Just like the repeal of the Federal AWB and ours still standing.
  7. I can do it as well. East Brunswick.
  8. I'd ditch the stag, salvage what ever parts you need out of it, and use the money that you have budgeted + the stag money to build out a very nice SPR. The spr will do everything the stag would do, just better, and you already have a carbine/gunfighting gun.
  9. A white base coat under the neon colors helps
  10. Same if he needs anything in Central Jersey
  11. henrym

    Thank you CMP

    Thanks Pete. Good luck with the new gun!
  12. Were you shooting 223 or 5.56? Grain weight? I couldn't get mine to run reliably on the normal piston setting with any 223. 55gn and 62gn 5.56 worked fine with the non severe gas piton setting though.
  13. henrym

    My New Rifle Build

    Nice. Way to find a barrel nut that still has the slots instead of the new smooth one
  14. All of this is true, and if you have an intention to reload your brass, know that it dents the hell out of the case necks and case mouths.
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