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  1. Anyone have experience with the following: 1) Got a FPID at one address (house I own). 2) Move out of state for 3 years (MA). 3) Move back to NJ to a different address. 4) Got a FPID for that new address. 5) One year later, move back to the address in #1. I still have the FPID card for the address in #1. Do I need to reapply with my PD to update my address with the state? And, yes, I know I'm crazy for coming back to this place, but there was no choice. And to top it all off, I had an unrestricted LTC in Massachusetts. (Though I think I need it much more here.)
  2. The main thing that gets me is that they "close" at 10 PM, but won't let you shoot past 9:30, (maybe if you push them, 9:45.) I showed up at 8:55 one night and got to shoot for 35 minutes for the price of an hour. Plan on getting there no later than 8 PM if you want some real time. Besides for that, love the place. You come, you shoot, and nobody bothers you about anything.
  3. In fact I wonder why the SAF didn't make this argument. If the justifiable need requirement is what the State is going by, and someone does in fact show need, then he needs that permit Right Now. The mere fact that it takes them at least a month to even look at your application proves that the justifiable need is an impossible requirement which they do not take seriously, since you would not be able to get a permit until way after you begin needing it (assuming they approve it initially). All this just means that in order for you to be able to protect yourself in case of need, you would need a permit before the fact (like we have been saying all along). The current requirement is something of a contradiction in terms within the context of the broader set of firearms statutes. The proof for this argument is right here in this case. Finally, eighteen months later, they agree that Muller has need. What the heck was he supposed to be doing to protect himself for the past year and a half?
  4. Anybody bringing any compact single stack 9mm's?
  5. I think this is what was said, but I want to be sure: with an FID, one may carry long guns (unloaded, locked, etc.) even when not going to/from the range?
  6. Ah. Missed the signature. The Kimber is out of my price range right now, though it is attractive.
  7. Looks interesting. Know where I can find one?
  8. Anyone have one of these? Looking into one for carry, since I am finding double stack autos to be too thick for my waistline. Interested in any thoughts you might have, and if anyone knows where I can see or shoot one.
  9. It wasn't necessarily originally meant to "discourage." They may have just wanted the cash for their pensions, and this was one easy to get it where not too many people really complained.
  10. Or worse... I have a feeling they may not be "in business" anymore. I haven't been able to get in touch with them via either phone or email.
  11. I am also going to want to apply for a CT non res permit, and that requires at least NRA Basic Pistol. Will this course be able to provide a certificate for that?
  12. I think they move around - trying to get more info.
  13. Anyone ever taken any classes with them? I want to take NRA Basic Pistol, on a Sunday or weeknight(s). They list the cost on their website as $125, which in this area is a bargain.
  14. To be fair, he also needs to go through every case referenced by every brief in this one. You know all those numbers and letters you skipped? He needs to go through those (or at least his clerk does). Then he should be (emphasis on should) thoroughly digesting all the arguments and case law before making any decisions. Then he must write his decision, being careful with every line not to say more or less than he means to. Of course he might also just be some shlub who will just dash off some stupid decision after doing nothing for months. I guess we will find out.
  15. I think this would constitute illegal arms dealing more than a straw purchase. You can't just buy and sell 5 rifles without an FFL.
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