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  1. Both are 12g shotguns so its no difference in terms of overpenatration. My opinion If a Maverick 88 is its a decent cheap shotgun but if I were looking for a defense shotgun I would poney up a few more bucks and get a Mossberg 500 or a 590. Do you want to trust your life with a cheap gun? I also do not like where the safety is on the 88, I prefer tang safety shotguns.
  2. Cons are its a shotgun and they can penatrate interior walls and injure someone on the other side. If you live alone in a single family home this may not be a problem but if you have family members in the home you might want to consider an AR instead
  3. But if you bring a pitbull @Ray Ray won't come near you to kick you out of Bayonne
  4. There is no such thing as the pinkey test. Its completely fake, its not like all pinkeys are the same size. I do think that break is NJ legal
  5. There are still a few fore sale right now
  6. Have you talked with any of your other neighbors? Maybe they would be willing to help. Also have you had a lawyer send a cease and desist letter? I went through something this spring with a developer accessing his property to be developed by driving over my property. After a bunch of back and fourth with him I ended up having to higher a lawyer to send over a cease and desist letter. Cost me about 350 bucks and my neighbor offered to kick in some money. So far he has not come back through my property. Good luck man!
  7. I was senior in high school, an announcement was made and tvs were wheeled not each classroom and we watched the news until I got out at noon for work leave. I can still remember the silence in the school that day. Many kids lost one or both of their parents from my school.
  8. and a good thing that someone text you that some were in stock
  9. Trump should put them up on the Whitehouse lawn to remind the protestors its a hate free zone
  10. This is a very good idea, bring a few boxes of clays and 12g shells and you will be able to shoot a large variety of shotguns to get an idea what you like and what works best for you.
  11. Mossberg 500 or 590 some like remington 870s but personally I like the tang safety of the mossberg better.
  12. They have had that position open for a while. One of my buddys recently started on 3rd shift cnc operator. He gets 50% off 6 sig firearms in November for his 6 month anniversary for the employee discount program. They are working 4 10 hour days per week with the option of a 5th day if wanted. From time to time sig also gives the employees special employee only edition guns just because. My boss who's son does QC for sig has the special edition M17 that sig gave out. Everyone that ive met who works there really likes working for sig
  13. I dont want to be the guy who burns you to death when you choke and miss
  14. Clays with motivation. @Zeke would be screwed
  15. I belive those are just for barrels that are not threaded and if the barrel is not threaded then you dont have to make it permanent
  16. In my opinion if you need to defend yourself or loved ones at your home then the only option is lethal force. If you dont feel you need lethal force then why do you need to defend yourself at all? A deterrent not to be used in the home? I dont see how that would even be legal anywhere let alone NJ.
  17. I never provided my SSN for purchases when I was in NJ. I was never denied or held up in any way. Op- if I were in your position I'd out the FFL here and have the gun transfered to another FFL. Njs laws are ridiculous as it it no need for FFLs to make it any worse
  18. Better wrap yourself in your Kt tape so you don't hurt yourself, don't forget your centrum silver and bengay too...
  19. I have no experience with these glow paints but I use this company allot for all sorts of exotic paints. They make some crazy paints and everything I've used from the has been top quality. Check out Alsa Corp paints
  20. Just get a freebe flashlight from your next harbor freight purchase and duct tape it to your sig.......... the tape might provide some cushion if you drop it so it doesn't go off.......
  21. More or less the same here except I can't safely shoot on my property but white mountian national forest is a few hundred yards from my house and its completely open to shoot anywhere that's not on a forest road or camp site. It's actually normal for me to hear people shooting in the old quarry near the hotel I work at.
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