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  1. You’re welcome!!! It’s great stuff!
  2. Great video! That pulled beef looks incredible. I’m gonna try that one!
  3. I present to you, the McTex. Now where did I put those Kings Hawaiian rolls??
  4. Mine was a Gourmia model 138. It’s in the trash now.
  5. Ha!!!! Funny story...but almost NOT a funny story. I had set up my sous vide cooker and had just dropped the pouch in the water bath. The temperature of the cooker started rapidly rising. I was looking through the manual for the damn thing, figuring I did something wrong, when I saw the heating element inside glow BRIGHT red and then burst into flames!!! Thankfully I was standing right next to it, and unplugged it. I tossed it into the sink and hosed it down with water. Scared the crap out of me!! For the record, it was one of these.
  6. The ‘ McTex’ (tm) begins... Rubbed down with ‘Dillo Dust’. I may sous vide it, and then finish it on the grill (for those lovely grill marks). Sauce it, let the sauce caramelize a bit, then serve it. Hmmmm....
  7. I have some boneless country pork ‘ribs’....I may make my own version of the ‘McRib’...... I’ll call it, ‘the McTex’!
  8. Man, I need to try doing that. Please keep us posted!! I’ve got a rack of St.Louis style ribs that are begging me to throw them on the smoker. Maybe that will be a post Thanksgiving project!
  9. Due to the nature of some fast food workers, I’m sure it had SOMEBODIES meat in it at one time or another.
  10. I don’t think it was real meat to begin with!
  11. Howdy, and welcome back!
  12. This, from the one who preaches from the church of Glock...
  13. Looks great! You’ll be surprised how much more rich the gumbo becomes as the roux gets darker. Don’t be afraid of burning it, the flavor profile increases exponentially as the roux gets darker! Great job!
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