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  1. I wish i lived in East Brunswick. I had to wait 8 months+ to get my FID and permits here in waldwick.
  2. not sure if it counts as a gun fight per say but it is a cool massacre with a tommy gun. the hit seen in Road to Perdition with tom hanks
  3. the willowbrook mall area in wayne has a lot of open space now. it would be nice to have cabela's move in there. and it's at the junction of 3 pretty major highways
  4. feel like i'm 80. think like i'm 17. look my age at 31
  5. have any of you read World War Z or Zombie Survival Guide? they are pretty much essential reading if you're gonna prepare for the zombie apocalypse
  6. that's depressing. :cry: makes me almost not want an o/u that's less than $5k. i think i'll still get one because i highly doubt i'll put enough shots thru it that i'll have to worry for a few years.
  7. my uncle is selling me and older winchester semi with an adjustible choke(i think it's a model 50) for really cheap. i'll probably start with that but there is just something about o/u's that i love. i have to have one even tho it won't be 3k browning. still not sure what to got with tho. the mossberg silver or the stoeger condor?
  8. that might be the coolest engraving i've ever seen. i understand your point tho. thanks you never said what your o/u is. got pics?
  9. i'd wouldn't mind knowing that either
  10. What's a Fudd? i was looking at a stoeger too. i def want a gun for shooting clays only so maybe i'll pick up one of these. is there a shop in northern jersey that sells mossberg and stoeger for a reasonable price?
  11. hi guys i'm new to the forum and shooting as a serious hobby. i'm waiting for my FID and doing research into what i should buy when i finally get the FID. i shot my first shotgun and my first clay on saturday and now i'm hooked. i'm looking for a decent over under but i don't have $1500 to drop. i found this one online and was wondering if it's worth it. i read on here that if it's not expensive it's not worth it. let me know what you think. http://www.tacticalgunarmory.com/Mossbe ... s75410.htm TIA
  12. I'll be there. no permits yet but looking forward to meeting everyone
  13. Unfortunately i work in eatontown so from work it's not that far
  14. hi. getting my permit soon and getting a gun or 3 so i figured i should learn as much as possible. i'll probably be going to brick armory on tuesday to rent some guns so i have a better idea of what i want. i was told by dan that that is a good day to go. thanks in advance
  15. I was told about this site by Dan from BA. I registered within a couple of minutes
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