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  1. No problems with the mil spec kit you have.
  2. Nice, I have that upper but changed out the handguard. WAY to heavy.
  3. Coupon code "GMT5" lets you take $5.00 off $50+ and Free Shipping
  4. I have both the Glock 17 and the Glock 22. I always felt that the Glock 22 does have more recoil than the 17 but always figured that the recoil was because of the larger .40 round vs the 9mm. By no means is the recoil not manageable in any way though.
  5. cliffwang

    Thunder Ranch

    Just wondering, Where did you pick up the thunder ranch?
  6. Hey does anyone know if any local shops carry the Benelli Nova Tactical in 12 Gauge with Ghost Ring Sights. I really want to buy one, but i would like to see how it feels in person first. Thanks
  7. Understood. Like I said, it was ultimately your call so my opinion doesnt matter. And yes, if rules were flexible, well then they wouldnt be rules. It was nice shooting with you guys today. Hope to do it again soon. Raz-0, i mean no offense to you.
  8. BTW, that stage sucked almost as bad as the classifier!.... I think i missed 1 steel and one complete paper target!. lol
  9. The DQ was specifically for the "180" while reholstering. The RO called everyone in our squad over to explain why he is issuing the DQ.
  10. Exactly, his gun wasnt pointed behind him. With muzzle downrange, he tilted the open breach towards the RO, after given command to slide forward and drop hammer on a clear chamber, he reholstered as any person would. I didn't see him break 180 while reholstering. And of course i understand its a serious thing. Thats what keeps all of us safe. The rules and regulations are what makes the game we participate in a safe one. Ultimately its the RO's call, but that was just my opinion thats all. btw. I had a lot of fun shooting with the guys again. Im not trying to sound like a whiney **** about someone elses DQ.
  11. I was on that squad. Personally I think his DQ for the 180 wasn't called for. Before people go bashing on me for having a personal opinion on the RO's call, from where I was standing (where i got a pretty good view of him shooting), It didnt look like he broke 180 upon re-holster. And like the RO said, the only time it breaks 180 on reholster, is because the holster setup is canted backward. Well thats how his serpa was set up. Also this apparent 180 sweep was done after mag out, gun clear, hammer down. Thats just what I saw at least.
  12. Brad benson commercials piss me off horribly...
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