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  1. How many of these things do you have by now, Ray? 92? I caved. Nobody ever told me they reproduce.
  2. This might not help answer your question... During Vietnam the tunnel rats were issued suppressed weapons of varying types. It was a challenge to suppress a revolver. One type was a .38 special round with an integral piston that captured the expanded gases. The ATF declared each one of these captured piston rounds to be a suppressor. Source: http://www.smallarmsreview.com/display.article.cfm?idarticles=2423 I am not a lawyer. It's probably safe to say that if the ATF considers a device a suppressor, so too would NJ. But, like seemingly all firearm laws in NJ, there is plenty of vagueness in the language. "Any weapon for causing the firing of any firearm to be silent." Right. I don't think the clear line we'd all love to see is here, but I think a key word is "lessen". If you were to do some freebore magic that cut off half a dB at the range, realistically nobody would notice and you'd get away with it... but if you've got negative attention from LE and someone wants you jammed up badly enough, an empirical measurement of reduced sound when compared to-- whatever the investigators choose-- would probably do the trick. Come to think of it, this sounds a lot like most of the other laws. When was the last time your magazines' capacity was inspected? But if you've already got the contents of your parts box locked in evidence, you can bet someone's going to try to jam 11 rounds into your "10 rounders".
  3. I’d like to know, too. There’s NJ law that states tenants must allow residents to own firearms?
  4. I wonder if that would allow NJ to create a new "CCW lite" permit allowing carrying to/from the range and your home. Then, out of state permits are covered under that same privilege. Except they don't have a house, or a range to go to.
  5. I've always wondered what their review consists of.
  6. Because it's stainless steel, you can try a lot of different solvents to take it off, as long as they are not abrasive. Start with CLP, if no luck, move to powder solvent like Hoppes 9, then maybe acetone. Only then break out the big guns... If chlorinated brake cleaner doesn't take it off, nothing will.
  7. I think they make slightly more sense in states where concealed carry is for pistols only. Still not sure why you'd ever want to CC an AR, though. In my state loaded carry of long guns in a vehicle is a legal gray area. I bet people use AR pistols as a workaround for that as well.
  8. I do a light cleaning after every range trip. Carry gun gets cleaned once a week. My 22/45 will get cleaned when it stops working, and it hasn't done that yet.
  9. Good luck to you. I would have loved to find an in with NC or VA, sadly it wasn't meant to be. It's a beautiful area, enjoy your newfound freedom.
  10. Washington state, although nowhere near as heavily taxed as NJ.
  11. Give the Kahr P380 a look. It's the only Kahr I really like and it beats out many other pocket autos in size while still holding 6+1. They can be found on the cheap, I found one for $350.
  12. My understanding of email confidentiality notices/disclaimers is that they are generally unenforceable, and following them is considered a courtesy more than anything else... probably because they are essentially one-sided contracts, and merely receiving and reading the message can't serve as an agreement to the contract terms.
  13. Any bringback papers? I've seen tons of guns that were "taken off a German". A story isn't worth much... and lack of import marks does not necessarily a bringback make. Can you get pictures of proofmarks?
  14. Don't pay to rent a modem from them, and be wary of "free" equipment, it might be a hidden or rolled-up equipment charge. Rental has been an ISP continuous income tactic for years, with its roots going back to the days of rotary phone rentals from Ma Bell. For cable service, any DOCSIS 3.1 modem will get you up to a gigabit (look on Amazon or eBay). If you're on a very tight budget, DOCSIS 3.0 modems are cheaper and will still get you about 150 Mbit/sec download and 100 Mbit/sec upload. It's much cheaper in the long term to buy your own, and don't take BS about it not being supported. It's an established standard and works with any US cable internet service.
  15. Since hearing protection was mentioned, I highly recommend these over foam earplugs that you'd use at the range: https://www.amazon.com/ETY-Plugs-Fidelity-Earplugs-Standard-Frost/dp/B0015WJQ7A/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1485149575&sr=8-1&keywords=etymotics They protect your hearing for concerts but have flat attenuation so they won't muddy up the music. And you can still hear people speaking. Don't use them at the range, they won't work for that.
  16. You should make the ends brown to complete the effect. Maybe put a few black spots on it; nobody would eat a banana that yellow. Edit: Also what's with that janky looking lower?
  17. The process for online renewal is extremely straightforward. You can even upload your own photo from a digital camera, no need to pay for a passport photo. Just have someone take your photo in the same manner, standing several feet away from a light-colored background and with flash.
  18. Slug the bore with a ball of dead soft lead, then measure with a caliper. It's cheaper than a new barrel and will give you the answer you're looking for. It's more likely the bore brush is worn out, though.
  19. There are lots of stories of people accidentally loading .380 into 9mm pistols and firing off several before realizing their mistake. The reverse would likely not even chamber. So, technically, it might, but not necessarily safely or reliably.
  20. He didn't really have much of a choice, because if he didn't, he wouldn't have been allowed on that plane.
  21. The only thing that would make that ad more humorous is if the officer had similar labels pointing to his various pieces of hardware.
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