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  1. lol..I JUST got the book of Haiku by Kimi Raikonen
  2. can anyone check these three? 1G5FW2172KL247206 6g2vx12u16l827656 1g4gj1175hp418405
  3. http://ammocanman.com/?utm_source=Big+Commerce+Customers&utm_campaign=acca9ee35b-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_26&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7429167790-acca9ee35b-20416133&mc_cid=acca9ee35b&mc_eid=7147997c78 real deal USGI cans and great quality.
  4. lol..buy my new in box 10/22 for 175
  5. if you want the real ones...just buy them from ammocanman.com
  6. yes. I have an SGL21 you could by for 1200 or a new in box mak 90 with correct Chinese stock for 750 polytech would be killed by neutering
  7. be careful in mixing 5.56 and .223...make sure you are using the right guages
  8. lightweights...there are neck beards with 22lr stashes bigger than that
  9. go on gunbroker, look for a seller called Phase5 watch his auctions and buy the same barrel for 189
  10. I thought shotguns with a revolving cylinder were basically called out in the awb>?
  11. looks like a chip or program controller or tracker of somekind
  12. no. Nevada has a law that states that ballot questions cannot be changed by the legislature for 3 years after approval on the vote
  13. aaahhhem, awb not legal then is it... here is why: As the libs have struggled to take away freedom, they created a classification of weapons...clearly this implies that they have BANNED bearable arms by a category. it's the same as a stun gun basically oh boy, I see where this is going
  14. the town has to adopt the uniform code...it can be modified at the pleasure of the governing body the one you are showing also EXCLUDES it based on the proximity of sewer.
  15. no. This is a law in Sussex county set by the Freeholders and SCMUA, IF there are existing sewers within a certain distance. The towns can require it, but there are plenty that don't.There are other "safeguards" such as the famous Wantage law that basically requires a new septic install with a change of ownership.
  16. its legal..they had a meeting and passed an ordinance or amendment it's not likely that they are doing it as you think. The MUA likely raised the rates significantly that they could not absorb the cost anymore. You now have an EDUCATION ON WHAT HAPPENS when you don't go to meetings or make sure you vote in Municipal elections... this is the EXACT reason I ran for my town council.
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