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  1. original question... 19:9-1.24 Lane usage; Interchanges 11 to 14 (a) The left travel lanes of the Turnpike's outer roadways from Interchange 11 in the Township of Woodbridge to Interchange 14 in the City of Newark are designated as special reserved lanes for high occupancy vehicles (HOVs) during certain weekday hours specified below. Such lanes may only be used by vans or cars with a minimum of three persons or more, inclusive of the driver, or by buses or motorcycles, or vehicles with hybrid engines, regardless of occupancy, during time periods set forth in (a)1 and 2 below. During all other hours, the lanes will be open to all vehicular traffic, with the exception of commercial vehicles as that term is defined in N.J.A.C. 19:9-1.1.
  2. Ristorante Venezia on Main st. in Woodbridge. about three doors up from Bullseye Tactical...
  3. Dolphin is now making their cleaners more user / dealer repairable. More modular. Just replace the defective modules .
  4. +1 on the BBB method and the dolphin robotic vacuum. I just got a Dolphin M5 cleaner that has 2 cartridges instead of one big bag, and I find it so much easier to clean out the cartridges.( had an Aquabot turbo previously)
  5. I'll take 2x 8" and 1x 10". Let me know how to pay up.
  6. the announcer called this a semi automatic rifle.It sounded like an auto to me.
  7. s8n

    Hunting for a Rhino

    Just picked up the 20ds snubby from bullseye tactical . They can get them pretty quick.
  8. welcome to the forums
  9. I've got the model 8 piston and so far it has been flawless. I'd buy it again.
  10. I just bought the streamlight TLR-4 from amazon for $104.00.It seems to be pretty durable and plenty bright, Laser is red instead of green though.
  11. s8n

    P220 Extreme

    Just picked this beauty up this weekend from Bullseye Tactical. Hope to get some range time this week.
  12. thanks for the heads up, just ordered some .45 cal
  13. I'm about to do a change of address from Woodbridge to Aberdeen/Matawan.I can't seem to find the STS-003 form on the njsp site.Do you have a link? Thanks,
  14. i'd be interested in .45, .38 & .357
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