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  1. rooted my thunderbolt and havent looked back since. Biggest gain was the increased battery life
  2. let me know if this falls though, I'd be interested but cant purchase until 8/7
  3. he bought my .22 target, fast communication and was flexible in meeting up.
  4. good guy to do business with, he bought my misc. brass
  5. SPF to jto966, will go to next in line if he falls through
  6. Sold my Glock and didn't have a chance to shoot these. 163 rounds of Remington UMC 180 Grain $45 20 rounds Winchester PDX1 165 Grain JHP $10 reasonable offers accepted. I'm in Blackwood 08012 until the end of next week and then will be moving to Cranford.
  7. fast communication and payment, enjoy the brass!
  8. updated. If anyone is interested in the 38 spl, 300 Win Mag, or 30-30 let me know. I have no problem dropping them in the mail as long as you cover postage
  9. haha good, the hairy leg woulda cost you extra! I'm in blackwood NJ but will be relocating to elizabeth at the end of the month
  10. I'll be starting a new job in Manhattan soon and wont have the space or time to reload like I planned so take advantage and pick up some stuff without all those pesky shipping and hazmat fees! 2 boxes CCI Large Pistol Primers (1K each) $35 each SPF to intercooler 2 bottles Winchester 231 Ball Powder (1 lb each) $30 each SPF to intercooler Frankford Arsenal Caliper and Scale $40 for both SPF to intercooler Caliper Scale Frankford Arsenal Tumbler Kit $50 SPF to intercooler Has been used three times, plenty of life left in the included media. Approx. 2/3 of the polish remains Assorted Brass $5 38 Special: 58 300 Win. Mag: 12 30-30: 20 Approx. 1218 Tumbled .45 ACP Cases: $60 SPF to Nickjc Approx. 352 Tumbled .223/5.56 Cases: $20 SPF to Rob0115 Field and Stream Portable Target Thrower: $25 Field and Stream .22 Auto Reset Plinking Target: $35 SPF to BlueLineFish Reasonable offers accepted. Any questions, PM or email iandday@gmail.com
  11. great guy, prompt communication, would love to do business again
  12. Great guy to do business with, looking forward to more opportunities!
  13. back to the top
  14. Frank was a great guy, we traded reloading equipment. I look forward to doing business with him again.
  15. bump, still available
  16. Up for sale is a Remington 597 .22lr. This has the od stock, a remington branded scope on it and a sling swivel added to the fore end for a bipod. Comes with 2 10rd magazines. Only problem with the gun is that the bolt hold open does not work, I have the lever however, the spring and pin have disappeared both can be found online pretty cheap. Looking to get $165 FTF in the Blackwood area DL+FID required. Not really looking for trades but am always open to suggestions, would consider nice knives, reloading equipment, .223 or .45 ammo.
  17. He bought some brass and small pistol primers from me, would gladly do business again!
  18. Another +1 for Arms and Ammo, just bought a handgun there saturday and had a great experience. I'm from gloucester twp as well. Can't say anything about the initial issue, but when they took care of changing my address and issuing me three permits. It was a bit of a pain, it took a few calls to the Chief's office to follow up. Once I got ahold of someone they were extremely helpful. Approx. eight weeks from dropping off the paperwork to a new FID and permits. They did handle permit extensions in an odd way. They had me drop off my unused permits about a week before they expired and typed up new ones instead of filling in the renewal box.
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