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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all
  2. I bought my .308 700 sps tactical from Hunting World Guns & Ammo.Vinny is great to deal with. He's also a NJGF vendor .
  3. Just bought this from costco for $89 delivered. got good reviews on costco.com
  4. The wife is making rum raisin oatmeal cookies, so I volunteered to strain the raisins from the rum. Just quaffed a pint of raisin infused rum. Love cookie season.
  5. I really like the look of the ranger XLW model. Where did you get the prescription inserts made? The randolf site say it does not have prescription services.
  6. I had Lasik done about 10 years ago,and my eyes are starting to age . I went for a consultation about a touchup procedure , but it would require that i wear reading glasses for all up close vision, which I do not need now. My vision is 20/25 which is fine for most things,but lacking for shooting sports.
  7. I have come to the conclusion that my eyes aren't as sharp as I would like to believe . I used to only need glasses for driving at night,but now i think it might be beneficial to my shooting.Does anyone have a suggestion for a pair of prescription shooting glasses. I'm not really a fan of the oakley styles. Does anyone just use their everyday glasses?
  8. And what if you actually needed the 2 live rounds that were replaced by these safety bullets??
  9. http://www.the-backup.com/ I got it while on sale. it's a little expensive now. You could probably make one pretty easily though.
  10. Just bought the 48 volume compendium to prep for what looks like my new favorite series.
  11. Hi John thanks for the offer. I assume you are talking about Lake Island range. I have been there a couple of times with a frIend who is a member. Nice place, very convenient .But I have just started shooting a couple of high power rifles and i think an outdoor range would be best for me.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. I like cherry ridge . But I may try out CJRPC some day.I am getting tired of the ride.
  13. Hi Everyone, I guess it about time I introduced myself . I've been hanging around here for a while and have garnered some great knowledge.I used to shoot at Ray's but since they closed I was stuck. Just joined Cherry Ridge this june and have'nt been able to shoot as much as I'd like. It's quite a distance.
  14. I googled it and found this picture which is very similar.
  15. Anyone have any info on this rifle. I think it's considered an RPK .
  16. Is anyone contemplating a "Get Home" bag instead or in addition to a "Bug Out" bag? I personally am a little more concerned with getting home during an emergency event, than getting away.Once I'm at home I think I would have more choice of which supplies are more appropriate to carry for the situation.
  17. I just removed the stock from my Stag m8 and the castle nut was staked. I have a hammerhead rifle tool which accepts a half inch drive ratchet.I used a breaker bar to muscle the castle nut off.There was no locktite.I never would have been able to remove it without the spanner.
  18. s8n

    Sully stock

    Do you still have those comaprison pics? I would like to take a look. Thanks
  19. s8n

    Magpul PRS stock

    Does anyone have one on an AR? Is it Nj legal? http://store.magpul.com/prod_detail_list/84/url] Just picked up a knock off to mess around with.
  20. Thanks for the info. I'll make some copies to carry in my range bag.
  21. does anyone know if I am required to keep the original pink copy of my purchase permit on me while transporting a handgun to and from the range?
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