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    Stag arms

    I picked up a Model 8 from Vinnie a while ago. I have about a thousand rounds through it with absolutely no problems.
  2. http://www.lum-tec.com/ Used to be just a couple of seiko divers and casio g-shocks.But The wife just gave me an awesome Lum-tec B2 super combat for Our Anniversary
  3. I'd love to move a lot further, but this is as far as I feel comfortable commuting to work.
  4. The wife and I are thinking of moving from Woodbridge to Aberdeen Nj. I'm curious as to peoples opinion of the town in general. Is the PD friendly towards firearm ownership?
  5. If I cared about what actors and actresses thought I would never be able to watch another movie.They are not real people.
  6. Bought this shirt a couple of months ago. It's funny and people always seem to like the message.
  7. Bryan Hooked me up last year.everything was quick and painless. no issues at all. +1000
  8. I have over 1000 rounds through a Stag 8 with no carrier tilt and zero malfunctions.
  9. Just filled this out today. Hope it actually helps us all.
  10. Vinny is the best. Very personable and eeasy to deal with.
  11. thanks for all the info everyone
  12. Midway has them on sale right now. My link
  13. Kimber pepper blaster 2 = Two 0.21 oz. non-refillable cartridges containing of a 10% solution of liquid OC (2.4% capsaicinoids)
  14. I was worried that because it has a small pyrotechnic charge to propel the pepper spray,Nj might consider it a firearm.
  15. I am considering picking up a Kimber pepper Blaster2 for my wife to carry when I'm not around.Does anyone know if they are legal in NJ?
  16. just had a dog trainer friend recommend giving my dog "brewer's yeast and garlic" tablets from petco.I did a google search on it ,and it seems that some people have great results controling fleas and ticks.Your results may vary. I just bought 1000 tablets from petco for $13.
  17. Thanks ,thats exactly what I was curious about.
  18. This is exactly what I was thinking, but I'd also like to know if the driver can be required to open the locks or if they can remain secure till a warrant is issued?
  19. Thanks for all the responses . I guess what I was thinking was how does anyone get caught with NJ illegal weapons if they secure the weapon in a locked case.
  20. Just a hypothetical scenario. Lets say you are pulled over and give permission to the officer to search the vehicle.Does that permission also allow that officer to open a locked ammo box or gun case? Is there any situation that would require you to open them for inspection? Just wondering.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong but would'nt a 7x magnifier magnify the 3moa dot and the field of view equally ? in which case the dot would still be effectively 3 moa in relation to the target. A red dot with zero magnification is great for quick target aquisition at close to medium range .Adding a magnifier would make it effecive at much longer range. a flip mount or quick release would allow the best of both . thats the way i always understood it to work.
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