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  1. But I’m sure there is some sort of tax, surcharge, or convenience fee for doing so.
  2. I like seeing members of this forum stepping up and helping other members. Good on you!
  3. I look at it as a step in the right direction to put tyrants in their place.
  4. I would think that this will happen fairly quickly. I would expect the Md and Ca AWB cases would be sorted out quick fast and in a hurry.
  5. I was just reading about those cases, you are correct. I really DO think the AWB will fall, as well as mag limits, and restrictions on buying ammo (requiring BG checks for ammo and restrictions of buying online). The Bruen ruling has very significant impact on nearly all anti-2A laws.
  6. I have zero doubt that the timing was intentional. God bless Texas, and Clarence Thomas!
  7. Liberal tears are a great way to start one’s morning!
  8. They were out of Shiner Bock. Dos XX was the next reasonable choice.
  9. I like when I’m wrong about stuff like this
  10. The directive has already been issued by the NJAG and NJSP. I agree this is a victory for ALL Americans, but it’s especially satisfying and welcome for those of you behind enemy lines. It doesn’t really change much for us down here in Texas.
  11. This is awesome! I’m glad this has come to fruition for you Jersey guys!! Congratulations!!!! I think getting rid of the AWB/mag limits are the next issues in the battle plan, but I’m confident it will come!!! Ill be having a drink tonight in y’all’s honor to celebrate the victory! Bravo Zulu!
  12. I don’t know about the registration (p2p), but I DO believe the wording is there for voiding the AWB. I am not a lawyer or legal scholar, just a knuckle dragging engineer..
  13. Thanks. I just ordered one.
  14. Yes they can. One of the first orders of business when I moved to Texas was to unpin, and get rid of the ‘muzzle brakes’ I had for NJ compliance, and replace them with a proper flash hider. It was a piece of cake. I prefer an A2 in most cases…
  15. The way I read the text of the Bruen decision, I think the ‘weapons in common use’ would invalidate an AWB. And since standard capacity magazines are also in ‘common use’, I believe it would also apply to them. I do not think that NJ will lay down very easily on that…
  16. Here in Texas we are not allowed to carry in an establishment that derives 51% or more of its income from alcohol sales.
  17. I think this goes back to Thomas’ decision about ‘in common use’. Should be interesting to see this.
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