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  1. As an FYI sig has announced a recall related to a hammer issue see attached for related info to verify if you have rifle afffected by this recall. Hello NLEFIA members, Sig Sauer has issued a safety warning and recall notice on select Sig rifles. Click on the link for more information... https://www.sigsauer.com/press-releases/sig-sauer-safety-warning-recall-notice/ Fortunately I checked the one I have and it was not involved in this issue
  2. As others have indicated you are good for those listed as good to go. Mint is a big no go.
  3. My Two cents...... The movie is ok ,however two things kind of bug me. First the movie starts out setting the stage for the events of the withdrawal and repeatedly on the screen they refer to the Nazis as the Enemy not Germany or Nazi forces just the enemy.... Second there is no mention of the rear guard action that saw the loss of thousands of soldiers killed or captured. Many died in captivity many spent five years as POW's. It is a great movie that reflects the will to survive, but lost in the translation is much of the true story on the ground and in the air that allowed it to happen. JMOP
  4. Sadly this is a frequent occurrence with some people. 45-50 years ago these same people were nowhere to be found. For every guy who was really in country there are 13 claiming to have been there with most claiming wildly extensive combat records. Now that the country embraces our military these clowns come out of the woodwork. If you really did see the things that they proclaim you spend most of your life trying to forget it rather then brag about it. Screw him and move on it's his lie to live with.
  5. A bigger question is who has a Non restrictive CCW as the ones issued to armed security types are highly restrictive and are no where close to being what most would call a CC 24/7 permit. I do allot of quals for RPO,LEOSA and armed security and have yet to run across a non restricted non Rpo /leosa CCW issued in NJ. Most are during work or business activity that allowed/permitted issue and no acception for to/from said activity. State should not even be calling these CCW permits as most would not consider that a carry permit in jurisdictions with shall issue statues. Just a thought.
  6. Mark , I got mine via email. I learned that they are going to recode the gate key fobs to restrict entry until 8:45 am until the word gets out. Wanted to save some people from getting there early as some mornings there are a bunch of regulars that show up. Regards and take care.
  7. Before this get further off track no one did anything wrong. The shooting hours for the last 15 years have been sun up to sun down except Sunday. Only after the compliant did the township check the ordinances covering the range was it learned that apparently the time was always as it is now set. The range immediately complied and notified all members. Also this is a pretty out of the way place adjacent company never had issues .The complaint came out of the blue with NO ONE doing anything wrong ,just crossed signals that went unnoticed for many years........
  8. Apparently a neighbor called the township and complained about the shooting in the morning after sun up and the ordinance requiring a start time of 9am M-Sat. and 10am Sunday will be enforced. Cease fire is still sun down. Sucks for us early birds.
  9. Jah, depentant on the caliber of the weapon in question sig normally does set up the sights as follows. 9mm & .357 SIG: #8 front / #8 rear .40 S&W & .45 ACP: #6 front / #8 rear. This is a rule of thumb for the p series guns. I checked a bunch of mine both p series and 1911's /938,s and they all fell within this formula. Possibly a mix up from the factory if this is a new out of box gun. Hope this helps and good luck.
  10. Indiana, recently I picked up a 22 revolver just to help dispose of some of my old 22 mix batch Ammo several boxes were at least 25 plus years old and all of them worked. Stored them in a Ammo can with several small stay dri packs and they look like new.......
  11. Barms let's break down the senario you outlined, first you started with a slide lock condition. You then inserted the mag and I have to believe that you are not indicating that it is an administrative reload rather a combat reload based on your desire to get back in the fight. I would then have to believe that getting your gun up and running is priority one. I would advocate that you proceed with the need to get the gun on target engage as required and IF the weapon failed to fire you revert to your TRB or now it's all about TR asses. Ask your self these two things. First you are actively engaged the gun goes click.... What do we do..... If our brain is asking why we are already behind the eight ball.....You already know what needs to be done do it. Secondly I would never advocate dumping a round that you very well may need during the fight. You don't want to be in a 15 round gun fight with 14 rounds. To me administering a TRB or any malfunction clear needs to be an auto pilot process under duress and to me does not include dumping a functioning round that may be needed. Gun goes click fix it, kudos for knowing what and how to resolve the issue. Administratively you always make sure the round you chambered did and then top off the mag. Tactical reload we all know is a controlled reload when safe to do so. Your senario is a good example of a combat reload and needs to be performed without delay. As indicated many of us have different thoughts on what to do. Fortunately in training during practice we can replicate various issues, malfunctions , reloads etc. Train keep calm and be safe.JMOP
  12. Check came today...... Turn around was about 4-5 weeks. Now I can pay off the aim point PRO. Props to them for handling this the way they did.( the refunds not the cause for them.)
  13. HE got the same notice yesterday, hopefully the check turn around is quick as I just picked up the aim point PRO for my backup rifle.
  14. A handgun is tool of convienance, if you knew you would be involved in a gun fight you either avoid it or take the best tool for the job. Another thing take your normal shooting position with your hands extended you will find with the right tool for the job think AR or defensive shotgun and you will find that the distance to muzzle is not much more then with your handgun, house clearing is a bad idea unless you absolutely have to ....... Most stats available consistently show that handguns are 20 percent effective. With proper training you can effectively engage targets in close quarters... With a tool that will effectively end the fight......jmop. PS he lost me at Dude.....