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  1. My next gun project is a Ruger 10/22. Currently acquiring parts. Bought a Tac-Sol 16” bull barrel, and have a Houge stock on the way. Eventually, this will be suppressed.
  2. So were my blocked and pinned P-Mags. They are now back to standard capacity. Saved me a lot of $$.
  3. Yeah I don’t know what you mean either. As long as the mag does not hold more than 10 rounds, it doesn’t matter what the mag body is…it could be a drum. As long as it doesn’t hold more than 10.
  4. Great points. Mil-spec is a grossly overused term, but that’s all I use is mil-spec bcg’s. Colt, or Toolcraft, preferably.
  5. While I’ll acknowledge everyone has their own personal tastes in that regard, my feeling is that fancy coatings are a solution to a problem that really doesn’t exist.
  6. It’s a stupid law that makes absolutely ZERO sense.
  7. This. Personally, I don’t see any reason to use anything other than phosphate treated BCG. Easy enough to clean.
  8. This is what the muzzle end of an A2 flash suppressor looks like. A ‘brake’, or a ‘comp’ has a smaller hole. It’s a stupid law.
  9. Holy crap! $60??!!!!!!! I didn’t know they were that expensive. I have an extended A2 type comp (not EGW) in my parts box, makes a 14.5” carbine 16.25”. If you need it, it’s yours for the cost of postage. It looks like the one on the left in this pic.
  10. I don’t have a link handy, but Evolution Gun Works makes one that looks just like an A2 flash suppressor.
  11. My company has a semiconductor division, which I am now working for (sort of…my time is split between semi and life sciences). In time, I’ll be all semi.
  12. The Austin area is considered to be ‘Sillicon Valley East’. Samsung already has a strong presence in this area. They have another fab in Austin. Texas Instruments is also heavily ingrained here, with fabs in several parts of Texas. Several other chip makers as well.
  13. A new fab won’t help the current chip shortage. It will take Samsung several years to build the Taylor chip fab, and another couple of years to get a good yield. Long term, it’s a great move for Samsung, but don’t expect it to help the current issues. Chip production is a very dirty process. All kinds of nasty gasses, acids, and other chemicals are used in the processes. The EPA, OSHA, and many other .gov agencies are constantly up their asses about working with these materials, and the disposition of the waste. Regulatory nightmare. That was one of the major reasons much of chip production moved offshore. Places like China don’t have the regulatory and environmental concerns most of the rest of the world does.
  14. I want you to picture the bagel I had the other day. It was round like a bagel, and had the appropriate hole in the middle. It was covered in poppy seeds. Had the consistency of a Kaiser roll. NOT a bagel…
  15. Not FIOS. We have a company called Suddenlink down here.
  16. As I discussed with Peel, we have cut cable since moving. We are streaming via Sling Blue, plus an OTA antenna. Our costs in NJ for cable/Internet in NJ was close to $300/month. My company paid the internet bill, so still $200/month. Internet speed was 100Mbps. Down here, I get 900Mbps internet, plus the cost of Sling, for $120/month. Company pays the internet, so my actual cost is about $45/month. We may play around with streaming packages, to see what fits our needs the best. I didn’t know Direct Tv had a streaming service, I’ll have to look into that…
  17. I’ve never heard of that company. And you’re joining a wait list, it’s not in stock. And it does sound too good to be true. Doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. They may be legit….but maybe not…..
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