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  1. You Did Me a Kindness 

    When my legs grew too weak to carry me,

    And my tired eyes could no longer see,

    When it pained me to struggle for each new breath,

    When my heart beat weaker, and I drew closer to death,

    You did me the kindness of letting me go.

    You didn't make me hang on when I was suffering so.

    I promise I don't think that you loved me any less,

    And I love you all the more for your selflessness.

    You freed my spirit from its body so wracked with pain,

    And let me run the fields of Heaven, where I'm sure we'll meet again.

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  2. Just have the lasik. I did it 14 years ago and it was the best money I had ever spent. I wore glasses from age 13 to 35. got off the table and was able to read the clock on the wall immediately where before it was just a blur. They have also come a long way since then with the procedure . They did say i would eventually need reading glasses but so far so good.

  3. I've got the 2" snubby version . I like shooting it alot, .357 is unbelievably comfortable to shoot.That said, I did have to return it to Chiappa for repair when the action locked up with a live round chambered.They said it was a known issue and the fix is supposed to eliminate it. They were easy to deal with and the turn around was quick.

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