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  1. They wont last as long as actual C and D batteries but they are rechargeable so I just replace more often
  2. Costco will have the eneloops on sale $6 off black Friday through Sunday. I plan to buy some more. I've been using them in everything including C and D applications using spacers.
  3. got the same ones . they are great.
  4. I usually pick them up in bulk when I find them .Costco will have them periodically when the have a traeger smoker road show. the edison branch had them from aug 8-17. Mount Laurel branch has them from aug 29- sep 7. these are the best price that I have found by far. The Traeger hickory pellets are my favorite. What brand pellet smoker are you picking up?
  5. I have a fastfire II on my buckmark. makes shooting a .22 almost too easy
  6. Don't know if these are still hard to come by, but if anyone is interested... $849.00 http://www.gunbuyer.com/p-60068-kel-tec-ksg-12ga-black-185-pump.aspx#.U5hHO3JdVFU
  7. Best mats I've come across . I've got them in my chevy Avalanche
  8. might be some interesting items.cash payments of $100 for assault weapons, $50 for handguns and $25 for rifles or shotguns The Rumson Police Department will be hosting a Guns For Cash program sponsored by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office on Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM behind Rumson Borough Hall, 80 East River Road. Guns may be dropped off with no questions asked and cash is paid on the spot. Go to this link for more information: http://prosecutor.co.monmouth.nj.us/guns-for-cash.html.
  9. I've had good luck with the ones form costco. they are usually around $40-50 for a set .
  10. Thanks for that. I almost had myself convinced it wouldn't be as great as it looked.
  11. I've got the 627 PC and it is awesome , but you'll never have the last revolver you'll ever need... I've been looking at the Trr8 since they came out and I still can't tell myself don't need one!!
  12. http://www.mrheater.com/product.aspx?catid=41&id=116 Just used this" Big buddy" heater from Mr.heater during a short power outage last week. Works very well and is safe for indoor use. You can use small 1lb propane cannisters or buy an adapter to use large bbq tanks.It's easily moved from room to room.
  13. Welcome , lots of great info here...
  14. Anything that makes a dog unable to act like a dog isn't going to make either one of you happy for long. Good luck.Hope you find the right treatment .
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