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  1. Capt. Kangaroo. He wasn’t full of shit, either.
  2. Yard goats require protection from coyotes and bobcats, and I’m not out there every day.
  3. I still have to cut grass at the ranch. But I don’t fertilize the yard there
  4. Thank goodness I don’t have to do that shit anymore.
  5. I wasn’t setting the bar very high to start with…
  6. Her, Hank Johnson, Kory Bush, and Maxine Waters are the stupidest fuckers in govt. Scary.
  7. Texas is similar. I bought a handgun before I got my LTC and one right after. A LTC holder does not have to do the NICS check… The time difference between the two transactions was about 30 seconds… As @mustang69pointed out, it takes longer in NJ because they want it to. Defacto waiting period..
  8. I did not know this. I never saw Shiner at my local liquor store when I lived there. All those years of missing out on the beer of the Gods.
  9. Oh???!!! I don’t think we export it to Yankees, but I’ll smuggle some up to you next time I come to NJ.
  10. Only in the finer trailer parks in Texas…
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